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Fllovuwwuz-English Dictionary

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This is a dictionary of Fllovuwwuz, a constructed language.

Which words are listed and which are not?

In Fllovuwwuz, the major part of the lexicon consists of roots that are not specified as nouns, adjectives, or verbs, but can be used as any of the three as needed. Since this dictionary is intended for English speakers, different Fllovuwwuz part-of-speech realizations have been included or omitted here mainly on the basis of how basic, common, and/or lexically distinct their English translations are.

For example, gahhtag is represented here as a noun meaning ‘lemon,’ though it could also have been presented as a verb meaning ‘be a lemon’ or as an adjective meaning ‘which is a lemon.’ But since the first translation is in English the most basic, and the other two are wholly predictable, I’ve only recorded the first. Where the same English word can be used for multiple parts of speech, they are indicated together, as for kingez, marked a., n. and translated by the single word ‘favorite’. On the other hand, for a word such as oshmul, the nomimal translation ‘thief’ and the verbal translation ‘steal’ are both distinct words in English, so I have listed them both.

Any verb that takes a complement (e.g., direct object, indirect object, etc.) has been listed, so that its complement type(s) may be specified. This is necessary because verbal complements are not always predictable. If a verbal form is not shown, then, it does not mean that it does not exist; only that its meaning is predictable and it does not take any complement.


The dictionary is organized partly alphabetically and partly etymologically. Fllovuwwuz headwords are arranged in alphabetical order. Words that are derived regularly from the same morpheme (even if the meanings have diverged) are grouped with the same headword, separated by bullets (•).

A number of idiomatic phrases and collocations are listed. For consistency, combinations of verb and object (be it direct, indirect, or postpositional) are always listed with the verb; those of nouns and postpositions with the noun. In these entries, a tilde (~) stands for the head word.

Grammatical specifications

Parts of speech are indicated in italics for each Fllovuwwuz entry. The following abbreviations are used:

Verbs are further specified for what complement(s) they take (if any). The abbreviations listed below are used to indicate complement type (or lack thereof), and are placed in each verbal entry following the part of speech marker (v-). When a verb takes multiple complements simultaneously, they are separated by a comma. Several conjunctions must be followed by a clause with a subjunctive verb; these are marked as well, in the same way.

Some verbs have distinct meanings in voices other than the active. This is indicated following the part of speech and complement indications, with one of the following abbreviations:

Finally, some verbs and nouns have distinct meanings or translations in particular tenses, and these are shown with one of the following abbreviations (conjunctions and interjections featuring tense marking are also indicated this way; although the tense marking is no longer inflectional, the word as a whole can be said to be zero-derived from the corresponding noun):


Often a word, or a specific sense of a word, is used only in a certain context (or register). This is indicated an entry in parentheses, directly following the part of speech label. The following registers are noted: archaic, flowery, formal, euphemistic, colloquial, slang. For example, llesty ‘sun’ (formal) is often used in formal speech (or in writing), rather than kerwihh.

Other clarifications

There is sometimes a mismatch between the part of speech of a Fllovuwwuz entry and that of its English translation. This is intentional; it is due to the fact that the same ideas are sometimes expressed with different types of words in the two languages. In particular, some Fllovuwwuz verbs that take sentential complements, and some postpositional phrases, are best translated by an English adverb, which class Fllovuwwuz completely lacks. For example, the second sense of the verb emny (which takes a complement clause with a subjunctive verb) is translated here by the adverb ‘well,’ as that would be the normal way to say the same thing in English.

Extra clarification regarding meaning or usage is often given in parentheses at the end of a definition. Sometimes there are two words for the same concept, one (with front vowels e, i) used when the speaker has a positive attitude towards it and another (with back vowels a, o, u) when there is a negative attitude. The labels "positive" and "negative" are used where appropriate to indicate this distinction. For some entries, S (subject), DO (direct object), or IO (indirect object) is used to indicate the type of noun that is used in a certain position, or to clarify which nouns go into which positions. I use S here to indicate both the subject of a verb, and a noun modified by an adjective.

In entries where the verb is specified to be in the passive or circumstantial voice, the definition describes the action/state of the noun that is the subject in that voice, not in the underlying active structure. For example, the verb nohhpot, when used in the circumstantial voice, has the meaning ‘be jealous.’ The one who is jealous is the subject of the clause with the circumstantial verb, even though in the underlying active structure, it is an indirect object.

Example sentences are sometimes given, following a definition.


Etymologies are given in square brackets. The following additional abbreviations are used:


afotra /ˈɐfʌtɾɐ/ n. outrigger (projection to stabilize boat)

agag /ˈɐgɐg/ n. (pl. auk) melody

agaz /ˈɐgɐz/ 1. n. yawn; 2. n. gulp, slug, mouthful, draught

agazut /ˈɐgɐzʊt/ 1. v-0. yawn; 2. v-sv. act slowly, lazily; 3. v-io. ignore someone [agaz + ut]

agluig /ˈɐglʊ͡ɪg/ v-do. display, show

agomuõn /ˈɐgʌmʊ.ʌ̰n/ n. questioning, interrogation, interview

agou /ˈɐgoː/ n. canoe

ahnot /ˈɐhnʌt/ n. hovel, shanty

ajjakiat /ˈɐʐɐkjɐt/ 1. a. thick (consistency), dense, viscous; 2. a. knotty, thorny, nuanced, not simple, complex, complicated (S: situation, idea)

ãlaol /ˈ.ɐ̰lɒːl/ n. crud, smut, filth, muck

alhlon /ˈɐlɬʌn/ n. idiocy, stupidity

alhloups /ˈɐlɬoːps/ a. idiotic, stupid; n. idiot [alhlon + -Ops]

alhol /ˈɐɮʌl/ n. drug, intoxicant [P. àdhlûm ‘plant’]

alhpouz /ˈɐɮpoːz/ 1. v-0. turn (partly rotate); 2. v-0. be startled; 3. v-0. nod, shake head [alh + -pouz ?]

alhvui /ˈɐɮvʊ͡ɪ/ n. turn (partial rotation) [alh + -vui]

allas /ˈɐɬɐs/ v-cv. claim, state

allull /ˈɐl̰ʊɬ/ 1. v-do. turn (partly rotate); 2. v-do,io. present, transfer, give (something from a third party) [alh + -lUll]

alor /ˈɐlʌɾ/ a. frozen

alors /ˈɐlʌɾs/ v-0. freeze [alor + -rs]

aloruiz /ˈɐlʌɾʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. freeze [alor + -uiz]

aluj /ˈɐlʊʒ/ 1. a. crooked, slanted; 2. a. giddy, jumpy, merry

alup /ˈɐlʊp/ v-0. run (nose); a. runny: irget punzal alpush ‘the man’s nose is runny’

alur /ˈɐlʊɾ/ n. sheep

alut /ˈɐlʊt/ n. farm

alutpou /ˈɐlʊtpoː/ n. farmer [alut + -pou]

amhhuit /ˈɐmxʊ͡ɪt/ n. horse

ammosh /ˈɐm̰ʌʃ/ v-0. explode, blow up, erupt, splatter [ash + -mmO-]

ammot /ˈɐm̰ʌt/ v-0. meditate

ammoz /ˈɐm̰ʌz/ 1. v-io. forget; 2. v-io. collapse, fall from (IO: power, prominence, legitimacy)

amp /ɐmp/ v-0. burp

amvov /ˈɐmvʌv/ n. (formal) consequence, ramification

anaosh /ˈɐnɒːʃ/ v-0. gasp for air

anaoshnur /ˈɐnɒːʃnʊɾ/ v-do. 1. strangle; 2. squeeze hard, compress [anaosh + -nUr]

angag /ˈɐngɐg/ n. lute

anhop /ˈɐnhʌp/ a. wide

anhopoks /ˈɐnhʌpʌks/ n. width [anhop + -Oks]

annot /ˈɐn̰ʌt/ 1. n. gray; 2. n. distant, far-off

anug /ˈɐnʊg/ n. condensation

anugur /ˈɐnʊgʊɾ/ v-0. condense [anug + -Ur]

aplut /ˈɐplʊt/ n. obstacle, block, blockage

aplutug /ˈɐplʊtʊg/ n. fence, protective wall, barricade [aplut + -Ug]

araov /ˈɐɾɒːv/ n. clay

arar /ˈɐɾɐɾ/ n. beast, large animal

arult /ˈɐɾʊlt/ n. husk

ash /ɐʃ/ v-0. flying insect

asharg /ˈɐʃɐɾg/ 1. v-do. launch, propel (projectile); 2. v-do. cause to work hard; 3. v-do. flatter [ash + -rg]

askut /ˈɐskʊt/ 1. n. joint (between bones); 2. n. pause, break (in conversation, activity)

asnoglar /ˈɐsnʌglɐɾ/ a. over-full (of food) [asnor + -glA-]

asnoglorg /ˈɐsnʌglʌɾg/ v-do. stuff with food [asnorg + -glO-]

asnor /ˈɐsnʌɾ/ a. full (satiated with food); v-do. eat one's fill of, eat to satsifaction

asnorg /ˈɐsnʌɾg/ v-do. feed adequately, to satisfaction [asnor + -rg]

asos /ˈɐsʌs/ n. fort

at /ɐt/ n. flint

avalal /ˈɐvɐlɐl/ n. snail (c. avaliol, pl. avaliak)

avohoz /ˈɐvʌhʌz/ 1. n. work, labor, job, task; 2. n. something worked on [avoz + -OhO-]

avospou /ˈɐvʌspoː/ n. worker, laborer [avoz + -pou]

avoz /ˈɐvʌz/ 1. v-0. work, labor; 2. v-do. work on, labor on; 3. v-io. help, be of use to; 4. v-sv. do, perform, be used for, be for (type of task): skek wosutulhh arovosh nisher iolohhagonshok ‘these spears are for fishing’

avozoks /ˈɐvʌzʌks/ 1. n. standard, norm; 2. n. procedure, technique, method, strategy [avoz + -Oks]

avozunt /ˈɐvʌzʊnt/ n. workplace [avoz + -Unt]

awhhuniat /ˈɐwxʊnjɐt/ n. moon; ~ hrol until nightfall, all day

awhllap /ˈɐwɬlɐp/ n. seashell

awwa /ˈɐw̰ɐ/ a., n. male

awwazow /ˈɐw̰ɐzʌw/ a. masculine, manly [awwa ‘male’ + -zOw]

aza /ˈɐzɐ/ i. hey! (to get someone’s attention)

azaon /ˈɐzɒːn/ post. behind (when hiding or being hidden)

azoz /ˈɐzʌz/ v-do. love (family)


ef /ɛf/ a. ancient

efef /ˈɛfɛf/ n. remains, ruins, remnant [red. ef ‘ancient’]

efep /ˈɛfɛp/ 1. a., n. one (non-humans); 2. a., n. first

eflir /ˈɛflɪɾ/ a. 1. shallow; 2. small amount (liquid): eflir izgelin ‘a little tea’

eg /ɛg/ a. good

eggep /ˈɛgːɛp/ n. pet

eginez /ˈɛgɪnɛz/ n. music

egir /ˈɛgɪɾ/ n. good sign, good omen; a. auspicious [eg + -Ur]

egiz /ˈɛgɪz/ n.: ~ we for what?, to what end?, why?; ~ sho because of what?, why?

egleg /ˈɛglɛg/ 1. a., n. (positive) enough, sufficient, appropriate, right; v-io. suffice for, satisfy, be appropriate for, be right for, suit; 2. v-io. cir. get by, manage; 3. v-io. cir. (euphemistic) pass away, expire, die [eg + -glOg]

eglet /ˈɛglɛt/ v-do. (positive) build, make, form, construct (with planning and purpose) [et + -glO-]

eglim /ˈɛglɪm/ a. wonderful, great, terrific [eg + -glAm]

ehel1 /ˈɛhɛl/ n. river

ehel2 /ˈɛhɛl/ v-0. grumble, groan

eheleps /ˈɛhɛlɛps/ v-0. have a stomach ache [ehel + -Ops]

ehellieg /ˈɛhɛl̰jɛg/ 1. n. belly, stomach [ehel + -lieg]

eheltiv /ˈɛhɛltɪv/ n. stream [ehel + -tUv]

ehhpy /ˈɛxpɪ/ 1. v-0. develop (S: sitting food or drink, or the flavor thereof), age (S: wine); 2. v-sv. turn out, end up

ehiemin /ˈɛhjɛmɪn/ n. udder, nipple [ehiet + -emin]

ehiet /ˈɛhjɛt/ n. milk

ehietir /ˈɛhjɛtɪɾ/ v-io. nurse (S: mother) [ehiet + -Ur]

ehietrit /ˈɛhjɛtɾɪt/ v-0. suckle, nurse (S: baby) [ehiet + -Ur + -Ut]

ehil /ˈɛhɪl/ v-0. travel

ehipliz /ˈɛhɪplɪz/ v-io. trade with

ehllipou /ˈɛɬlɪpoː/ n. a new sibling, i.e., someone made a sibling after previously having been an only child [ehlly + -pou]

ehlly /ˈɛɬlɪ/ n. sibling

ejej /ˈɛʒɛʒ/ n. mellowness, detachment [red. ej]

ejeps /ˈɛʒɛps/ a. mellow, detached earl. [ej ‘mellowness’ + -Ops]

ejir /ˈɛʒɪɾ/ v-io. punch [ejy + -Ur]

ejy /ˈɛʒɪ/ n. arm

ekselh /ˈɛksɛɮ/ 1. v-sv. arrange, plan (event); 2. authorize, sanction, approve; 3. v-do. tame, domesticate

eksy /ˈɛksɪ/ 1. v-sv. let, allow, permit, consent to; 2. v-0. expand, grow; 3. v-0. hatch (S: eggs)

elep /ˈɛlɛp/ 1. n. effect, power, force; 2. n. breeze; 3. v-do. affect, move (emotionally); 4. v-do. boss around, push around; 5. v-do. change musical mode of, transpose; 6. v-0. (euphemistic) relieve oneself, go to the bathroom

elgen /ˈɛlgɛn/ a., n. some (amount)

elhit /ˈɛɮɪt/ n. fun

elhiteps /ˈɛɮɪtɛps/ v-0. have fun [elhit + -Ops]

eliftet /ˈɛlɪftɛt/ 1. a. too bad, a shame; 2. a. eccentric, crazy

elihhy /ˈɛlɪxɪ/ a. uncommon, rare, scarce

elly /ˈɛɬɪ/ c. so

elmeg /ˈɛlmɛg/ n. vase [earl. elme + -Ug]

elmeshfin /ˈɛlmɛʃfɪn/ n. spring (season) [earl. elme + -shfAn]

elmesmy /ˈɛlmɛsmɪ/ n. bud [earl. elme + -smU]

elmint /ˈɛlmɪnt/ n. garden [earl. elme + -Unt]

elmy /ˈɛlmɪ/ n. (pl. elmek) flower [earl. elme]

eluir /ˈɛlʊ͡ɪɾ/ n. whisper

emell /ˈɛmɛɬ/ v-io. praise, compliment, encourage, speak well of

emels /ˈɛmɛls/ 1. n. comfort, contentedness; 2. n. honor, credit, grace

emhhij /ˈɛmxɪʒ/ n. sweet orange

emmy /ˈɛm̰ɪ/ a. nice, lovely, pleasant

emny /ˈɛmnɪ/ 1. v-do. like, be fond of; 2. v-sv. well; 3. v-sv. well enough, adequately, sufficiently

enew /ˈɛnɛw/ v-do. weave, braid

enfy /ˈɛnfɪ/ a. very fat, obese

engez /ˈɛngɛz/ n. pressure, force

entigleg /ˈɛntɪglɛg/ v-io,sv. 1. plead, beg; 2. make a large request; a. desperate [enty + -glOg]

entiglevvuiv /ˈɛntɪglɛvːʊ͡ɪv/ n. plea [enty + -glOg + -vuiv]

entishy /ˈɛntɪʃɪ/ v-sv. ask meekly, hint, intimate (a request) [enty + -shy]

entivuiv /ˈɛntɪvʊ͡ɪv/ n. request [enty + -vuiv]

entry /ˈɛntɾɪ/ 1. n. land, country, area (geographic or political entities); 2. n. scope, extent, compass, breadth

enty /ˈɛntɪ/ v-io,sv. ask for, request

epik /ˈɛpɪk/ n. few

eplell /ˈɛplɛɬ/ a. minty

eprel /ˈɛpɾɛl/ v-do. move (own body part)

eremrety /ˈɛɾɛmɾɛtɪ/ v-io. cir. be infatuated, obsessed with: eremretigesht tsent ‘He was obsessed with food’

eshegy /ˈɛʃɛgɪ/ v-0. stick out, stick up, poke out

esher /ˈɛʃɛɾ/ n. beginning

eshhels /ˈɛʃhɛls/ v-0. leap [inv. oshhols]

eshiurg /ˈɛʃjʊɾg/ n. arrow

eshkips /ˈɛʃkɪps/ 1. a. happy, joyful, delighted; v-io. be happy about, be happy with; 2. v-io. be interested in, care about [eshky + -Ops]

eshkir /ˈɛʃkɪɾ/ v-io. make happy, delight [eshky + -Ur]

eshky /ˈɛʃkɪ/ n. happiness, joy, delight

eshtimets /ˈɛʃtɪmɛts/ n. bread

esihizry /ˈɛsɪhɪzɾɪ/ n. mosquito

esikry /ˈɛsɪkɾɪ/ n. stance, position (physical)

esippy /ˈɛsɪpːɪ/ n. seaweed species [P. esap]

