Josh Regev

Constructed Languages



SVO, tensed pronouns/clitics, switch-
reference, adpositions/i ɛ ə̥ a ɔ o u p b t k m n ɸ θ ð s ɬ ʃ χ w j l r/

Maremwch agcfodh ‘ro ielȇsai afnot tandhesht-rioan t-llif scom poam’dhesht-rw io
‘The golden age is the most implausible of all the dreams that ever have been’

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Vowel harmony, SOV, nominative-accusative, 5 persons, independent pronouns, inflecting postpositions • /ɪ ɛ ɐ ʌ ʊ ɪ̰ ɛ̰ ɐ̰ ʌ̰ ʊ̰ ɒː o̝ː ɨː p t k g m m̰ n n̰ f v s z ɬ ɮ ʃ ʒ ʂ ʐ x h w w̰ j l l̰ ɾ/

teienegeh pallashk tenesh vant saiagioroguhuf itep puzanshohosh
‘There’s not a one of them but in his house I keep a servant fee’d’

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Few phonemes, VOS, many tense-aspect-mood distinctions, direct vs. oblique case, part monster-raving loony, pre- post- and circumpositions • /i ɛ ɹ̩ ɑ o p k ʡ m n ŋ f/

nao po mingemoirn qr̄mo neqi koŕ qoeoqō’f
‘The community of coconuts meets in the cooking pot’

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4 tones, mutations, gradations, OVS, 15 cases, split adjectives, complex verb morph. • /i~ᵻ ɛ a o~ɔ u~ʊ̵ p b t͡s d k~x g m n f ð s ʃ ç hʷ ʋ l ɾ/

smopamìsguol nóshbàs dlouhwỳggu / sómsh hobúhgèppesbànttusgum fàrunh
‘Into my heart an air that kills / From yon far country blows’

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Cumbersome consonant clusters, pitch accent, v. complex verb morph. w/ shape & color classification, noun incorporation • /i ĩ ɛ œ ə ɑ ʌ o ʉ̵ p b t k [pʼ ɓ tʼ kʼ] m n ŋ x̪̺ f v s z ʃ ʒ h l/

zo͑ezzefo͑ëm co̗mëihs tı͑e͑p͑ale xat mvish ju͑nfuv o̰͑jo͑enalatfownõswpm
‘Whenever I fire a linguist, the per-
formance of our system improves’

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Mixed language à la Michif. VSO, with SVO/OVS focus developed from clefts, inspired by Breton & Somali • /i a o ə a̝ː ɤː ʉː ɘː ʌː ɵː p b t d d͡z k m n s z ʒ χ ħ~h w wʲ l r̥ r/

iab izoaizajiac caẕadoad nohheuy payz iccabmaizach ioaz ittetllieuy
‘If one good deed in all my life I did, I do repent it from my very soul’

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Complex verbs, evidentiality, influenced by Eastern Algonquian languages • /a e i o ø aː eː iː oː øː ã õ ø̃ p b t k g ʔ n ŋ s ʃ h w wʲ ʍ ʍʲ j/

iiewhwguapooesswwhqegaoh-ehh pguetscgesoc piwhwgagtigog tnottoagquohtee
‘Let my ego be satisfied, though civilization fall’

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