eskii /ˈɛskɨː/ 1. v-do. recognize; 2. v-do. be acquainted with

eskisy /ˈɛskɪsɪ/ 1. v-do. think to look familiar; 2. v-do. know a little (DO: language, skill) [esky + -shy]

esper /ˈɛspɛɾ/ n. fabric

et /ɛt/ v-do. (positive) create, make, form

etet /ˈɛtɛt/ n. n. (positive) creator, maker [red. et]

etly /ˈɛtlɪ/ v-0. be joking, be kidding

ev /ɛv/ i. pardon, excuse me

eveskis /ˈɛvɛskɪs/ n. fact, truth (specific) [evet + -skAs]

evet /ˈɛvɛt/ n. truth (general concept)

eveteps /ˈɛvɛtɛps/ a. true [evet + -Ops]

evetir /ˈɛvɛtɪɾ/ v-io. confirm, validate, uphold [evet + -Ur]

evint /ˈɛvɪnt/ n. stone, rock

evvui /ˈɛvːʊ͡ɪ/ n. goodness [eg + -vui]

ewes /ˈɛwɛs/ n. parent

ezgeg /ˈɛzgɛg/ n. heat, warmth [red. ezg]

ezgeks /ˈɛzgɛks/ n. temperature [earl. ezg + -Oks]

ezgeps /ˈɛzgɛps/ a. hot [earl. ezg + -Ops]

ezgeshuips /ˈɛzgɛʃʊ͡ɪps/ a. warm [earl. ezg + -uish + -Ops]

ezgesnek /ˈɛzgɛsnɛk/ n. summer [earl. ezg + -snOk]

ezgir /ˈɛzgɪɾ/ v-io. heat [earl. ezg + -Ur]

ezgy1 /ˈɛzgɪ/ post. on the south side of

ezgy2 /ˈɛzgɪ/ 1. v-0. (re)direct one’s attention, focus (change of state); 2. v-io. find (after a search); 3. v-io. scout out, reconnoiter, survey; 4. v-cv. rethink; 5. v-cv. redo; 6. v-sv. think of, come up with (idea for plan of action)

ezuiz /ˈɛzʊ͡ɪz/ n. pearl

ezy /ˈɛzɪ/ n. string (of musical instrument)


fa /fɐ/ i. that’s the way it is, just because, no reason

falhlaf /ˈfɐlɬɐf/ 1. n. solid, a. solid; 2. pulp (in juice)

falhlafnur /ˈfɐlɬɐfnʊɾ/ 1. v-io. extract, empty, juice, remove solid/liquid from (where that is the desired component); 2. v-io. skin [falhlaf + -nUr]

falhlafuiz /ˈfɐlɬɐfʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. solidify [falhlaf + -uiz]

falhlafurs /ˈfɐlɬɐfʊɾs/ v-0. solidify [falhlaf + -rs]

fam /fɐm/ n. shoulder

famhhush /ˈfɐmxʊʃ/ n. armpit [rel. famh]

fanao /ˈfɐnɒː/ n. mustache

fanlot /ˈfɐnlʌt/ v-do. beat, hit

fanoha /ˈfɐnʌhɐ/ 1. a. opposite; 2. a. extraordinary, stand-out

fanohuiz /ˈfɐnʌhʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. skip, leave out, pass by [fanoha + -uiz]

far /fɐɾ/ n. tulip

faruin /ˈfɐɾʊ͡ɪn/ v-cv. regret

fask /fɐsk/ 1. v-do. stab, puncture, prick; 2. v-do. insult, taunt

faskat /ˈfɐskɐt/ n. excuse

faskug /ˈfɐskʊg/ 1. n. puncture; 2. n. insult [fask + -Ug]

faskut /ˈfɐskʊt/ v-cv. make an excuse [faskat + -Ut]

fast /fɐst/ n. ruler (person); v-do. rule

fawwas /ˈfɐw̰ɐs/ n. mirror

feheliz /ˈfɛhɛlɪz/ n. mound [inv. foholoz]

fengy /ˈfɛngɪ/ n. letter (document)

fenzy /ˈfɛnzɪ/ n. joke, jest

fery1 /ˈfɛɾɪ/ n. 1. arm; 2. side (left or right)

fery2 /ˈfɛɾɪ/ post. at the side (left or right) of, next to, by

fet /fɛt/ 1. v-do. (positive) do, use, perform, conduct; 2. v-do. (positive) act upon

fevuit /ˈfɛvʊ͡ɪt/ n. verb

fevuitlieg /ˈfɛvʊ͡ɪtljɛg/ n. adverb [fevuit + -lieg]

fewir /ˈfɛwɪɾ/ v-do. tend to, care for, look after, maintain

fewsy /ˈfɛwsɪ/ n. monarch, king, queen

fezezy /ˈfɛzɛzɪ/ 1. a. impatient; 2. v-sv. rush into; 3. v-sv. dare, venture [inv. fozozy]

fezvui /ˈfɛzvʊ͡ɪ/ n. (positive) action, act [fet + -vui]

fienit /ˈfjɛnɪt/ 1. v-sv. encourage; 2. v-io. alert

fihmep /ˈfɪhmɛp/ v-do. invade

fijer /ˈfɪʒɛɾ/ a. fancy, opulent, luxurious, extravangant

filhent /ˈfɪɮɛnt/ n. well

finehy /ˈfɪnɛhɪ/ a. ordinary, normal, regular, usual, routine, standard [inv. fanoha]

finjet /ˈfɪnʒɛt/ n. shovel

finnet /ˈfɪn̰ɛt/ v-po. (ho) play (with...)

finnetlieg /ˈfɪn̰ɛtljɛg/ n. 1. toy; 2. game finnet + -lieg]

fintew /ˈfɪntɛw/ n. state of marriage

finteweps /ˈfɪntɛwɛps/ a. married; v-io. be married to [fintew + -Ops]

fintewirs /ˈfɪntɛwɪɾs/ v-io. marry [fintew + -rs]

fion /fjʌn/ v-sv. discourage

fioshhon /ˈfjʌʃhʌn/ a. discouraged, hopeless, forlorn [fion + -shhO-]

fiumas /ˈfjʊmɐs/ n. area under eye

fiura fiyry /ˈfjʊɾɐ ˈfjɪɾɪ/ v-eo. act too important to concern oneself with someone else, thumb one’s nose at someone else

fle fly /ˈflɛ flɪ/ v-eo. make polite coughing sound

fleliz /ˈflɛlɪz/ n. plowshare

flerim /ˈflɛɾɪm/ n. morning

flery /ˈflɛɾɪ/ n. skin

flesty /ˈflɛstɪ/ a. beautiful, gorgeous

flimerii /ˈflɪmɛɾɨː/ n. turtle shell

fllarat /ˈfɬɐɾɐt/ 1. c. when, while, as; 2. n. time when

fllen /fɬɛn/ v-do,po. put, place

fllovuwwuz /ˈfɬʌvʊw̰ʊz/ n. Fllovuwwuz language

flohha flehhy /ˈflʌxɐ ˈflɛxɪ/ v-eo. splash, sprinkle

flomush /ˈflʌmʊʃ/ v-io. cir. stay up all (S: time period; night implied if unspecified): flomushagoft noftot ‘I stayed up all last night’

flopo flepy /ˈflʌpʌ ˈflɛpɪ/ v-eo. be repetitive

flor /flʌɾ/ c. (formal) and (used between vocatives): fewsi-my flor itep-shik ‘king and servants!’

flowut flewit /ˈflʌwʊt ˈflɛwɪt/ v-eo,cv. dreamily

flun /flʊn/ n. fire

flutroz /ˈflʊtɾʌz/ n. demon

fnelh /fnɛɮ/ v-0. have a headache

fnennit /ˈfnɛn̰ɪt/ a. tamarind

fneshef /ˈfnɛʃɛf/ n. brain

fnev /fnɛv/ v-0. be sitting (state)

fnevig /ˈfnɛvɪg/ n. seat, place to sit [fnev + -Ug]

fnevigleg /ˈfnɛvɪglɛg/ n. bench, couch [fnevig + -glO-]

fneviz /ˈfnɛvɪz/ v-0. sit down (change of state) [fnev + -z]

fnevuiz /ˈfnɛvʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. make someone sit [fnev + -uiz]

fnez /fnɛz/ v-0. end, finish

fnezirg /ˈfnɛzɪɾg/ v-do,po. (lly) end, finish [fnez + -rg]

fnizet /ˈfnɪzɛt/ v-0. celebrate, rejoice

fnov /fnʌv/ 1. v-0. be standing, stand (state); 2. v-po. (we) wait for, await (person); 3. v-po. (we) count on (person) [inv. fnev ‘sit’]

fnovuiz /ˈfnʌvʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. 1. make someone stand; 2. make wait, hold up, stall [fnov + -uiz]

fnovuz /ˈfnʌvʊz/ 1. v-0. stand up, rise; 2. v-0. pick up, get going, take off (figuratively) [fnov + -z]

fnustot /ˈfnʊstʌt/ n. conjunction

fnuwwashpash /ˈfnʊw̰ɐʃpɐʃ/ n. sunset [fnuwwush + -ApAsh]

fnuwwuglash /ˈfnʊw̰ʊglɐʃ/ n. narcolepsy [fnuwwush + -glA-]

fnuwwush /ˈfnʊw̰ʊʃ/ 1. v-0. sleep; a. asleep, sleeping; 2. v-0. be set (sun)

fnuwwushunt /ˈfnʊw̰ʊʃʊnt/ n. bedroom [fnuwwush + -Unt]

fnuwwushuz /ˈfnʊw̰ʊʃʊz/ 1. v-0. fall asleep; 2. v-0. deteriorate, decline, wane; 3. v-0. set (sun) [fnuwwush + -z]

foholaz /ˈfʌhʌlɐz/ n. crater

fohom fehem /ˈfʌhʌm ˈfɛhɛm/ v-eo. sound like rolling waves

fol /fʌl/ 1. n. body part, limb, organ; 2. n. well-being, health

foluhlut /ˈfʌlʊhlʊt/ n. cockroach

fommat /ˈfʌm̰ɐt/ n. fish scale

fonga /ˈfʌngɐ/ v-do. be named, be called (S: places)

fonloll fenlell /ˈfʌnlʌɬ ˈfɛnlɛɬ/ v-eo,cv. under the table, hush hush

fonohonga /ˈfʌnʌhʌngɐ/ n. name (of a place) [fonga + -OhO-]

fonra /ˈfʌnɾɐ/ n. seaweed species (black, edible)

fonsat /ˈfʌnsɐt/ 1. v-do. be relevant to, have something to do with, pertain to, relate to; 2. v-po. (directional post.) go, stretch, lie, run (S: river, town, other landscape feature)

fot /fʌt/ 1. v-do. (negative) do, use, perform, conduct; 2. v-do. (negative) act upon

fotsuin /ˈfʌtsʊ͡ɪn/ n. wagon

fozoza /ˈfʌzʌzɐ/ 1. a. patient; 2. v-sv. delay, hold back from, restrain oneself from (temporarily); 3. v-do. repress, hold back, hold down: saov ~ bite one's tongue, hold one's peace; mas ~ shut one's eyes, avoid looking at something; shkets ~ remain stoic, not display emotion, not react; eprel ~ hold still; mentier ~ hold back from crying

fozvui /ˈfʌzvʊ͡ɪ/ n. (negative) action, act [fot + -vui]

fufla fifly /ˈfʊflɐ ˈfɪflɪ/ v-eo. ruffle, bristle, undulate, ripple

fuhh /fʊx/ n. air

fuhhaman /ˈfʊxɐmɐn/ n. lungs [fuhh + -aman]

fuhhof /ˈfʊxʌf/ v-po. (ho) breathe, blow (air from one’s mouth), bubble [fuhh + -Vf]

fuhhpow /ˈfʊxpʌw/ n. joke (story)

fuhhul /ˈfʊxʊl/ v-0. sneeze

fuhhuvunt /ˈfʊxʊvʊnt/ n. breath, bubble [fuhh + -UvUnt]

fuziat /ˈfʊzjɐt/ v-sv. how?, in what way?


gah /gɐh/ n. diamond

gahan /ˈgɐhɐn/ a. which?

gahhtag /ˈgɐxtɐg/ n. lemon

gahhum /ˈgɐxʊm/ n. larynx

gahou /ˈgɐhoː/ n. liver

gal /gɐl/ 1. a. black; 2. n. pupil (of eye); ~k glily in clear view, obviously, apparent, conspicuous, outright, as one can see

galhlav /ˈgɐlɬɐv/ a. some (uncertain identity), random, anonymous, any, whichever, either, one; n. something, someone, anything, anyone

galul /ˈgɐlʊl/ n. carambola, star fruit [P. galîli]

gamiolut /ˈgɐmjʌlʊt/ n. sugar cane

gammow /ˈgɐm̰ʌw/ 1. n. hole, pit, tunnel (in ground); 2. n. trap (general term)

gammowut /ˈgɐm̰ʌwʊt/ v-0. dig a hole [gammow + -Ut]

gannog /ˈgɐn̰ʌg/ n. east

gash /gɐʃ/ a. tall (S: people)

gashtousnok /ˈgɐʃtoːsnʌk/ n. autumn [gashtow + -snOk]

gashtow /ˈgɐʃtʌw/ n. ready, prepared, supplied

gashtowuiz /ˈgɐʃtʌwʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. get ready, prepare, supply [gashtow + -uiz]

gashtowurs /ˈgɐʃtʌwʊɾs/ v-0. get ready, prepare [gashtow + -rs]

gast /gɐst/ n. outlet, aperture

gaũmnbsp;geĩm /ˈgɐ.ʊ̰mnbsp;gɛ.ɪ̰m/ v-eo,cv. be pretentious

gazushhoz /ˈgɐzʊʃhʌz/ n. victim (of crime) [gazuz + -shhO-]

gazuspou /ˈgɐzʊspoː/ n. criminal; v-po. (ho) commit (a crime) [gazuz + -pou]

gazuz /ˈgɐzʊz/ n. crime

gef /gɛf/ n. animal

gefneĩt /ˈgɛfnɛ.ɪ̰t/ n. menagerie [gef + -nOŨt]

geg /gɛg/ post. just like, exactly like

gehy /ˈgɛhɪ/ n. date (fruit)

geĩg /gɛg/ v-0. gush, pour out, flow

geĩsh /ˈgɛ.ɪ̰ʃ/ n. head

geĩshnir /ˈgɛ.ɪ̰ʃnɪɾ/ v-do. behead, decapitate [geĩsh + -nUr]

gelev /ˈgɛlɛv/ n. cucumber

geliv /ˈgɛlɪv/ 1. n. place, spot, location; 2. n. where?; 3.c. where

gelivvint /ˈgɛlɪvːɪnt/ n. position, pose [geliv + -UvUnt]

gell /gɛɬ/ 1. n. fruit juice; 2. n. drink, beverage

gelleps /ˈgɛɬɛps/ a. juicy, moist (S: food) [gell + -Ops]

gellig /ˈgɛɬɪg/ n. hat

gelwy /ˈgɛlwɪ/ n. event, happening

geneps /ˈgɛnɛps/ a. proud [ger + -Ops]

genig /ˈgɛnɪg/ a. smug, pretentious

geniheh /ˈgɛnɪhɛh/ n. seaweed species

genirv /ˈgɛnɪɾv/ 1. n. wall; 2. n. railing, banister; 3. n. arm (of chair), armrest; 4. n. side; 5. n. layer (vertical)

gentis /ˈgɛntɪs/ v-do. 1. adore, delight in; 2. revere, venerate

ger /gɛɾ/ n. pride

gesii /ˈgɛsɨː/ 1. v-io. become, turn into; 2. v-0. develop (S: cooking food); 2. v-0. ferment

gesiifluif /ˈgɛsɨːflʊ͡ɪf/ v-do. beat up, knock around, "soften up" [gesii + -fluif]

giaot /gɪɒːt/ n. fern

giẽl /ˈgɪ.ɛ̰l/ a. black-haired

giẽm /ˈgɪ.ɛ̰m/ n. life

gienet /ˈgjɛnɛt/ n. flower

gig /gɪg/ n. who?

gihh /gɪx/ v-0. speak, talk

gihhpou /ˈgɪxpoː/ a. talkative, garrulous [gihh + -pou]

gikez /ˈgɪkɛz/ v-do. buy, pay for, pay (DO: item, amount of money, bill); n. buyer, customer

gikezint /ˈgɪkɛzɪnt/ n. store, market [gikez + -Unt]

gileh /ˈgɪlɛh/ n. olive

gilesh /ˈgɪlɛʃ/ n. face

gilhly /ˈgɪlɬɪ/ a. particular, certain

ginest /ˈgɪnɛst/ a. short (people)

ginlan /ˈgɪnlɐn/ n. pruning hook

girig /ˈgɪɾɪg/ n. thing (very general term)

gissik /ˈgɪʂɪk/ n. (pl. gissek) apple

gitez /ˈgɪtɛz/ 1. a., n. seven; 2. a., n. seventh

gla gly /ˈglɐ glɪ/ v-eo. dart away, be gone in the blink of an eye

glap /glɐp/ v-0. grunt

glir /glɪɾ/ n. intestines

gluin /ˈglʊ͡ɪn/ v-do. like, enjoy

glul /glʊl/ n. flat roof

glunuiz /ˈglʊnʊ͡ɪz/ n. viper

gly /glɪ/ 1. post. at (place, event), in (environment), with (external condition), for (time period): kiefesht sheiese glis ‘she was reading without any light’; 2. post. along with, to, according to: upufoshkot zozo patsal glis ‘they danced to a slow rhythm’

gollot /ˈgʌl̰ʌt/ n. shame

gollotops /ˈgʌl̰ʌtʌps/ a. ashamed [gollot + -Ops]

gollotur /ˈgʌl̰ʌtʊɾ/ v-io. shame, disgrace [gollot + -Ur]

golshow /ˈgʌlʃʌw/ n. bag, purse

golv /gʌlv/ n. path of destruction

gomaskag /ˈgʌmɐskɐg/ 1. a. wild, untamed; 2. v-sv. pretend, make believe, act as if

gonohh genehh /ˈgʌnʌx ˈgɛnɛx/ v-eo. moan

gonsag /ˈgʌnsɐg/ 1. v-do. hold with the fingers; 2. v-do. keep at a distance (figuratively)

govop gevep /ˈgʌvʌp ˈgɛvɛp/ v-eo. make bubbling sound

gow /gʌw/ post. with, along with (another participant cooperating): hhajmaps ifui gowuw ‘he hunted with a friend’

gozgou /ˈgʌzgoː/ n. bronze

guf /gʊf/ n. story, floor (above ground floor)

guffaf /ˈgʊfːɐf/ v-0. stretch

guffurg /ˈgʊfːʊɾg/ v-do. stretch, extend [guffaf + -rg]

guilat /ˈgʊ͡ɪlɐt/ n. limit, maximum, breaking point, end

guilops /ˈgʊ͡ɪlʌps/ v-io. not be able to stand, not be able to up with, be fed up with, be one's wit's end with

gulgot /ˈgʊlgʌt/ v-0. hiccup

gumnuh /ˈgʊmnʊh/ 1. n. spine; 2. n. main road

gunnav /ˈgʊn̰ɐv/ v-do. release, secrete, let out, have come out of oneself

gunnut /ˈgʊn̰ʊt/ v-io. gather (large things)

guzaz /ˈgʊzɐz/ n. decree, edict, declaration

gweĩsh /ˈgwɛ.ɪ̰ʃ/ n. mainland, continent

gwoshah /ˈgwʌʃɐh/ n. island

gwoz /gwʌz/ n. revenge, vengeance

gwoznur /ˈgwʌznʊɾ/ v-io. take revenge on [gwoz + -nUr]

gwozoz /ˈgwʌzʌz/ a. 1. vengeful, resentful; 2. unresolved, unsolved; 2. a. fearsome, dread, terrible [red. gwoz ‘vengeance’]

gwozug /ˈgwʌzʊg/ n. compensation [gwoz + -Ug]


haf /hɐf/ n. bag

hagov /ˈhɐgʌv/ n. donkey

haham /ˈhɐhɐm/ 1. n. what’s-his-name, what’s-it-called; 2. a. blind, free, undirected: haham polol ‘blind anger’

hajjat /ˈhɐʐɐt/ a. barren, sterile

hal /hɐl/ n. reason, cause

hammon /ˈhɐm̰ʌn/ n. noise, uproar [han + -mmO-]

hammonut /ˈhɐm̰ʌnʊt/ a. noisy, loud [ham + -mmO- + -Ut]

han /hɐn/ n. sound, noise

hantaz /ˈhɐntɐz/ v-cv. listen to

hanut /ˈhɐnʊt/ v-0. make a sound [han + -Ut]

haol /hɒːl/ n. ear

haraoha /ˈhɐɾɒːhɐ/ n. ghost

has /hɐs/ n. eagle

hashhuish /ˈhɐʃhʊ͡ɪʃ/ n. snake

haskion /ˈhɐskjʌn/ n. scythe

haz /hɐz/ n. child, kid, son, daughter (expresses relationship, not age)

hefe hify /ˈhɛfɛ ˈhɪfɪ/ v-eo. sound breathy

heflijet /ˈhɛflɪʒɛt/ a. be restless, excited, agitated

hehint /ˈhɛhɪnt/ n. iron (metal)

hehluit /ˈhɛhlʊ͡ɪt/ n. bladder

heiyvy /ˈhɛjɪvɪ/ a. tangy, piquant

helehy /ˈhɛlɛhɪ/ n. tall aquatic bird (such as crane, heron)

henant /ˈhɛnɐnt/ 1. n. nostril; 2. n. airhole (in a cave, box)

henill /ˈhɛnɪɬ/ n. port

heniv /ˈhɛnɪv/ a. sweet (tasting)

hep /hɛp/ n. dirt, soil, earth

heret /ˈhɛɾɛt/ n. flame

heretig /ˈhɛɾɛtɪg/ n. candle, torch [heret + -Ug]

heretir /ˈhɛɾɛtɪɾ/ 1. v-io. burn; 2. v-io. cook; n. chef, cook [heret + -Ur]

herteps /ˈhɛɾtɛps/ a. aflame, cooking, on fire; v-0. cook, burn [heret + -Ops]

hezez /ˈhɛzɛz/ n. planet

hhajmahhmas /ˈxɐʒmɐxmɐs/ n. prey [hhajmas + -hhmA-]

hhajmas /ˈxɐʒmɐs/ v-do. hunt

hhallul /ˈxɐɬʊl/ n. issue, matter

hhammu /ˈxɐm̰ʊ/ 1. n. dust; 2. n. sediment

hhanzaz /ˈxɐnzɐz/ a. short (height, length, width)

hhap /xɐp/ a. any

hharv /xɐɾv/ n. flag

hhasoum /ˈxɐsoːm/ n. fingernail, claw

hhaz /xɐz/ n. dryness

hhazaz /ˈxɐzɐz/ a. dry, dried, dehydrated, dessicated [red. hhaz]

hhazur /ˈxɐzʊɾ/ v-io. dry, dessicate, dehydrate [hhaz + -Ur]

hhazurs /ˈxɐzʊɾs/ v-0. dry [hhaz + -rs]

hhehlly /ˈxɛɬlɪ/ a. complete

hhej1 /xɛʒ/ v-do. free, release

hhej2 /xɛʒ/ v-do. learn (skill, trade, language)

hhejigaov /ˈxɛʒɪgɒːv/ n. settlement (large area) [hhejy + -gaov]

hhejj /xɛʐ/ n. rottenness, decay

hhejjejj /ˈxɛʐɛʐ/ a. rotten, decayed [red. hhejj]

hhejjirs /ˈxɛʐɪɾs/ v-0. rot, decay [hhejj + -rs]

hhejy /ˈxɛʒɪ/ v-0. settle

hhel /xɛl/ a. blue

hhelhly /ˈxɛlɬɪ/ n. symbol; a. symbolic

hhelt /xɛlt/ n. artery

hhemejit /ˈxɛmɛʒɪt/ v-do. bring (object)

hheminz /ˈxɛmɪnz/ n. question

hhemir /ˈxɛmɪɾ/ v-do,io. ask about

hhemirit /ˈxɛmɪɾɪt/ v-do,io. tap (DO: rhythm or tune; IO: surface tapped)

hher1 /xɛɾ/ a. other, alternate

hher2 /xɛɾ/ n. maze

hheritret /ˈxɛɾɪtɾɛt/ v-0. grow up

hhert /xɛɾt/ n. form, shape, style

hherteks /ˈxɛɾtɛks/ n. layout, format, formulation [hhert + -Oks]

hherv /xɛɾv/ n. rationale, reason, logic, sense

hhesiej /ˈxɛsjɛʒ/ v-do. acquired skill, knowledge

hhetinz /ˈxɛtɪnz/ n. name

hhewzy /ˈxɛwzɪ/ 1. v-do. pull, drag; 2. v-do. pull off, pluck, pick, twist off (from a bunch); 3. v-do. pull out, extract, pluck; 4. v-do. smudge, smear

hhiẽj /ˈxɪ.ɛ̰ʒ/ n. lady, woman

hhiẽwep /ˈxɪ.ɛ̰wɛp/ v-0. shiver

hhiẽwesnek /ˈxɪ.ɛ̰wɛsnɛk/ n. cold weather [hhiẽwep + -snOk]

hhimzirg /ˈxɪmzɪɾg/ v-do. lay, lay down [hhimz + -rg]

hhimzirs /ˈxɪmzɪɾs/ v-0. lie down (action) [hhimz + -rs]

hhimzy /ˈxɪmzɪ/ v-0. be lying down

hhinej /ˈxɪnɛʒ/ n. additional, second, more, further, other

hhinzeks /ˈxɪnzɛks/ n. length [hhinzez + -Oks]

hhinzez /ˈxɪnzɛz/ a. long, tall

hhiriery /ˈxɪɾjɛɾɪ/ n. egret

hhitstej /ˈxɪtstɛʒ/ a. light (color)

hhity /ˈxɪtɪ/ n. leaf

hhiz /xɪz/ n. moisture, wetness, dampness

hhizez /ˈxɪzɛz/ a. moist, wet, damp [red. hhiz]

hhizir /ˈxɪzɪɾ/ v-io. moisten, wet, dampen [hhiz + -r]

hhizirs /ˈxɪzɪɾs/ v-0. become moist, wet, damp [hhiz + -r]

hhizy /ˈxɪzɪ/ n. meat

hhlew /xlɛw/ n. bird

hhlum1 /xlʊm/ n. fragment, piece, part

hhlum2 /xlʊm/ n. vanity

hhlumum /ˈxlʊmʊm/ a. vain [red. hhlum]

hhmery /ˈxmɛɾɪ/ n. pumpkin

hhmesh /xmɛʃ/ n. answer, response, reply

hhmeshir /ˈxmɛʃɪɾ/ v-io. answer, respond, reply [hhmesh + -Ur]

hhmezny /ˈxmɛznɪ/ n. flamingo

hhmilh /xmɪɮ/ n. circumstance, condition

hhmilhir /ˈxmɪɮɪɾ/ 1. n. specify, single out; 2. v-do. forbid [hhmilh + -Ur]

hhnef /xnɛf/ a. white

hhnelh /xnɛɮ/ n. wrist

hhneliev /ˈxnɛljɛv/ n. cat

hhnet /xnɛt/ n. fringe

hhnetip /ˈxnɛtɪp/ v-0. twitch

hhnih /xnɪh/ n. square

hhnim /xnɪm/ n. lap, bosom, breast

hhnogaov /ˈxnʌgɒːv/ n. sky

hhnos /hhnos/v-0. smell, stink, reek

hhnunpuãj /ˈxnʊnpʊ.ɐ̰ʒ/ n. holiness

hhogu hhegy /ˈxʌgʊ ˈxɛgɪ/ v-eo. make retching, puking sound

hhokok hhekek /ˈxʌkʌk ˈxɛkɛk/ v-eo. make scraping sound

hholwuraz /ˈxʌlwʊɾɐz/ n. leader; v-sv. lead

hhomm1 /ˈxʌm̰/ v-0. howl

hhomm2 /ˈxʌm̰/ 1. n. thorn, barb; 2. a. brusque, gruff, rude, rough, biting (in speech or action)

hhomshant /ˈxʌmʃɐnt/ n. triangle

hhomuãll /ˈxʌmʊ.ɐ̰ɬ/ n. dome

hhonna /ˈxʌn̰ɐ/ v-do. drink

hhos /xʌs/ n. ash

hhosum /ˈxʌsʊm/ n. saint

hhot1 /xʌt/ c. when, while, as

hhot2 /xʌt/ 1. a. whole, intact; 2. a. pure, unadulterated

hhowza /ˈxʌwzɐ/ v-do. push

hhoz /xʌz/ n. forehead

hhozaj /ˈxʌzɐʒ/ n. catch, haul, plunder, booty

hhpoũ hhpeỹ /ˈxpʌ.ʊ̰ ˈxpɛ.ɪ̰/ v-eo. go thud

hhuiuhh /ˈxʊ͡ɪʊx/ n. (flowery) death

hhul /xʊl/ n. sky (at night)

hhulmariahh /ˈxʊlmɐɾjɐx/ n. blade

hhunmag /ˈxʊnmɐg/ n. salt

hhunmagag /ˈxʊnmɐgɐg/ a. salty [red. hhunmag]

hhunmagur /ˈxʊnmɐgʊɾ/ 1. v-io. salt; 2. v-io. touch up, refine [hhunmag + -r]

hhunpuõps /ˈxʊnpʊ.ʌ̰ps/ a. holy [re. trunc. hhunpuãj + -Ops]

hhups /xʊps/ a. (flowery) dead [rel. hhuiuhh]

hhurv /xʊɾv/ n. baby

hhurvaman /ˈxʊɾvɐmɐn/ n. womb [hhurv + -aman]

hhurvops /ˈxʊɾvʌps/ a. pregnant [hhurv + -Ops]

hhurvopsuvui /ˈxʊɾvʌpsʊvʊ͡ɪ/ n. pregnancy [hhurvops + -vui]

hhushap /ˈxʊʃɐp/ n. exhaustion, fatigue

hhushaps /ˈxʊʃɐps/ a. exhausted, fatigued, tired out [hhushap + -Ops]

hhushhorv /ˈxʊʃhʌɾv/ v-do. be bereaved of a child [hhurv + -shhO-]

hhutstohh /ˈxʊtstʌx/ a. dark

hhutu hhity /ˈxʊtʊ ˈxɪtɪ/ v-eo. make pitter patter sound (like drizzling rain)

hhuwwuhh /ˈxʊw̰ʊx/ n. egg

hhwinev /ˈxwɪnɛv/ n. bump, lump (on something)

hiajov /ˈhjɐʒʌv/ n. castle

hiasmuk /ˈhjɐsmʊk/ n. calculation

hieg /hjɛg/ n. goat

hiehit /ˈhjɛhɪt/ n. appearance, exterior, countenance, look, aura, mien

hiliih /ˈhɪlɨːh/ n. section, division, area, part (from the point of view of function or quality, e.g. section of book, part of town, room in house)

hinnit /ˈhɪn̰ɪt/ n. silence

hinnitet /ˈhɪn̰ɪtɛt/ a. silent [red. hinnit]

hiohut /ˈhjʌhʊt/ 1. n. covering, peel, shell; 2. n. layer

hiply /ˈhɪplɪ/ n. rabbit

hirej /ˈhɪɾɛʒ/ n. forearm

hiuront /ˈhjʊɾʌnt/ v-io. bend, bow

hiuronvunt /ˈhjʊɾʌnvʊnt/ n. fold, bend, crease [hiuront + -UvUnt]

hiurorg /ˈhjʊɾʌɾg/ v-do. fold, bend [hiuront + -rg]

hiveĩps /ˈhɪvɛ.ɪ̰ps/ a. brave, courageous [hiveĩy + -Ops]

hiveĩy /ˈhɪvɛ.ɪ̰ɪ/ n. bravery, courage

hiyhh /hjɪx/ n. sum, total

hlamaog /ˈhlɐmɒːg/ n. merchandise, wares [trunc. hlamatug < hlamat + -Ug]

hlamat /ˈhlɐmɐt/ v-do. sell

hlehek hlihik /ˈhlɛhɛk ˈhlɪhɪk/ v-eo. make grating, abrasive sound

hlej /hlɛʒ/ a. naked

hlejiz /ˈhlɛʒɪz/ 1. v-io. undress oneself, strip [hlej + -z]

hlejuiz /ˈhlɛʒʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. 1. undress, strip; 2. peel, shuck; 3. pit, core [hlej + -uiz]

hlelip /ˈhlɛlɪp/ v-0. collapse, trip, slip, fall down (from ground level)

hlelipshy /ˈhlɛlɪpʃɪ/ a. tilted, off-balance, askew, diagonal [hlelip + -shA]

hlelipuiz /ˈhlɛlɪpʊ͡ɪz/ 1. v-do. knock over, knock down, fell (something already on ground level); 2. v-do. renege on, go back on, break, breach (promise, resolution); 3. v-do. overwhelm [hlelip + -uiz]

hlelleps /ˈhlɛl̰ɛps/ a. fallen, collapsed [hleliep + -Ops]

hllanahh /ˈɬlɐnɐx/ n. octopus

hllaz /ɬlɐz/ n. hardness, firmness

hllazaz /ˈɬlɐzɐz/ 1. a. hard (physically tough, firm); 2. n. stone, pit (of fruit) [red. hllaz]

hlleruip /ˈɬlɛɾʊ͡ɪp/ n. frog

hlliz /ɬlɪz/ n. softness, impressibility, pliability [inv. hllaz]

hlliziz /ˈɬlɪzɪz/ 1. a. soft, yielding, pliable; 2. a. delicate, tender, fragile [red. hlliz]

hllumal /ˈɬlʊmɐl/ a. brown

hlor /hlʌɾ/ 1. v-io. enclose, wrap; 2. v-io. trap (animal, fugitive)

hlorug /ˈhlʌɾʊg/ n. trap [hlor + -Ug]

hlosow /ˈhlʌsʌw/ 1. v-do. expell, exile, banish, cast away; 2. v-do. (slang) remove from premises, kick out, take out

hlowa /ˈhlʌwɐ/ n. roof

hlu /hlʊ/ v-0. whisper, murmur

hluggur hliggir /ˈhlʊgːʊɾ ˈhlɪgːɪɾ/ v-eo. make vomiting, hurling sound

hluvuiv /ˈhlʊvʊ͡ɪv/ n. whisper, murmur [hlu + -vuiv]

hly hly /ˈhlɪ hlɪ/ v-eo. squeak

hly /hlɪ/ 1. v-0. rest; 2. v-io. forgive

hmaha /ˈhmɐhɐ/ n. poison, venom

hmak /hmɐk/ v-do. walk into (wall, trap)

hmant /hmɐnt/ n. flour

hmehy /ˈhmɛhɪ/ n. limit, boundary, border, end

hmog /hmʌg/ v-do. attack

hmoguiv /ˈhmʌgʊ͡ɪv/ n. attack, assault [hmog + -uiv]

hmohhpou /ˈhmʌxpoː/ a. violent, brutal, vicious, savage, ferocious [hmog + -pou]

hmu /hmʊ/ v-0. boil

hmulull /ˈhmʊlʊɬ/ v-do. boil [hmu + -lUll]

hnagog /ˈhnɐgʌg/ n. crow

hnell /hnɛɬ/ n. scar

hnilh /hnɪɮ/ v-0. grow (S: plants)

hnilhefly /ˈhnɪɮɛflɪ/ v-do. grow, raise (plants) [hnilh + -flU]

hnilhgaov /ˈhnɪɮgɒːv/ n. fertile area [hnilh + -gaov]

hnilhier /ˈhnɪɮjɛɾ/ a. fertile (S: soil, land) [hnilh + -hiOr]

hnok hnek /ˈhnʌk hnɛk/ v-eo. laugh slyly (‘hehe’)

hnosha /ˈhnʌʃɐ/ a. hostile, antagonistic

hnow /hnʌw/ n. garbage, trash, rubbish, waste

hnozat /ˈhnʌzɐt/ n. stew

hnuiop /ˈhnʊ͡ɪʌp/ n. opinion, stance, inclination, view, viewpoint

hnurus /ˈhnʊɾʊs/ post. instead of, for, as

hogla higly /ˈhʌglɐ ˈhɪglɪ/ 1. v-eo,io,cv. whine; 2. v-eo. whoosh, whistle, wuther, rustle (S: air)

hoh /hʌh/ n. (pl. houiok) country, nation

hohhnunut /ˈhʌxnʊnʊt/ n. turtle

hohluiat /ˈhʌhlʊ͡ɪɐt/ v-0. swing

hoiu /ˈhʌjʊ/ post. about, concerning, of

honha /ˈhʌnhɐ/ a. gray

hor /hʌɾ/ n. whale

hoz hez /ˈhʌz hɛz/ v-eo. laugh mockingly or condescendingly

hozv /hʌzv/ 1. a. sour, bitter; 2. a. awkward (S: situations, speech)

hrel /hɾɛl/ post. after, upon; v-do. precede, come before [inv. hrol]

hrelpou /ˈhɾɛlpoː/ n. neighbor

hrikeks /ˈhɾɪkɛks/ n. lull, break, letup

hrip /hɾɪp/ 1. a. sudden; 2. v-sv. suddenly

hrok hrek /ˈhɾʌk hɾɛk/ v-eo. chortle

hrol /hɾʌl/ 1. post. before, preceding, earlier than; v-do. follow, come after; 2. post. in, by (time frame)

hrujaj /ˈhɾʊʒɐʒ/ v-do. raze, flatten

hrurup /ˈhɾʊɾʊp/ n. layabout, bum

hu /hʊ/ 1. post. indicates demoted DO of certain verbs; 2. cl. indicates direct object within noun phrase

huf /hʊf/ a. pale

huglog /ˈhʊglʌg/ n. song (vocal or instrumental) [hun + -glOg]

hugurah /ˈhʊgʊɾɐh/ n. lava

huhhammon /ˈhʊxɐm̰ʌn/ n. terror [huhhan + -mmO-]

huhhan /ˈhʊxɐn/ n. fear

huhhanops /ˈhʊxɐnʌps/ a. afraid, frightened; v-io. fear, be afriad of [huhhan + -Ops]

huhhpuw /ˈhʊxpʊw/ v-do. disguise

huiafant /ˈhʊ͡ɪɐfɐnt/ n. coffin

hunaf /ˈhʊnɐf/ v-cv. hear

hunv /hʊnv/ n. garlic

hur /hʊɾ/ n. where?

huruhh /ˈhʊɾʊx/ n. burden

huvaog /ˈhʊvɒːg/ n. statue

huwwaov /ˈhʊw̰ɒːv/ a. mighty, formidable, awesome, terrible, intimidating

hwalum /ˈhwɐlʊm/ v-po. (directional post.) leave, depart, go

hwalumuif /ˈhwɐlʊmʊ͡ɪf/ 1. v-do,po. (directional post.) bring, transport, send; 2. v-do. kick out [hwalum + -uif]

hwassok /ˈhwɐʂʌk/ n. beast

hwelemmeh /ˈhwɛlɛm̰ɛh/ n. everything

hwelh /hwɛɮ/ v-0. return

hwelhuiz /ˈhwɛɮʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. return [hwelh + -uiz]

hwenihh /ˈhwɛnɪx/ n. innocence

hwil /hwɪl/ n. security, safety

hwilel /ˈhwɪlɛl/ n. guard [red. hwil]

hwileps /ˈhwɪlɛps/ a. secure, safe [hwil + -Ops]

hwilit /ˈhwɪlɪt/ v-io. guard, protect [hwil + -Ut]

hwinhheps /ˈhwɪnxɛps/ a. 1. innocent; 2. irrelevant, unrelated; 3. unnecessary [trunc. hwenihh + -Ops]

hwoius /ˈhwʌjʊs/ n. sin

hwonuhh /ˈhwʌnʊx/ n. guilt

hwunhhops /ˈhwʊnxʌps/ a. guilty [trunc. hwonuhh + -Ops]

hwunpur /ˈhwʊnpʊɾ/ v-do. torture


iajuz /ˈjɐʒʊz/ n. bat (animal)

ial /jɐl/ n. thigh

ialot /ˈjɐlʌt/ n. strength

ialotot /ˈjɐlʌtʌt/ a. strong [red. ialot]

ialotur /ˈjɐlʌtʊɾ/ v-do. strengthen [ialot + -r]

ialoturs /ˈjɐlʌtʊɾs/ v-0. strengthen [ialot + -rs]

iap /jɐp/ n. taste

iapaf /ˈjɐpɐf/ v-do. taste [iap + -Vf]

iapun /ˈjɐpʊn/ n. note (music)

iarovunt /ˈjɐɾʌvʊnt/ n. workplace

iaskap /ˈjɐskɐp/ n. tongue [rel. iap]

iata /ˈjɐtɐ/ n. cliff

iatla /ˈjɐtlɐ/ c. however, but, though, rather, instead (used to present a contradiction or a substitution, but not mere contrast; the more unexpected clause follows): ramlok tlerilhh rommottuf iatla shur kalogoh ‘I laid out three shirts but now there are (only) two’

iav /jɐv/ n. elephant

iaw /jɐw/ n. meow

iawut /ˈjɐwʊt/ v-0. meow [iaw + -Ut]

iaza /ˈjɐzɐ/ n. kumquat

iegeh /ˈjɛgɛh/ a., n. so much

iehel /ˈjɛhɛl/ a., n. too many, too much

iehlly /ˈjɛɬlɪ/ n. olive tree

iej /jɛʒ/ n. hair (collective)

iejej /ˈjɛʒɛʒ/ a. having hair [red. iej]

ielhii /ˈjɛɮɨː/ a. free, open, at ease

ieliskis /ˈjɛlɪskɪs/ n. moment [iely + -skAs]

ieltigek /ˈjɛltɪgɛk/ n. spider

iely /ˈjɛlɪ/ 1. n. time (general concept); n. fut. future; c. fut. later; n. pres. present, now (general period); n. pst. past, history, before, earlier; c. pst. before

iemzigint /ˈjɛmzɪgɪnt/ n. mine

ienty /ˈjɛntɪ/ v-do. plant

ierv /jɛɾv/ n. information, knowledge

iervir /ˈjɛɾvɪɾ/ v-io. 1. inform, notify; 2. warn [ierv + -r]

iervirs /ˈjɛɾvɪɾs/ v-cv. find out, discover [ierv + -rs]

ieshfimmet /ˈjɛʃfɪm̰ɛt/ n. disciple, protegé [ieshrit + -mmO-]

ieshfint /ˈjɛʃfɪnt/ n. school [ieshfit + -Unt]

ieshfit /ˈjɛʃfɪt/ n. student; v-cv. learn, find out (information) (from someone else)

ieshirv /ˈjɛʃɪɾv/ n. piece of trivia, factoid, small and inconsequential piece of information [ierv + -shy]

ietet /ˈjɛtɛt/ n. west

ifej /ˈɪfɛʒ/ 1. n. gap; 2. n. furrow

ifivui /ˈɪfɪvʊ͡ɪ/ n. help, aid, assistance [ifui + -vui]

iflej /ˈɪflɛʒ/ n. window

ifnour /ˈɪfnoːɾ/ n. page, paper

ift /ɪft/ n. flood

ifui /ˈɪfʊ͡ɪ/ 1. n. friend, buddy, pal; 2. n. piece that fits together with another

ify /ˈɪfɪ/ n. lid, flap (covering or closing something)

ĩfy /ˈ.ɪ̰fɪ/ v-sv. promise, swear (to do something)

igeg /ˈɪgɛg/ n. mind, thoughts, mental capability

igerv /ˈɪgɛɾv/ n. pea

iggev /ˈɪgːɛv/ n. talent, skill, special ability (of person or object)

iggevev /ˈɪgːɛvɛv/ a. talented, skilled, useful [red. iggev]

igleshy /ˈɪglɛʃɪ/ n. harp

ihhin /ˈɪxɪn/ 1. n. shore, bank (of river), side (of street); 2. n. environment, surroundings

ihhkehh /ˈɪxkɛx/ v-do. free, liberate

ihim /ˈɪhɪm/ a. full, filled [inv. uhum]

ihry /ˈɪhɾɪ/ n. festival

ijaov /ˈɪʒɒːv/ n. plant

ijem /ˈɪʒɛm/ 1. a. sour; 2. a. fitting, appropriate (in the sense of ‘just desserts’), ironic, sickening

ijes /ˈɪʒɛs/ 1. a. thin (consistency), diluted, watery; 2. a. light (weight)

ijihhis /ˈɪʒɪxɪs/ a. fuzzy

ijij /ˈɪʒɪʒ/ 1. n. ripple; 2. n. trifle; a. inconsequential, silly, stupid

ijjet1 /ˈɪʐɛt/ a. straight

ijjet2 /ˈɪʐɛt/ 1. v-do. live in, inhabit, be found in, occur in; 2. v-io. prefer, favor, choose (to use, to be around)

ijy /ˈɪʒɪ/ n. eyelid; ~k simzy impossible to see or catch, out of sight, out of range

ikerf /ˈɪkɛɾf/ n. box, container, cage

ikly /ˈɪklɪ/ n. (c. iklil) powder

ilaosh /ˈɪlɒːʃ/ a. exotic

ilepesh /ˈɪlɛpɛʃ/ 1. v-0. fall, land (from a height); 2. v-0. show up unexpectedly (S: people); 3. v-0. be overwhelmed

ilespy /ˈɪlɛspɪ/ n. duck

ilhev /ˈɪɮɛv/ n. topic, subject

ilhirg /ˈɪɮɪɾg/ 1. a. irritating ; 2. a. corny, hokey [ilhy + -rg]

ilhy1 /ˈɪɮɪ/ n. meal

ilhy2 /ˈɪɮɪ/ v-0. cringe, wince

illim /ˈɪɬɪm/ 1. n. neck; 2. n. stem;

illimvint /ˈɪɬɪmvɪnt/ n. collar [illim + -UvUnt]

ilwel /ˈɪlwɛl/ n. prayer

ilwelit /ˈɪlwɛlɪt/ v-po. (ho) pray [ilwel + -Ut]

imef /ˈɪmɛf/ n. 1. poem; 2. n. poetry

imerhhik /ˈɪmɛɾxɪk/ n. cube

imhhek /ˈɪmxɛk/ n. (sg. and pl.) white pomegranate

imihlel /ˈɪmɪhlɛl/ v-0. sulk

immem /ˈɪm̰ɛm/ 1. n. example, instance, occurrence; 2. n. newborn

immepengiz /ˈɪm̰ɛpɛngɪz/ v-0. act (in a play); n. actor [immepent + -gUz]

immepent /ˈɪm̰ɛpɛnt/ n. play

immez /ˈɪm̰ɛz/ v-io. remember, recall, think of [inv. ammoz]

imneps /ˈɪmnɛps/ a. permanent

inehh /ˈɪnɛx/ n. ball

inehheps /ˈɪnɛxɛps/ a. round, curled [inehh + -Ops]

ineshig /ˈɪnɛʃɪg/ n. daze

ineshigeps /ˈɪnɛʃɪgɛps/ a. dazed [ineshig + -Ops]

inetstet /ˈɪnɛtstɛt/ n. bargain

infef /ˈɪnfɛf/ a. polite [earl. inf + -Vf]

infeks /ˈɪnfɛks/ n. etiquette, custom [obs. inf ‘social practice, manners’]

ingir /ˈɪngɪɾ/ v-do. stick to, adhere to, clump with, attach to

ingizet /ˈɪngɪzɛt/ v-0. evaporate, dry up

ingizitet /ˈɪngɪzɪtɛt/ v-io. reduce, burn off (culinary) [red. ingizet]

inhep /ˈɪnhɛp/ a. narrow, thin

inhepirg /ˈɪnhɛpɪɾg/ 1. v-do. constrict, squeeze; 2. v-io. hold tight, grip; 3. v-do. ensnare, trap, capture, catch [inhep + -rg]

inihh /ˈɪnɪx/ n. intelligence, wisdom, discerning

iniry /ˈɪnɪɾɪ/ v-do. stare down

initehh /ˈɪnɪtɛx/ a. intelligent, wise, discerning; v-cv. know in depth, be an expert on (about) [rel. inihh]

inlet /ˈɪnlɛt/ 1. v-sv. wonder (if); 2. v-sv. hope (with some doubt)

inmer /ˈɪnmɛɾ/ n. stage (theater)

inmy /ˈɪnmɪ/ n. saliva

inniskej /ˈɪn̰ɪskɛʒ/ n. apparition

innizew /ˈɪn̰ɪzɛw/ a. feminine, womanly [inny + -zOw]

inny /ˈɪn̰ɪ/ a., n. female

intiv /ˈɪntɪv/ n. gold

inwengiz /ˈɪnwɛngɪz/ 1. v-0. go by road; 2. v-0. go directly; 3. v-0. make one’s way, head on, proceed [inwent + -gUz]

inwent /ˈɪnwɛnt/ n. road

inwirgiz /ˈɪnwɪɾgɪz/ v-io. transport, cart, move, import, export [inwiry + -gUz]

inwiry /ˈɪnwɪɾɪ/ n. cart

inwy /ˈɪnwɪ/ v-do. accumulate, amass, stockpile, hoard

inwyshhou /ˈɪnwɪʃhoː/ v-do. lose (a lot of things, catastrophically): tesh teltek kezilhh inwyshhoup naw shahhp ‘she lost all her belongings in the tornado’ [inwy + -shhou]

inzew /ˈɪnzɛw/ a. light-colored, pale

iogar /ˈjʌgɐɾ/ n. vein

iolhhao /ˈjʌlxɒː/ 1. v-do. gather, collect, forage for, fish for; 2. v-do. feel around for

iolom ielem /ˈjʌlʌm ˈjɛlɛm/ v-eo. gyrate, undulate

ionotrur /ˈjʌnʌtɾʊɾ/ a. stupid, dull [red. earl. ionotur ‘stupidity’]

iontur /ˈjʌntʊɾ/ n. stupidity, dullness [trunc. ionotur]

iora /ˈjʌɾɐ/ 1. a., n. eight; 2. a., n. eighth

iosuhh /ˈjʌsʊx/ (na. posuhh) 1. a. how many, how much?; 2. n. number

iosuhhrat /ˈjʌsʊxɾɐt/ v-io. count [iosuhh + -rAt]

iotmat /ˈjʌtmɐt/ 1. n. circle; 2. v-0. spin, rotate; 3. v-io. go around, circle around, revolve around, wind around

iotmatlull /ˈjʌtmɐtlʊɬ/ 1. v-do. spin, rotate; 2. v-do,io. wind around [iotmat + -lUll]

iotstah /ˈjʌtstɐh/ a. pale gray, hazy

iottak /ˈjʌtːɐk/ n. dried lime

iowwogog /ˈjʌw̰ʌgʌg/ n. monster

ioz /jʌz/ v-sv. plot, plan, scheme

iozurv /ˈjʌzʊɾv/ v-do. sneer

ipenpou /ˈɪpɛnpoː/ n. artist [ipent + -pou]

ipent /ˈɪpɛnt/ n. work of art

ipesh /ˈɪpɛʃ/ v-cv. sense, be aware of, perceive, be able to tell

ipeshuiz /ˈɪpɛʃʊ͡ɪz/ v-do,po. (lly) show, cause to experience [ipesh + -uiz]

ipewwy /ˈɪpɛw̰ɪ/ v-0. arrive late, be late

ippeshirg /ˈɪpːɛʃɪɾg/ v-do. knock down, knock off, cut down, cut off (from a height) [trunc. ilepeshirg < ilepesh + -rg]

ipsin /ˈɪpsɪn/ n. earlobe

irek /ˈɪɾɛk/ 1. n. pot; 2. n. basin

irgem /ˈɪɾgɛm/ 1. n. coat, cloak; 2. n. regalia

irget /ˈɪɾgɛt/ n. man

irir /ˈɪɾɪɾ/ n. purr

iririt /ˈɪɾɪɾɪt/ v-0. purr [irir + -Ut]

iseg /ˈɪsɛg/ n. path

iseĩll /ˈɪsɛ.ɪ̰ɬ/ v-sv. do something excessively

isfes /ˈɪsfɛs/ v-sv. continue, keep (repeating something multiple times)

isfesirg /ˈɪsfɛsɪɾg/ v-do. continue, keep up [isfes + -rg]

ish /ɪʃ/ n. dream (during sleep or daydreaming); ~ ferimaoz really, truly, actually

ishilish /ˈɪʃɪlɪʃ/ n. drizzle

ishin /ˈɪʃɪn/ v-do. batter, pound, ram, crash into

ishish /ˈɪʃɪʃ/ v-0. dream [red. ishish]

ishkez /ˈɪʃkɛz/ c-0. nest, build a nest, build a hive, nestle

ishkezivint /ˈɪʃkɛzɪvɪnt/ v-0. nest, hive [ishkez + -UvUnt]

ishkim /ˈɪʃkɪm/ v-0. lean, slouch, sag

isirv /ˈɪsɪɾv/ n. damage, harm

isirvirg /ˈɪsɪɾvɪɾg/ v-do. damage, harm [isirv + -rg]

iskek /ˈɪskɛk/ a. lax, loose [inv. uskok]

iskerm /ˈɪskɛɾm/ a. bloodshot, hemorrhaged

iskik /ˈɪskɪk/ n. axle

ismerig /ˈɪsmɛɾɪg/ n. jar

ismerir /ˈɪsmɛɾɪɾ/ v-0. glow

ismevit /ˈɪsmɛvɪt/ v-0. match, fit together, be consistent (internally, or among multiple items)

ismevizvui /ˈɪsmɛvɪzvʊ͡ɪ/ 1. n. theory, hypothesis, idea; 2. n. unifying purpose or rationale, logical consistency, method, balance where everything has its place [ismevit + -vui]

issep /ˈɪʂɛp/ a. gentle, tender

isseỹ /ˈɪʂɛ.ɪ̰/ v-sv. wish, long for

iten /ˈɪtɛn/ n. chair, throne

itep /ˈɪtɛp/ n. servant

itfer /ˈɪtfɛɾ/ 1. n. liquid; 2. n. juice squeezed out of something; a. liquid; v-0. flow;

itferit /ˈɪtfɛɾɪt/ v-do. juice (fruit), tap (tree trunk), extract liquid from (where the liquid is the desired component) [itfer + -Ut]

itfers /ˈɪtfɛɾs/ v-0. liquefy, melt [itfer + -rs]

itferuiz /ˈɪtfɛɾʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. liquefy, melt [itfer + -uiz]

itfiglez /ˈɪtfɪglɛz/ n. crisis [itfiz + -glO-]

itfiz /ˈɪtfɪz/ n. problematic situation, difficulty, ordeal, travail

itill /ˈɪtɪɬ/ n. area, place, zone

itrep /ˈɪtɾɛp/ n. vine

itrim /ˈɪtɾɪm/ n. medicine

itrimig /ˈɪtɾɪmɪg/ n. pain reliever [itrim + -Ug]

itsit /ˈɪtsɪt/ n. spear

ium /jʊm/ n. day (24. hours); n. fut. tomorrow; n. pres. today; n. pst. yesterday

iumak /ˈjʊmɐk/ v-sv. also, in addition

iumunt /ˈjʊmʊnt/ n. jail, prison

iuntruz /ˈjʊntɾʊz/ n. calendar [ium + -trUz]

iunushat /ˈjʊnʊʃɐt/ v-do. 1. have cursory knowledge of; 2. know (something small and inconsequential) [iunut + -shA-]

iunut /ˈjʊnʊt/ v-cv. know (about, that)

iurpor /ˈjʊɾpʌɾ/ n. heart (organ)

iushmahh /ˈjʊʃmɐx/ v-0. scream

iuskav /ˈjʊskɐv/ n. gray hair, white hair

iuskavops /ˈjʊskɐvʌps/ a. gray-hair, white-haired [iuskav + -Ops]

iuv /jʊv/ n. gift, present, favor

iuzu /ˈjʊzʊ/ post. right behind

iuzuiz /ˈjʊzʊ͡ɪz/ n. teacher; v-do,io,cv. teach

iven1 /ˈɪvɛn/ n. floor

iven2 /ˈɪvɛn/ n. sulfur

iviv /ˈɪvɪv/ n. world

iwwer /ˈɪw̰ɛɾ/ n. anxious or eager hope, anticipation

iwwereps /ˈɪw̰ɛɾɛps/ v-sv. anxiously or eagerly hope, anticipate [iwwer + -Ops]

iwwetrirs /ˈɪw̰ɛtɾɪɾs/ v-po. (directional post.) go, come to meet or face something/someone; ~ zengy ken crouch, squat [iwwetry + -rs]

iwwetrivui /ˈɪw̰ɛtɾɪvʊ͡ɪ/ n. presence [iwwetry + -vui]

iwwetruiz /ˈɪw̰ɛtɾʊ͡ɪz/ 1. v-do,po. (directional post.) put, place; ~ tuwolt ken settle, bring an end to, conclude, complete; 2. v-do. reveal, pull out, take out [iwwetry + -uiz]

iwwetry /ˈɪw̰ɛtɾɪ/ 1. v-0. be present; v-po. be (somewhere); v-do. be at, attend; 2. v-io. encounter, face, witness

iy /jɪ/ n. there

iyfej /ˈjɪfɛʒ/ v-do. swallow

iylet /ˈjɪlɛt/ n. weakness

iyleteps /ˈjɪlɛtɛps/ a. weak [iylet + -Ops]

iyletir /ˈjɪlɛtɪɾ/ v-0. weaken [iylet + -r]

iyletirs /ˈjɪlɛtɪɾs/ v-io. weaken [iylet + -rs]

iyntreĩj /ˈjɪntɾɛ.ɪ̰ʒ/ v-0. tremble in fear

iynzez /ˈjɪnzɛz/ a. bald

iyskeg /ˈjɪskɛg/ 1. n. device, contraption, apparatus, tool; 2. a. useful, functional

iystsehep /ˈjɪstsɛhɛp/ a. done thoroughly [iystsep + -OhO-]

iystsep /ˈjɪstsɛp/ n. thoroughness

iystseps /ˈjɪstsɛps/ a. thorough (one who acted thoroughly); v-sv. do something in order to be thorough [iystsep + -Ops]

izaol /ˈɪzɒːl/ 1. n. small cave; 2. n. dent, crevice; 3. n. slit, rip, tear, hole (esp. natural, not made intentionally)

izgen /ˈɪzgɛn/ n. 1. tea; 2. any hot drink

iziek /ˈɪzjɛk/ n. insect

izmezy /ˈɪzmɛzɪ/ n. rib

izret /ˈɪzɾɛt/ a. muscular, buff

izy /ˈɪzɪ/ n. (pl. izek) fly


jaftuz /ˈʒɐftʊz/ n. axe

jag /ʒɐg/ n. honey

jagaov /ˈʒɐgɒːv/ n. settlement

jast /ʒɐst/ 1. a. sharp; 2. a. extreme, severe, uncompromising

jats /ʒɐts/ 1. n. point, tip; 2. n. peak, climax

jaũl /ˈʒɐ.ʊ̰l/ 1. n. component, part, piece, ingredient (from the point of view of construction or makeup, e.g., walls of a building, planning of an event); 2. n. spot, location, place (geographical)

jaz /ʒɐz/ a. low, short (objects)

jehhin /ˈʒɛxɪn/ n. love

jehhineps /ˈʒɛxɪnɛps/ v-io. love [jehhin + -Ops]

jeĩlhuigleg /ˈʒɛ.ɪ̰ɮʊ͡ɪglɛg/ v-0. waste away [jeĩlhuin + -glOg]

jeĩlhuin /ˈʒɛ.ɪ̰ɮʊ͡ɪn/ v-0. relax

jelemmaoz /ˈʒɛlɛm̰ɒːz/ n. skeleton

jelet /ˈʒɛlɛt/ v-io. respect [inv. jolot]

jelethhirs /ˈʒɛlɛtxɪɾs/ v-0. scatter, disperse, spread out [jeletihh + -rs]

jelethhuiz /ˈʒɛlɛtxʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. scatter, disperse, spread out [jeletihh + -uiz]

jeletihh /ˈʒɛlɛtɪx/ a. scattered, dispersed, sparse

jelliet /ˈʒɛɬjɛt/ n. cluster

jels1 /ʒɛls/ a. green

jels2 /ʒɛls/ 1. v-0. run; 2. v-do. chase, run after; shevente ~ be lazy; 3. a. in a rush, in a hurry; 4. a. vibrant, vivacious; 5. a. cool, awesome

jelshap /ˈʒɛlʃɐp/ v-0. jog, run slowly [jels + -shap]

jemmesh /ˈʒɛm̰ɛʃ/ n. universe

jeniv /ˈʒɛnɪv/ 1. v-do. say happily; 2. v-do. know, speak (DO: a language)

jennet /ˈʒɛn̰ɛt/ v-do. belong to

jenpir /ˈʒɛnpɪɾ/ n. height

jenpirer /ˈʒɛnpɪɾɛɾ/ a. high, tall [red. jenpir]

jeny /ˈʒɛnɪ/ v-do. punish, penalize

jes /ʒɛs/ n. lightning, flash

jeshil /ˈʒɛʃɪl/ v-sv. aimlessly

jeshint /ˈʒɛʃɪnt/ n. fly

jestsy /ˈʒɛstsɪ/ n. secret

jetik /ˈʒɛtɪk/ v-do. provide, supply

jeveriv /ˈʒɛvɛɾɪv/ n. animal skin or hide with fur

jez /ʒɛz/ n. beloved, love, dear

jezihh /ˈʒɛzɪx/ v-do. accept, deem acceptable, approve of

jezy /ˈʒɛzɪ/ n. chin

jikez /ˈʒɪkɛz/ v-po. (ho) plant

jil /ʒɪl/ n. ice

jimnet /ˈʒɪmnɛt/ v-0. bounce

jiniew /ˈʒɪnjɛw/ n. scroll

jinishhez /ˈʒɪnɪʃhɛz/ v-do. roll up [jiniz + -shhO-]

jiniz /ˈʒɪnɪz/ v-do. unroll, unfurl

jinmer /ˈʒɪnmɛɾ/ v-do. punish, penalize

jir /ʒɪɾ/ n. thread

jires /ˈʒɪɾɛs/ c. or (exclusive, but weak; at least one of the clauses is probably true, but they may both be false; used to present possibilities and suggestions)

jirgiz /ˈʒɪɾgɪz/ 1. v-io. sew together, sew up; 2. v-cv. wrap up, conclude, finish up (speaking) [jirg + -gUz]

jirgizig /ˈʒɪɾgɪzɪg/ n. needle [jirgiz +

jisinket /ˈʒɪsɪnkɛt/ v-do. reach, extend to (non-volitional)

jist /ʒɪst/ a. dull, blunt

jity /ˈʒɪtɪ/ v-cv. do right away, diligently [inv. juta]

jjanuv /ˈʐɐnʊv/ 1. n. custom; 2. n. accent (distinct pronunciation)

jjenenz /ˈʐɛnɛnz/ a. sour [red. jjenz]

jjenz /ʐɛnz/ n. sourness

jjim /ʐɪm/ 1. n. imprint, print, footprint; 2. n. wear, dilapidation;

jjimeps /ˈʐɪmɛps/ 1. a. having impressions, furrows; 2. a. worn, dilapidated [jjim + -Ops]

johhosh /ˈʒʌxʌʃ/ a. hideous, repulsive, horrid, horrible, vile, ugly

johhuglam /ˈʒʌxʊglɐm/ n. loathing [johhun + -glAm]

johhuglamops /ˈʒʌxʊglɐmʌps/ v-io. despise, detest, loathe [johhuglam + -Ops]

johhun /ˈʒʌxʊn/ n. hatred

johhunops /ˈʒʌxʊnʌps/ v-io. hate [johhun + -Ops]

johhunuiz /ˈʒʌxʊnʊ͡ɪz/ v-do,io. incite to hatred, inflame, bad-mouth (DO is addressee, IO is object of hatred) [johhun + -uiz]

jollus jellis /ˈʒʌl̰ʊs ˈʒɛl̰ɪs/ v-eo. go astray (unintentionally, while walking)

jolot /ˈʒʌlʌt/ v-io. disrespect, look down on, disapprove of

joltuz /ˈʒʌltʊz/ n. thunder

jov /ʒʌv/ cl. indicates DOs of most verbs

jult /ʒʊlt/ n. judge; v-do. judge, consider, deliberate on

jultuzaz /ˈʒʊltʊzɐz/ a. decadent [red. jultuz]

julutaz /ˈʒʊlʊtɐz/ n. decadence

juns /ʒʊns/ n. rag

junut /ˈʒʊnʊt/ n. rake

jushhag /ˈʒʊʃhɐg/ n. saffron

juskuz /ˈʒʊskʊz/ v-sv. delay, put off, postpone, stall (to avoid...): juskuzup hlowa-jos kfinshen tumna tseny pashop vulullotus ‘he delayed fixing the roof, until a storm destroyed it’

juskuzops /ˈʒʊskʊzʌps/ a. indecisive, overwhelmed [juskuz + -Ops]



ka /kɐ/ n. this, that (points out something near speaker, addressee, or other referrent)

kaglam /ˈkɐglɐm/ 1. v-do. devour, feast on; 2. v-do. loot (DO: items) [kam + -glA-]

kaj /kɐʒ/ n. spice, herb, seasoning

kajj /kɐʐ/ n. peacock

kajur /ˈkɐʒʊɾ/ v-io. add spice to, season [kaj + -Ur]

kallak /ˈkɐɬɐk/ n. knife

kalot /ˈkɐlʌt/ 1. a., n. two; 2. a., n. second

kam /kɐm/ v-do. eat

kammoz /ˈkɐm̰ʌz/ n. large cup, mug [kamz + -mmO-]

kams /kɐms/ v-do. collide (with), hit, land on: rejjy llow kamsut ‘I hit my hand on a table’

kanga /ˈkɐngɐ/ post. relative to, compared to, more than, beyond, considering one’s status as, for: kevreʃ gelehiene kanganos ‘it’s bigger than an olive ~ it’s big, compared to an olive ~ it’s big, for an olive’; v-do. be inferior to, be less than

kanotsashhot /ˈkɐnʌtsɐʃhʌt/ n. neglected person, loner [kanotsat + -shhO-]

kanotsat /ˈkɐnʌtsɐt/ v-do. neglect (people)

kanovat /ˈkɐnʌvɐt/ v-do. smell (passively) [rel. kanv]

kantav kentev /ˈkɐntɐv ˈkɛntɛv/ v-eo. be sharp (intelligent), on the ball

kantsouv /ˈkɐntsoːv/ n. mango [P. kántôb]

kanug /ˈkɐnʊg/ n. incense [rel. kanv]

kanv /kɐnv/ n. smell, scent, odor, fragrance

kanvav /ˈkɐnvɐv/ 1. v-do. smell (actively), sniff; 2. v-do. inhale [red. kanvav]

kanvops /ˈkɐnvʌps/ v-0. smell, have an odor: pasha kanvapsh malogapsoshof ‘the mangosteen smells strange’ [kanv + -Ops]

kaohafluz /ˈkɒːhɐflʊz/ n. pelican

kaolol /ˈkɒːlʌl/ n. marble (stone)

kararv /ˈkɐɾɐɾv/ v-do. yell, shout (in anger or pain) (DO: direct quote)

karont /ˈkɐɾʌnt/ n. bitumen

kashk /kɐʃk/ 1. a. young, new; 2. a. unfinished, in production, in the works

kashkupou /ˈkɐʃkʊpoː/ a. childish, immature [kashk + -pou]

kast /kɐst/ n. rug, carpet

kasunar /ˈkɐsʊnɐɾ/ n. apricot

kavash /ˈkɐvɐʃ/ n. embarrassment

kavashops /ˈkɐvɐʃʌps/ a. embarrassed [kavash + -Ops]

kavashur /ˈkɐvɐʃʊɾ/ v-io. embarrass [kavash + -Ur]

kaz /kɐz/ n. cup

kegienint /ˈkɛgjɛnɪnt/ n. rainbow

kehinz /ˈkɛhɪnz/ n. cookie

kelny /ˈkɛlnɪ/ n. grass

kem /kɛm/ 1. v-0. walk backwards, step back; 2. v-sv. give up (on), turn back from, retreat from; 3. v-io. stay out of, stand back from, give way to; 4. v-io. let down, fail, disappoint [inv. kom]

kemmew /ˈkɛm̰ɛw/ n. dove

kemty /ˈkɛmtɪ/ 1. a. dizzy, reeling; 2. a. anxious, distressed, agitated, nervous; 3. a. uncouth, unwholesome, mildly nauseating, mildly revolting

ken /kɛn/ v-do. be oriented toward, face

kenef /ˈkɛnɛf/ i. watch out!, look out!

kenlew /ˈkɛnlɛw/ n. (formal) dumfoundedness, shock, astonishment

kenlewir /ˈkɛnlɛwɪɾ/ v-io. (formal) dumfound, shock, astonish [kenlew + -Ur]

kennirg /ˈkɛn̰ɪɾg/ v-do,po. undress (someone else), take off (lly marks clothing) [kenny + -rg]

kennirs /ˈkɛn̰ɪɾs/ 1. v-do. take off, undress (oneself); 2. v-do. cancel, undo, reverse; [kenny + -rs]

kenny1 /ˈkɛn̰ɪ/ n. nut

kenny2 /ˈkɛn̰ɪ/ 1. v-do. go without (article of clothing); 2. eschew, avoid, shun, spurn [inv. konnu]

kenv /kɛnv/ n. aching, dull pain

kenveps /ˈkɛnvɛps/ v-0. suffer aching, dull pain [kenv + -Ops]

kerpinzez /ˈkɛɾpɪnzɛz/ n. elegant, fine, refined

kerv /kɛɾv/ 1. v-cv. believe, think, expect; 2. v-sv. want; 3. vi. act purposely;

kervit /ˈkɛɾvɪt/ v-sv. decide [kerv + -Ut]

kervizvuiv /ˈkɛɾvɪzvʊ͡ɪv/ n. decision [kervit + -vuiv]

kervuiv /ˈkɛɾvʊ͡ɪv/ n. belief, idea, expectation [ker + -vuiv]

kerwihh /ˈkɛɾwɪx/ n. sun

keskimhh /ˈkɛskɪmx/ n. tree trunk [kesky + -Umhh]

keskishy /ˈkɛskɪʃɪ/ n. twig [kesky + -shy]

kesky /ˈkɛskɪ/ 1. n. branch; 2. n. cane, staff, walking stick

keveliyf /ˈkɛvɛljɪf/ v-do. reveal, divulge [inv. kovoliaf]

kevirg /ˈkɛvɪɾg/ v-do. wake [kevit + -rg]

kevit /ˈkɛvɪt/ 1. v-0. wake; 2. v-0. rise (sun)

kevreks /ˈkɛvɾɛks/ n. size [kevrer + -Oks]

kevrer /ˈkɛvɾɛɾ/ a. big, large

kevrir /ˈkɛvɾɪɾ/ v-0. swell, grow, increase [kevrer + -Ur]

kewwij /ˈkɛw̰ɪʒ/ n. eyelash

kewy /ˈkɛwɪ/ 1. v-do. conquer, take over; 2. v-do. detain, arrest, confiscate

kez /kɛz/ n. thing, object, item, belonging

kezeks /ˈkɛzɛks/ n. material, raw material, scratch [kez + -Oks]

kezneĩt /ˈkɛznɛ.ɪ̰t/ n. pile, stack, heap [kez + -nOŨt]

kezrint /ˈkɛzɾɪnt/ n. market [kez + -rAt + -Unt]

kezvuit /ˈkɛzvʊ͡ɪt/ n. noun

kezvuitlieg /ˈkɛzvʊ͡ɪtljɛg/ n. adjective [kezvuit + -lieg]

kfa /kfɐ/ 1. v-do. break, break up, divide (something that was unitary, or if made of different pieces, not along those lines); 2. v-0. create unrest, disorder, discord, a disturbance, a tumult, a to-do

kfaglog /ˈkfɐglʌg/ v-do. dismantle, take apart in orderly way [kfa + -glOg]

kfejy /ˈkfɛʒɪ/ v-do. greet

kfewirs /ˈkfɛwɪɾs/ v-0. (formal) sit down, be seated (change of state) [kfewy + -rs]

kfewy /ˈkfɛwɪ/ v-0. (formal) sit, be seated (state)

kfigleg /ˈkfɪglɛg/ v-do. set up, organize [kfy + -glOg]

kfill /kfɪɬ/ 1. v-do. whistle; 2. v-0s. lisp

kfov /kfʌv/ v-sv. still, keep going, stubbornly persist

kfunlohh /ˈkfʊnlʌx/ n. vinegar

kfy /kfɪ/ v-do. put together (something that was broken), fix, mend, correct

kiaf kiyf /ˈkjɐf kjɪf/ v-eo. munch

kiahow /ˈkjɐhʌw/ n. skull

kianofuhoz /ˈkjɐnʌfʊhʌz/ 1. a. obscured by mist or haze; 2. a. distant, far-off; 3. a. soft, quiet [kianofuz + -OhO-]

kianofuz /ˈkjɐnʌfʊz/ n. mist, haze

kianofuzuz /ˈkjɐnʌfʊzʊz/ a. misty, hazy [red. kianofuz]

kiav /kjɐv/ v-0. smile • kiavaman n. mouth

kiev /kjɛv/ n. writing, literature

kievgiz /ˈkjɛvgɪz/ v-do. read [kiev + -gUz]

kievig /ˈkjɛvɪg/ n. document, inscription, text, message, note [kiev + -Ug]

kievit /ˈkjɛvɪt/ v-do. write; n. writer, author [kiev + -Ut]

kievlieg /ˈkjɛvljɛg/ n. writing implement [kiev + -lieg]

kiẽz /ˈkɪ.ɛ̰z/ a., n. this, that (points out an additional item)

kiftriz /ˈkɪftɾɪz/ n. net [kip + -trUz]

kinfy /ˈkɪnfɪ/ n. seaweed species

kingez /ˈkɪngɛz/ a., n. favorite

kip /kɪp/ 1. n. string, rope; 2. n. path, way (metaphorical)

kirnem /ˈkɪɾnɛm/ v-0. hum

kiunvula /ˈkjʊnvʊlɐ/ n. dislike

kiunvulaps /ˈkjʊnvʊlɐps/ 1. v-io. dislike; 2. v-0. (colloquial) spoil, sour, go bad (liquids) [kiunvula + -Ops]

kiynefiz /ˈkjɪnɛfɪz/ n. 1. clear air, clearness, clarity; 2. forgetfulness (euphemistic) [inv. kala]

kizmezit /ˈkɪzmɛzɪt/ v-0. defecate [kizmezy + -Ut]

kizmezy /ˈkɪzmɛzɪ/ n. feces, dung, manure

kizy /ˈkɪzɪ/ v-do. harrass

kla kly /ˈklɐ klɪ/ v-eo. tinkle (sound of glass breaking)

klaf /klɐf/ n. boulder

klaos /klɒːs/ n. poverty, lack of money, little money

klaosas /ˈklɒːsɐs/ 1. a. poor; 2. a. cheap; 3. v-do. spend meagerly on, be frugal or stingy with [red. klaos]

klefif /ˈklɛfɪf/ n. dwarf, midget

klemy /ˈklɛmɪ/ n. beard

klev /klɛv/ n. area, field, topic

klimik /ˈklɪmɪk/ n. origin, root, source

kllehheps /ˈkɬɛxɛps/ a. simple [kllehy + -Ops]

kllehy /ˈkɬɛhɪ/ n. simplicity

kllohoups /ˈkɬʌhoːps/ a. complex, complicated [kllohu + -Ops]

kllohu /ˈkɬʌhʊ/ n. complexity

kllom /kɬʌm/ v-0. have leprosy

klommu klemmy /ˈklʌm̰ʊ ˈklɛm̰ɪ/ v-eo. act excitedly, hurriedly, in a ramshackle way

klujiuj /ˈklʊʒjʊʒ/ n. a lot, much

klunuk /ˈklʊnʊk/ a. little (amount); v-cv. hardly, barely

kluriaskak /ˈklʊɾjɐskɐk/ n. flea

kohhnahh /ˈkʌxnɐx/ a. surprising; n. surprise; v-0. surprise, be surprising

kohok kehek /ˈkʌhʌk ˈkɛhɛk/ v-eo. explode

kohokfa /ˈkʌhʌkfɐ/ a. broken [kfa + -OhO-]

kolhlonmak /ˈkʌlɬʌnmɐk/ 1. a. sore, aching; 2. a. bothersome, troublesome

kom /kʌm/ v-0. walk

komuif /ˈkʌmʊ͡ɪf/ 1. v-do take for a walk; 2. v-cv. help, aid, assist [kom + -uif]

konnu /ˈkʌn̰ʊ/ v-do. wear

konnurg /ˈkʌn̰ʊɾg/ v-do,po. dress (someone else) in (lly marks clothing) [konnu + -rg]

konnurs /ˈkʌn̰ʊɾs/ v-do. put on, dress (oneself) in [konnu + -rs]

korf /kʌɾf/ v-io. check, check on, find out about, look into, see about

kosha /ˈkʌʃɐ/ v-do. thwart, counter, undo

kovahh /ˈkʌvɐx/ n. chest, torso

kovoliaf /ˈkʌvʌljɐf/ v-do. keep secret

kovoliavvuiv /ˈkʌvʌljɐvːʊ͡ɪv/ n. secret [kovoliaf + -vuiv]

krag /kɾɐg/ a. ninth

kreg /kɾɛg/ 1. n. belly; 2. n. central room

krimm /ˈkɾɪm̰/ n. heel

kroiuz /ˈkɾʌjʊz/ n. back (part of body)

kropamm /ˈkɾʌpɐm̰/ n. epidemic, plague

ksahh /ksɐx/ 1. n. section of a limb; 2. n. line (mark, shape)

ksampan /ˈksɐmpɐn/ n. spokesperson, ambassador [P. ksamfâny ‘friend’]

ksermy /ˈksɛɾmɪ/ n. thrill

ksinfet /ˈksɪnfɛt/ 1. v-0. set out, go out (to do something); 2. v-io. join in, participate in (temporarily or on a trial basis)

ksovav /ˈksʌvɐv/ v-sv. persuade, convince (to act): ksoviaft ksezinfenesh lel glis ‘I convinced him not to set out in the rain’, ksovashkot lufonowon ka naza glill fewsy hoh ‘They persuaded the king to have him sing at the banquet’

ksut /ksʊt/ n. beat, pulse, pang, step, stop (on a route), occurrence, wave, instance (one out many)

ksy ksy /ˈksɪ ksɪ/ v-eo. sound like hands rubbing together

kulluz /ˈkʊl̰ʊz/ n. urine

kulluzut /ˈkʊl̰ʊzʊt/ v-0. urinate [kulluz + -Ut]

kuõlog /ˈkʊ.ʌ̰lʌg/ n. drum

kurv /kʊɾv/ a. small, little, tiny

kurvurs /ˈkʊɾvʊɾs/ v-0. shrink, contract [kurv + -rs]

kwannur /ˈkwɐn̰ʊɾ/ v-sv. reflect, refer to, betray, indicate (passively)

kweriz /ˈkwɛɾɪz/ n. shine, gleam

kwerizez /ˈkwɛɾɪzɛz/ v-0. shine, gleam [red. kweriz]

kwuraz /ˈkwʊɾɐz/ n. meaning


la /lɐ/ cl. indicates IO

lafiuf /ˈlɐfjʊf/ n. valley

lag /lɐg/ post. among

lahhlap /ˈlɐxlɐp/ n. large hail

laiul /ˈlɐjʊl/ n. edge

lamom /ˈlɐmʌm/ 1. v-do,io. call (in loud voice), shout, yell (to get someone’s attention; 2. v-cv. declare, set, establish, legislate

lanas /ˈlɐnɐs/ n. countryside

lapsas /ˈlɐpsɐs/ a. purple

latols /ˈlɐtʌls/ 1. v-0. hide; 2. v-do. cover; 3. v-do. put out, extinguish (fire); 4. v-do. cut off (e.g. from contact, trade); 5. v-do. act dishonestly regarding, cheat on (task, examination); 6. v-do. spy on; 7. v-io. lock oneself up with, delve into, plumb (document, issue); 8. v-io. be absorbed in, assimilate to, merge with

latolsurg /ˈlɐtʌlsʊɾg/ v-do. hide [latols + -rg]

leh /lɛh/ cl. indicates noun that is identical with that embedded in the verb

lehhihh /ˈlɛxɪx/ a. real, actual

lehhlesh /ˈlɛxlɛʃ/ n. lullaby

lel /lɛl/ n. rain

lemmel /ˈlɛm̰ɛl/ n. heavy rain [lel + -mmO-]

lemmin /ˈlɛm̰ɪn/ n. half

lemnigleg /ˈlɛmnɪglɛg/ n. fog [lemny + -glO-]

lemniglegeg /ˈlɛmnɪglɛgɛg/ a. foggy [red. lemnigleg]

lemnips /ˈlɛmnɪps/ 1. a. cloudy, overcast; 2. a. melancholy, sullen [lemny + -Ops]

lemny /ˈlɛmnɪ/ n. cloud

lemry /ˈlɛmɾɪ/ n. top of foot [inv. lomra]

lems /lɛms/ 1. a. same, identical; v-do. be the same as; 2. n. identical twin; 3. v-do. be as much as, to the same degree as; post. as much as, according to, in accordance with, following;

lemsigleg /ˈlɛmsɪglɛg/ a. mutual, balanced, symmetrical [lems + -glOg]

lenhhit /ˈlɛnxɪt/ v-sv. long for, yearn for (something formerly possessed or experienced)

lereks /ˈlɛɾɛks/ n. scoffery, mockery, disdain, clownishness, buffoonery

lesk /lɛsk/ n. peace, tranquility

let /lɛt/ 1. v-do. be connected to, be joined to (physically; state); a. together, joined, connected; 2. v-do. communicate with, get message across to

letirs /ˈlɛtɪɾs/ v-do. be connected to, be joined to (change of state) [let + -rs]

letit /ˈlɛtɪt/ 1. v-do. connect, join (physically); 2. v-do. show, demonstrate; 3. v-do. prove, confirm, validate, verify [let + -Ut]

lhammot /ˈɮɐm̰ʌt/ n. large pomegranate

lhamush /ˈɮɐmʊʃ/ 1. v-do. throw; 2. v-do. wrestle

lhan /ɮɐn/ a. light (weight)

lhanoks /ˈɮɐnʌks/ n. lightness (weight) [lhan + -Oks]

lhassa /ˈɮɐʂɐ/ n. blow, hit, punch

lhehy /ˈɮɛhɪ/ n. knee

lheĩs /ˈɮɛ.ɪ̰s/ n. significance, importance

lheĩseps /ˈɮɛ.ɪ̰sɛps/ a. significant, important; v-0. matter [lheĩs + -Ops]

lheiyp /ˈɮɛjɪp/ n. handle, knob

lhelingiz /ˈɮɛlɪngɪz/ v-do. climb

lhenz /ɮɛnz/ n. power

lhenzez /ˈɮɛnzɛz/ 1. v-io. have power over; 2. v-io. blame, accuse [red. lhenz]

lhenzir /ˈɮɛnzɪɾ/ v-io. empower [lhenz + -Ur]

lhenzirs /ˈɮɛnzɪɾs/ v-0. come to power, take over [lhenz + -Ur]

lhetiehy /ˈɮɛtjɛhɪ/ n. songbird

lhetiejez /ˈɮɛtjɛʒɛz/ 1. v-0. yell, shout, groan loudly (without pronouncing specific words); 2. v-sv. energetically, excitedly, enthusiastically

lhety /ˈɮɛtɪ/ v-do. meet (first time)

lhewlifkish /ˈɮɛwlɪfkɪʃ/ v-do. retract, recant (statement) [lhewliv + -kUsh]

lhewliv /ˈɮɛwlɪv/ 1. v-do. reach (over to, up to, etc.), stretch to (S: people): norajat lhevem? ‘can you reach the ceiling?’; 2. v-do. arrive at (location) (S: people); 3. v-do. shine on, illuminate; 4. v-sv. declare, assert

lhewliveks /ˈɮɛwlɪvɛks/ n. extent of ability, capability [lhewliv + -Oks]

lhin /ɮɪn/ 1. a. heavy; 2. a. low, deep (sound)

lhineks /ˈɮɪnɛks/ n. heaviness [lhin + -Oks]

lhohllu /ˈɮʌɬlʊ/ n. weed

lhoks /ɮʌks/ n. slave

lhoshiunn /ˈɮʌʃjʊn̰/ v-cv. get away with

lhovonaz /ˈɮʌvʌnɐz/ 1. v-do. accept, espouse (idea); 2. v-do. consider important, care about; v-do. psv. be important, matter, be of interest

lhovonazuif /ˈɮʌvʌnɐzʊ͡ɪf/ v-do. promote (idea) [lhovonaz + -uif]

lhovonazvuiv /ˈɮʌvʌnɐzvʊ͡ɪv/ v-do. interest, concern, care [lhovonaz + -vuiv]

lhuf /ɮʊf/ n. hail

lhuim /ˈɮʊ͡ɪm/ n. pleasure

lhuimum /ˈɮʊ͡ɪmʊm/ 1. v-do. take pleasure from, find pleasant; 2. v-do. be engrossed in, be absorbed in [red. lhuim]

lhumarg /ˈɮʊmɐɾg/ a. salty

lhy /ɮɪ/ c. if

lials /ljɐls/ 1. n. seed; 2. n. bait

ligiel /ˈlɪgjɛl/ v-io. yield to, give in to [inv. lagiol]

ligler /ˈlɪglɛɾ/ n. category, class [lir + -glO-]

lijmeriv /ˈlɪʒmɛɾɪv/ v-do. frighten, scare

lim /lɪm/ n. wine

limhh /lɪmx/ n. worm

limhhy /ˈlɪmxɪ/ 1. n. hole; 2. n. mountain pass; 3. n. shortcut; 4. n. abbreviation

lir /lɪɾ/ n. kind, type, sort, variety, species

lis /lɪs/ n. mother

list /lɪst/ v-0. appear, become visible, become perceptible

liwwemhh /ˈlɪw̰ɛmx/ n. gem, jewel

llaf /ɬɐf/ n. grammar

llalieks /ˈɬɐljɛks/ n. pattern

llap /ɬɐp/ n. here

llass /ɬɐʂ/ n. yolk

llaw /ɬɐw/ post. as, just like (in appearance, sound, mood)

llawlaol /ˈɬɐwlɒːl/ n. fox

lleĩn /ˈɬɛ.ɪ̰n/ n. feeling of adoration, fawning, love

lleĩnir /ˈɬɛ.ɪ̰nɪɾ/ v-io. adore, fawn over, love, dote on [lleĩn + -Ur]

llelif /ˈɬɛlɪf/ n. another time; v-0. repeat; v-sv. again

lleliskis /ˈɬɛlɪskɪs/ n. anniversary [llelif + -skAs]

llennij /ˈɬɛn̰ɪʒ/ n. order, arrangement, sequence

llennijeps /ˈɬɛn̰ɪʒɛps/ a. ordered, in sequence [llennij + -Ops]

llennijirs /ˈɬɛn̰ɪʒɪɾs/ v-0. come out right [llennij + -rs]

llenniz /ˈɬɛn̰ɪz/ 1. v-io. arrange, put in order, organize; 2. v-io. use well, use every part of

llent1 /ɬɛnt/ a. positive, optimistic [inv. llont]

llent2 /ɬɛnt/ 1. v-0. sit for a while, lounge around (state); 2. v-sv. work on for a long time, gradually, slowly

llentirg /ˈɬɛntɪɾg/ a. laborious, time-consuming [llent + -rg]

llentirs /ˈɬɛntɪɾs/ v-0. sit down for a while (change of state) [llent + -rs]

llep /ɬɛp/ 1. n. family; 2. n. relative

llerivuiv /ˈɬɛɾɪvʊ͡ɪv/ n. benefit, advantage, merit, use, purpose, point [lleri + -vuiv]

llermiz /ˈɬɛɾmɪz/ 1. v-0. advance (in battle); 2. v-io. follow (leader) [inv. llormuz]

llery /ˈɬɛɾɪ/ post. for (the benefit of)

llesty /ˈɬɛstɪ/ n. (formal) sun

lliep /ɬjɛp/ v-cv. know how

lligieg /ˈɬɪgjɛg/ a. curved, bent, twisted; v-0. curve, bend, twist

llinekiet /ˈɬɪnɛkjɛt/ 1. n. direction; 2. n. orientation

llinmii /ˈɬɪnmɨː/ n. proverb

lliplez /ˈɬɪplɛz/ v-do. miss, long for

llnehig /ˈɬnɛhɪg/ n. knot [llnehy + -Ug]

llnehy /ˈɬnɛhɪ/ 1. v-do. tie, bind; 2. v-do. solve, take care of

llnuhas /ˈɬnʊhɐs/ n. distant area, distance

llonnuj /ˈɬʌn̰ʊʒ/ a. disorder, diasarray [inv. llennij]

llonnujops /ˈɬʌn̰ʊʒʌps/ a. disordered, random [llonnuj + -Ops]

llonnujurs /ˈɬʌn̰ʊʒʊɾs/ v-0. come out wrong [llonnuj + -rs]

llonnuz /ˈɬʌn̰ʊz/ v-io. scramble, reorder, mix up

llonog lleneg /ˈɬʌnʌg ˈɬɛnɛg/ v-eo,cv. rashly

llont /ɬʌnt/ a. negative, pessimistic

llormuz /ˈɬʌɾmʊz/ 1. v-do. avoid (other’s activity); 2. v-0. retreat (from battle)

lloru /ˈɬʌɾʊ/ post. to the disadvantage of, on [inv. llery]

lloruvuiv /ˈɬʌɾʊvʊ͡ɪv/ n. disadvantage, drawback, weakness, deficiency; [lloru + -vuiv]

llow /ɬʌw/ n. table

llunamhh /ˈɬʊnɐmx/ n. steam

llunv /ɬʊnv/ n. bitterness

llunvav /ˈɬʊnvɐv/ a. bitter [red. llunv]

lly /ɬɪ/ post. 1. indicates demoted DO in a causative construction; 2. as regards

lofluif /ˈlʌflʊ͡ɪf/ v-do. give birth to [lol + -fluif]

lofluipou /ˈlʌflʊ͡ɪpoː/ n. new parent (previously childless) [lofluif + -pou]

lofohh lefehh /ˈlʌfʌx ˈlɛfɛx/ v-eo. procrastinate, loaf around, act slowly

lohllap /ˈlʌɬlɐp/ n. proper place, where something belongs

lol /lʌl/ 1. v-0. exist, happen, occur, take place; 2. v-do. be

lolgul /ˈlʌlgʊl/ n. state, condition, status

lolurs /ˈlʌlʊɾs/ v-0. be born [lol + -rs]

lolursapash /ˈlʌlʊɾsɐpɐʃ/ n. birthday [lolurs + -ApAsh]

lolursunt /ˈlʌlʊɾsʊnt/ n. birthplace [lolurs + -Unt]

lommu lemmy /ˈlʌm̰ʊ ˈlɛm̰ɪ/ v-eo. wobble around, waddle

lomna lemny /ˈlʌmnɐ ˈlɛmnɪ/ v-eo. be sometimes happy and sometimes not [lomnaps and lommu lemmy]

lomnaps /ˈlʌmnɐps/ a. mildly happy, happy with reservations, satisfied [inv. lemnips]

loms /lʌms/ a. different, distinctive

lomsuglog /ˈlʌmsʊglʌg/ a. at odds, unbalanced, asymmetrical [loms + -glOg]

lomsuglors /ˈlʌmsʊglʌɾs/ 1. v-0. develop, evolve; 2. v-0. succumb, give in (to person, idea, emotion) [lomors + -glO-]

lomsurg /ˈlʌmsʊɾg/ v-do. change, influence, effect [loms + -rg]

lomsurs /ˈlʌmsʊɾs/ v-0. change [loms + -rs]

lonf /lʌnf/ v-do. cut hair of

lonvas /ˈlʌnvɐs/ v-cv. be furious, enraged (about)

lorm /lʌɾm/ n. sole (of foot)

lormapash /ˈlʌɾmɐpɐʃ/ n. ground, floor [lorm + -ApAsh]

lormuguz /ˈlʌɾmʊgʊz/ 1. v-io. step on; 2. hit or push forcefully; 3. v-io. play (drum) [lorm + -gUz]

lotush /ˈlʌtʊʃ/ n. boldness, forwardness

lotushash /ˈlʌtʊʃɐʃ/ a. bold, forward [red. lotush]

loup /loːp/ n. coconut [P. lóp]

lovuim /ˈlʌvʊ͡ɪm/ v-do. ravage

lowtaw /ˈlʌwtɐw/ v-0. commit suicide

lozotra /ˈlʌzʌtɾɐ/ 1. a. empty, hollow; 2. a. hungry

lozotrarg /ˈlʌzʌtɾɐɾg/ 1. v-do. empty, hollow out, clear; 2. v-do,v-sv. suppress, put down, subdue [lozotraz + -rg]

lozotraz /ˈlʌzʌtɾɐz/ 1. v-0. empty out, hollow; 2. v-0. calm, ease, subside, abate; [lozotra + -z]

luf /lʊf/ v-do. sing

lulamhh /ˈlʊlɐmx/ a. pathetic, pitiful

luluhh /ˈlʊlʊx/ n. tip (endpoint)

lumag /ˈlʊmɐg/ n. coral

lumug /ˈlʊmʊg/ n. fork

lust /lʊst/ v-0. disappear, vanish [inv. list]

lutot /ˈlʊtʌt/ n. grape

lutu lity /ˈlʊtʊ ˈlɪtɪ/ v-eo. make fluttering sound

luwonv /ˈlʊwʌnv/ n. comb

luwshow /ˈlʊwʃʌw/ n. seaweed species


mahla /ˈmɐhlɐ/ 1. a., n. five; 2. a., n. fifth

majot /ˈmɐʒʌt/ n. lament

malh /mɐɮ/ 1. v-do. come upon, find (unintentionally); 2. v-do. interrupt (unintentionally)

marf /mɐɾf/ n. dried fruit

marg /mɐɾg/ n. fullness, wholeness, completion

margut /ˈmɐɾgʊt/ v-io. practice, work on, reinforce [marg + -Ut]

mariu /ˈmɐɾjʊ/ n. tyrant, despot

mart /mɐɾt/ a. fat

maru /ˈmɐɾʊ/ n. throat

marups /ˈmɐɾʊps/ a. hoarse, throaty (S: speech, not people) [maru + -Ops]

marupsurg /ˈmɐɾʊpsʊɾg/ a. hilarious, very funny [marups + -rg]

marwas /ˈmɐɾwɐs/ a. very fat, obese

mas /mɐs/ n. sight (what is seen), image

maskush /ˈmɐskʊʃ/ n. famine

masmaf /ˈmɐsmɐf/ 1. v-cv. see; 2. v-cv. tolerate, put up with: mafaf zuniumof vona mewil glis ‘I’ve put up with you snoring for a long time’; 3. v-sv. should, find it appropriate, want

masmaglof /ˈmɐsmɐglʌf/ v-cv. look at, watch [masmaf + -glO-]

masorv /ˈmɐsʌɾv/ n. strangeness

masorvov /ˈmɐsʌɾvʌv/ a. strange [red. masorv]

mav /mɐv/ v-do. put together, assemble, fashion (from parts)

mazgo mezgy /ˈmɐzgʌ ˈmɛzgɪ/ v-eo. slow down, wind down

meflit /ˈmɛflɪt/ 1. n. a lot, much, many; ~ lems a lot, very, really; a. a lot of, much, many; 2. v-sv. a lot, very, really: meflish kamonosh ‘he eats a lot’, meflim ehilenesh ‘you have him travel a lot’; 3. a. great, intense, acute, large, big, heavy, quite a

mehhip /ˈmɛxɪp/ v-do. bathe, wash (DO: another person)

mehriz /ˈmɛhɾɪz/ 1. v-do. pay attention to; 2. v-do. support (person, idea); 3. v-do. be in the habit of doing; 4. v-io. believe in, follow, espouse (idea, practice)

mehrizvuiv /ˈmɛhɾɪzvʊ͡ɪv/ 1. n. attention; 2. n. support; 3. n. habit [mehriz + -vuiv]

melgiz /ˈmɛlgɪz/ n. friend

melhh /mɛlx/ v-0. stop, pause, take a break (esp. while journeying; for a meal, to complete a task, or to stay overnight)

melhy /ˈmɛɮɪ/ n. strand of hair

melieg /ˈmɛljɛg/ n. neighbor

melre /ˈmɛlɾɛ/ 1. c. like how (stronger than tseny); 2. c. enough that, such that

melv1 /mɛlv/ 1. v-do. close, shut, seal; 2. carry out, fulfill, perform, complete

melv2 /mɛlv/ post. against, contradicting

memgezy /ˈmɛmgɛzɪ/ n. path, footpath (cut through vegetation)

mentelet /ˈmɛntɛlɛt/ v-io,cv. say, speak, tell, talk (about, of, how, about how, about when): irge-las naz mentelesht ‘she spoke to the man about the feast’, mentelesht merelh pamotoshnof ‘he said how he was going to kill a pig’

mentezvuiv /ˈmɛntɛzvʊ͡ɪv/ n. statement, utterance, speech [mentelet + -vuiv]

mentier /ˈmɛntjɛɾ/ n. 1. tear (liquid); 2. crying

mentieriglet /ˈmɛntjɛɾɪglɛt/ v-0. sob, wail, bawl (loudly) [trunc. mentieriglet < mentieri + -glO-]

mentierit /ˈmɛntjɛɾɪt/ 1. v-0. cry; 2. v-cv. cry over, bewail; 3. v-sv. reluctantly [mentier + -Ut]

mentiershit /ˈmɛntjɛɾʃɪt/ v-0. whimper [mentierit + -shA-]

mentivvint /ˈmɛntɪvːɪnt/ n. speech sound, phoneme [mentelet + -UvUnt]

menzy /ˈmɛnzɪ/ n. tendon

meppetry /ˈmɛpːɛtɾɪ/ n. anthill [meppet + -rA]

merelh /ˈmɛɾɛɮ/ n. pig

merg /mɛɾg/ n. earth (planet)

mergii /ˈmɛɾgɨː/ n. rest, respite, relief, reprieve, letup, remission

mershivuiv /ˈmɛɾʃɪvʊ͡ɪv/ n. laugh, laughter [mershy + -vuiv]

mershy /ˈmɛɾʃɪ/ v-0. laugh

merven /ˈmɛɾvɛn/ v-do. (formal) create, fashion

mervengiv /ˈmɛɾvɛngɪv/ v-do. bring about indirectly, lead to [merven + -gUv]

meshigleg /ˈmɛʃɪglɛg/ a. animated, enthusiastic, lively [meshy + -glOg]

meshy /ˈmɛʃɪ/ a. awake [inv. mosha]

metelg /ˈmɛtɛlg/ v-do. follow, pursue, track, go after, stalk

metet /ˈmɛtɛt/ n. kiss

mets /mɛts/ n. father

mewt /mɛwt/ n. herd

mewy /ˈmɛwɪ/ n. time, duration, length, how long (time)?

mez /mɛz/ v-do. hear

mhhar /mxɐɾ/ n. eye

mhharuvunt /ˈmxɐɾʊvʊnt/ n. eye socket [mhhar + -UvUnt]

mhhatog /ˈmxɐtʌg/ n. dagger

mhheglen /ˈmxɛglɛn/ v-0. flourish [mhhen + -glO-]

mhhelit mhholat /ˈmxɛlɪt ˈmxʌlɐt/ v-eo. (colloquial) do a crappy job [mhhelit]

mhhelit /ˈmxɛlɪt/ n. dump, hole (used mockingly of places) [inv. mhholat]

mhhen /mxɛn/ n. life

mhheneps /ˈmxɛnɛps/ a. alive; v-0. live [mhhen + -Ops]

mhhenv /mxɛnv/ v-do. notice

mhherv /mxɛɾv/ 1. v-sv. desire, will, fancy; 2. v-cv. be touched by (emotionally)

mhholat mhhelit /ˈmxʌlɐt ˈmxɛlɪt/ v-eo. (colloquial) do a good job [inv. mhhelit mhholat]

mhholat /ˈmxʌlɐt/ n. tower

mhhurmu /ˈmxʊɾmʊ/ v-do. enrapture, captivate, inspire, enthrall, spellbind

mhhuz /mxʊz/ n. despair

mhhuzaz /ˈmxʊzɐz/ v-0. despair [red. mhhuz]

mhhuzurg /ˈmxʊzʊɾg/ a. 1. distressing; 2. insurmountable, unsolvable [mhhuz + -rg]

miefit /ˈmjɛfɪt/ n. clothes

mift /mɪft/ n. fat

mint /mɪnt/ n. what?

mir /mɪɾ/ 1. v-0. open; 2. v-0. disperse, come apart, part: lemnik mirishket ‘the clouds parted’; 3. v-0. spread out, extend oneself, stretch out, splay, open wide; 4. v-0. peel, flake

mirigleg /ˈmɪɾɪglɛg/ a. huge, giant (S: esp. animals) [mir + -glOg]

miruiz /ˈmɪɾʊ͡ɪz/ 1. v-do. open; 2. v-do. peel, flake pieces off; 3. v-do. spread; 4. v-do. analyze, unravel, examine, sort out, try to figure out [mir + -uiz]

mirv /mɪɾv/ v-0. sing

mirvuiv /ˈmɪɾvʊ͡ɪv/ n. song (primarily vocal) [mir + -vuiv]

miv /mɪv/ v-do. break, break up, take apart, disassemble (something made of different pieces) [inv. mav]

miwrep /ˈmɪwɾɛp/ n. small bowl

mlalow /ˈmlɐlʌw/ n. waterfowl

mlawz /mlɐwz/ n. oven

mlehh /mlɛx/ v-0. show up, arrive, come along, appear (S: people, animals)

mlerek /ˈmlɛɾɛk/ i. please

mlezihh /ˈmlɛzɪx/ a. skinny, thin

mlirmer /ˈmlɪɾmɛɾ/ v-do. have phlegm

mlol mlil /ˈmlʌl mlɪl/ v-eo. act tired, drowsy

mmeiy /ˈm̰ɛjɪ/ a. ugly

moglohh /ˈmʌglʌx/ v-do. actively ignore, avoid, distract oneself from [mohh + -glO-]

mohh /mʌx/ 1. v-do. not pay attention to, ignore, neglect; 2. v-do. pass by; 3. v-do. step over

mohhurs /ˈmʌxʊɾs/ v-do. renounce, reject, recant, wash hands of, forget about [mohh + -rs]

mohhurskush /ˈmʌxʊɾskʊʃ/ v-do. reaccept, take back, forgive [mohhurs + -kUsh]

mopash /ˈmʌpɐʃ/ n. cake

moruhh /ˈmʌɾʊx/ n. cave

mosha meshy /ˈmʌʃɐ ˈmɛʃɪ/ v-eo. cry out for one’s parent(s) during the night (S: young children) [first syllables of mesy and shisy, also inf. mosha and mursha]

motauk /ˈmʌtɐʊk/ n. villager, townsfolk

mots /mʌts/ 1. n. knuckle; 2. n. hinge

mowwushash /ˈmʌw̰ʊʃɐʃ/ a. tired [rel. fnuwwush ‘sleep’?]

mralut /ˈmɾɐlʊt/ 1. v-0. delay; v-sv. delay, put off; 2. v-po. (hoiu) wait for, await (event); 3. v-io. (positive) leave behind, leave undone, neglect

mrefneshit /ˈmɾɛfnɛʃɪt/ v-cv. imply, hint, insinuate [mrefnet + -shA-]

mrefnet /ˈmɾɛfnɛt/ v-sv. advise, recommend, suggest

mrefnew /ˈmɾɛfnɛw/ n. proverb, saying [mrefnet + -w]

mrefnezvuiv /ˈmɾɛfnɛzvʊ͡ɪv/ n. advice, recommendation, suggestion [mrefnet + -vuiv]

mreliet /ˈmɾɛljɛt/ n. cultivated field

mremmew /ˈmɾɛm̰ɛw/ 1. v-do. choose, pick, select; 2. v-do. intercede in, intervene in; 3. v-do. strain, extract (solid, from liquid)

mrintev /ˈmɾɪntɛv/ v-io. welcome

mrity /ˈmɾɪtɪ/ 1. v-0. act immediately, jump in; v-sv. immediately, right away; 2. v-po. (hoiu) not wait for (event); 3. v-io. (negative) leave behind, leave undone, neglect [inv. mratu]

mrommow /ˈmɾʌm̰ʌw/ v-do. reject, turn down (one of several options) [inv. mremmew]

mrush /mɾʊʃ/ v-0. flee, run away, fly away

mulg /mʊlg/ n. water

mulgoz /ˈmʊlgʌz/ 1. n. enemy, opponent; 2. a. opposing

mulgur /ˈmʊlgʊɾ/ v-io. water [mulg + -Ur]

mulguz /ˈmʊlgʊz/ v-0. be in water [mulg + -gUz]

mummar /ˈmʊm̰ɐɾ/ n. dough, batter

mun /mʊn/ n. moo

munfas /ˈmʊnfɐs/ n. twilight

munnow /ˈmʊn̰ʌw/ v-do. be called, be known as (S: objects, concepts, not people or places)

munut /ˈmʊnʊt/ v-0. moo [mun + -Ut]

mur /mʊɾ/ 1. v-0. close; 2. v-0. heal (minor surface wounds)

muronz /ˈmʊɾʌnz/ v-do. bake

muruiz /ˈmʊɾʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. close [mur + -uiz]

mussat /ˈmʊʂɐt/ a. next, following

mutlu mitly /ˈmʊtlʊ ˈmɪtlɪ/ v-eo. giggle

mwehhmy /ˈmwɛxmɪ/ v-do. gouge out the eyes of [P. mwèkma]


nahhmuv /ˈnɐxmʊv/ n. banana

nammuz /ˈnɐm̰ʊz/ n. yam

namnuv /ˈnɐmnʊv/ n. explanation

naromp /ˈnɐɾʌmp/ v-do,io. put (something heavy) on top of, load onto

nash /nɐʃ/ n. onion

naw /nɐw/ n. tornado

nawwov /ˈnɐw̰ʌv/ 1. n. pain; 2. n. moment of downfall, crisis, upheaval

nawwovops /ˈnɐw̰ʌvʌps/ 1. v-po. (ho) be in pain from, suffer from; 2. v-0. suffer downfall, crisis, upheaval; 3. v-io. be bested by, be outdone by, lose to, be defeated by; 4. v-io. indulge, oblige, cater to, humor, pamper, spoil [nawwov + -Ops]

nawwovurg /ˈnɐw̰ʌvʊɾg/ 1. v-io. hurt, cause pain, harm; 2. v-io. bring to a crisis, downfall, upheaval [nawwov + -rg]

naz1 /nɐz/ n. basket

naz2 /nɐz/ n. feast, banquet

nazuf /ˈnɐzʊf/ v-po. (ho) feast on [naz + -Vf]

ne /nɛ/ c. and then (the second event immediately follows the first)

nefly /ˈnɛflɪ/ n. (pl. neflek) small island

negemit /ˈnɛgɛmɪt/ n. pear

negiig /ˈnɛgɨːg/ n. paste, cream

nehhpet /ˈnɛxpɛt/ n. salvation, deliverance

nehhpetir /ˈnɛxpɛtɪɾ/ v-io. save, deliver [nehhpet + -Ur]

nejir /ˈnɛʒɪɾ/ v-0. move (house)

nejjigleg /ˈnɛʐɪglɛg/ v-0. migrate (S: large group) [nejjir + -glOg]

nekrip /ˈnɛkɾɪp/ n. root (tree)

nelef /ˈnɛlɛf/ a., n. too much

nemhher /ˈnɛmxɛɾ/ n. song sung while walking

nemmer /ˈnɛm̰ɛɾ/ v-0. plod along [ner + -mmO-]

nenleg /ˈnɛnlɛg/ n. bait, trigger; nenlew n. verbal motivation, egging on, cajoling

nenteglew /ˈnɛntɛglɛw/ n. debate (communal, national) [nentew + -glO-]

nentew /ˈnɛntɛw/ n. debate (between two people)

neplit /ˈnɛplɪt/ v-0. swim

ner1 /nɛɾ/ a. only, sole

ner2 /nɛɾ/ 1. v-0. go for a walk, stroll; 2. v-do. visit; 3. v-sv. do occasionally; 4. v-sv. do for a short while; 5. v-sv. try out; a. noncommittal; 6. a. fleeting, ephemeral

neremin /ˈnɛɾɛmɪn/ n. leg [ner + -emin]

nerm /nɛɾm/ v-0. begin, start

nermuif /ˈnɛɾmʊ͡ɪf/ v-do,po. (lly) begin, start [nerm + -uif]

nershy /ˈnɛɾʃɪ/ 1. v-0. tip-toe; 2. v-0. prance [ner + -shy]

nervui /ˈnɛɾvʊ͡ɪ/ 1. n. walk, stroll; 2. n. visit [ner + -vui]

neshfeshhez /ˈnɛʃfɛʃhɛz/ n. one who thinks too much [neshfez + -shhO-]

neshfez /ˈnɛʃfɛz/ n. thought

neshfezeps /ˈnɛʃfɛzɛps/ v-sv. think about, ponder, imagine [neshfez + -Ops]

netij1 /ˈnɛtɪʒ/ a. neat, orderly

netij2 /ˈnɛtɪʒ/ a. particular, in particular, certain, specific

netry /ˈnɛtɾɪ/ n. ankle

netsilh /ˈnɛtsɪɮ/ n. feather

netstev /ˈnɛtstɛv/ n. pronoun

nevik /ˈnɛvɪk/ n. energy, vigor, liveliness

nevikek /ˈnɛvɪkɛk/ a. energetic, vigorous, lively [red. nevik]

nezenninps /ˈnɛzɛn̰ɪnps/ v-0. suffer intermittent pain [nezenny + -Ops]

nezenny /nezenny/< n. intermittent pain

nezgy /ˈnɛzgɪ/ n. fruit

niamop /ˈnjɐmʌp/ n. copper

niẽk /ˈnɪ.ɛ̰k/ n. idea

nilehh /ˈnɪlɛx/ n. safety, sturdiness, stability

nilehheps /ˈnɪlɛxɛps/ a. safe, sturdy, stable, sound [nilehh + -Ops]

nilemmev /ˈnɪlɛm̰ɛv/ n. strong, bright, bold color [nilv + -mmO-]

nilemmeveps /ˈnɪlɛm̰ɛvɛps/ v-do. be strongly colored: hhel nilemmevish ‘it’s very blue’; a. colorful, bright, bold [nilemmev + -Ops]

nilv /nɪlv/ n. color

nilveps /ˈnɪlvɛps/ v-do. be a color: hhel nilvish ‘it’s ‘blue’; a. colored, painted [nilv + -Ops]

nilvinir /ˈnɪlvɪnɪɾ/ n. stain [nilv ‘color’ + -nUr]

nilvir /ˈnɪlvɪɾ/ v-do. dye, color [nilv + -Ur]

nilviwesh /ˈnɪlvɪwɛʃ/ n. paint, dye [nilv + -wOsh]

ninep /ˈnɪnɛp/ v-do. burst into, barge into

ninhh /nɪnx/ n. kiln

ninjeglet /ˈnɪnʒɛglɛt/ v-do. edit, tweak [ninjet + -glO-]

ninjet /ˈnɪnʒɛt/ 1. v-do. look at closely, peer at, scrutinize, study; 2. v-do. critique, criticize, review

ninjy /ˈnɪnʒɪ/ 1. a. first, original, native; 2. n. first moment; 3. v-io. precede

nintelehh /ˈnɪntɛlɛx/ v. besiege

ninviw /ˈnɪnvɪw/ v-do. return (borrowed item) [inv. nunvaw]

ninz /nɪnz/ n. punishment, penalty

ninzez /ˈnɪnzɛz/ v-0. suffer from punishment

niothhow /ˈnjʌtxʌw/ n. ink

nisher /ˈnɪʃɛɾ/ n. fish

nisy /ˈnɪsɪ/ n. base (chemical)

nnalv /n̰ɐlv/ n. life force, animation, spirit

nnupah /ˈn̰ʊpɐh/ n. ring (jewelry)

noãv /ˈnʌ.ɐ̰v/ n. spring (water source)

noft /nʌft/ n. night

nohafa /ˈnʌhɐfɐ/ n. best friend

nohhpot /ˈnʌxpʌt/ n. agitation, unrest, disturbance, unease

nohhpotur /ˈnʌxpʌtʊɾ/ 1. v-io. foment, stir up, induce, elicit, rouse, draw out, bring out; 2. v-io. cir. covet, be envious, be jealous [nohhpot + -Ur]

noj /nʌʒ/ n. ship, boat

nonfa /ˈnʌnfɐ/ v-do. 1. call, seek out, send for; 2. turn against

nongahh /ˈnʌngɐx/ n. purpose, point, goal, end, aim, motive

nongahhops /ˈnʌngɐxʌps/ a. finished, done, achieved, ready [nongahh + -Ops]

nonurt /ˈnʌnʊɾt/ n. buttocks

nonza /ˈnʌnzɐ/ a. blind

nopow /ˈnʌpʌw/ n. lesson, class

nopowunt /ˈnʌpʌwʊnt/ n. classroom [nopow + -Unt]

norajat /ˈnʌɾɐʒɐt/ n. ceiling

noraw /ˈnʌɾɐw/ post. between

norh /nʌɾh/ v-do. obey, listen to

nossahh /ˈnʌʂɐx/ n. monkey

nostsu nestsy /ˈnʌstsʊ ˈnɛstsɪ/ v-eo. make crunching sound

nottuz /ˈnʌtːʊz/ n. lime (fruit)

nowas /ˈnʌwɐs/ a. enchanting

nowot /ˈnʌwʌt/ n. plate

nremilh /ˈnɾɛmɪɮ/ n. decoration

nremilhir /ˈnɾɛmɪɮɪɾ/ v-io. decorate, adorn [nremilh + -Ur]

nrety /ˈnɾɛtɪ/ 1. v-io. share, cooperate on; 2. v-cv. think that maybe, possibly

nrotu /ˈnɾʌtʊ/ 1. v-io. hoard, keep for oneself, refuse to share; 2. v-0. keep to oneself, isolate oneself; 2. v-cv. dismiss the possibility that; 3. v-cv. conceal the fact that, refuse to admit, deny [inv. nrety]

nruppu /ˈnɾʊpːʊ/ 1. v-do. shave; 2. v-do. clear away

nruta /ˈnɾʊtɐ/ n. tragedy

nufra /ˈnʊfɾɐ/ n. vice

nufrapou /ˈnʊfɾɐpoː/ n. partaker of a vice, addict [nufra + -pou]

nufuh /ˈnʊfʊh/ v-0. float (stationary, in water)

nuhah /ˈnʊhɐh/ v-0. lurk

num /nʊm/ n. humidity

nummaw /ˈnʊm̰ɐw/ v-sv. need, demand

nummuhh /ˈnʊm̰ʊx/ v-io. apologize

numops /ˈnʊmʌps/ a. humid; 2. v-0. feel humidity [num + -Ops]

nun /nʊn/ n. war

nunshap /ˈnʊnʃɐp/ n. battle, skirmish [nun + -shap]

nunvak /ˈnʊnvɐk/ 1. v-0. withdraw, retract forces; 2. sneak out

nunvaw /ˈnʊnvɐw/ 1. v-do. borrow (object other than money); 2. v-do. use briefly; 3. v-do. repeat, reiterate

nunvawnur /ˈnʊnvɐwnʊɾ/ v-do. keep something after borrowing it [nunvaw + -nUr]

nurm /nʊɾm/ v-sv. stop, cease

nurmuif /ˈnʊɾmʊ͡ɪf/ v-do,po. (lly) stop, cease [nurm + -uif]

nursh /nʊɾʃ/ n. ox

nushhon /ˈnʊʃhʌn/ n. person killed in war [nun + -shhO-]

nuvas /ˈnʊvɐs/ n. acid

nuviolan /ˈnʊvjʌlɐn/ 1. a. last, final; 2. n. last, final moment; 3. v-do. follow (in a sequence)

nwel /nwɛl/ n. grass

nwerveỹ /ˈnwɛɾvɛ.ɪ̰/ n. slingshot

ny /nɪ/ post. of (time of)


ofaõn /ˈʌfɐ.ʌ̰n/ n. illness, disease

ofaõnnur /ˈʌfɐ.ʌ̰n̰ʊɾ/ v-io. sicken, make ill [ofaõn + -nUr]

ofaõnops /ˈʌfɐ.ʌ̰nʌps/ 1. a. (colloquial) ill, sick; v-po. (ho) be sick, ill with; 2. v-io. be sick, ill through lack of (water, food) [ofaõn + -Ops]

ofaõnuz /ˈʌfɐ.ʌ̰nʊz/ v-0. get sick, ill [ofaõn + -z]

ofloluhh /ˈʌflʌlʊx/ a. modernistic, innovative, modern, newfangled, new

og /ʌg/ a. bad, evil

oglot /ˈʌglʌt/ v-do. (negative) build, make, form, construct (with planning and purpose) [ot + -glO-]

ogog /ˈʌgʌg/ 1. n. iniquity, evil act; 2. n. misfortune, tragedy [red. og]

ogur /ˈʌgʊɾ/ n. bad sign, bad omen; a. inauspicious [og + -Ur]

ohahh /ˈʌhɐx/ v-cv. suppose, surmise, guess, predict: ohahhup noj porm rohwasnof ramlok iomolh hroloh ‘she predicted that the boat would sink within three days’

ohhash /ˈʌxɐʃ/ n. sadness

ohhashops /ˈʌxɐʃʌps/ a. sad [ohhash + -Ops]

ohhashur /ˈʌxɐʃʊɾ/ 1. v-io. sadden; 2. v-io. rebut, contradict [ohhash + -Ur]

ohhashurs /ˈʌxɐʃʊɾs/ v-0. get sad [ohhash + -rs]

õhnofa /ˈ.ʌ̰hnʌfɐ/ v-do. escape

ohoshhou /ˈʌhʌʃhoː/ a. mundane [ohahh + -shhou]

ojaj /ˈʌʒɐʒ/ 1. v-sv. avoid (own activity), refrain from; 2. v-sv. toil; 3. v-do. (formal) detest, abhor (person, personal characteristic)

ojjat /ˈʌʐɐt/ n. louse

ollap /ˈʌɬɐp/ n. pomegranate

olluk /ˈʌl̰ʊk/ n. dog

olot /ˈʌlʌt/ a. insane, crazy

oluhh /ˈʌlʊx/ a. common, widespread [inv. elihhy]

oluhhuif /ˈʌlʊxʊ͡ɪf/ v-do. spread, disseminate, popularize [oluhh + -uif]

omarat /ˈʌmɐɾɐt/ n. angle

omols /ˈʌmʌls/ 1. n. discomfort; 2. n. dishonor, discredit, disgrace, shame

ompoz /ˈʌmpʌz/ v-do. condemn, damn

omut /ˈʌmʊt/ v-0. act, behave

omuzvui /ˈʌmʊzvʊ͡ɪ/ 1. n. behavior, comportment, demeanor; 2. n. culture [omut + -vui]

onak /ˈʌnɐk/ n. vacuum, absence

onaz /ˈʌnɐz/ n. sheet

ongat /ˈʌngɐt/ 1. n. mud; 2. a. muddy; 3. a. adulterated, compromised, insincere

onnozaw /ˈʌn̰ʌzɐw/ n. alcohol

ontur /ˈʌntʊɾ/ v-io. mock, make fun of

onwuh /ˈʌnwʊh/ n. disappointment, dejection

onwuhops /ˈʌnwʊhʌps/ a. disappointed, dejected, let-down [onwuh + -Ops]

opal /ˈʌpɐl/ n. lump (of something)

opoũj /ˈʌpʌ.ʊ̰ʒ/ a. cute

oppoũl /ˈʌpːʌ.ʊ̰l/ n. magically created creature

orat /ˈʌɾɐt/ n. shard

orum /ˈʌɾʊm/ n. middle

orumhh /ˈʌɾʊmx/ n. depth

orumhhops /ˈʌɾʊmxʌps/ a. deep [orumhh + -Ops]

osag /ˈʌsɐg/ 1. v-do. defend against; 2. v-do. be mismatched to, not go with, clash with (figuratively)

osaggaov /ˈʌsɐgːɒːv/ n. protected area, walled area [osag + -gaov]

osagunt /ˈʌsɐgʊnt/ n. fort, fortress [osag + -Unt]

oshhun /ˈʌʃhʊn/ 1. n. stillness; 2. n. depression (emotional)

oshhunops /ˈʌʃhʊnʌps/ 1. a. still; 2. a. depressed (emotionally) [oshhun + -Ops]

oshmul /ˈʌʃmʊl/ v-do. steal; n. thief

oskolj /ˈʌskʌlʒ/ a. ridiculous

oslop /ˈʌslʌp/ n. dungeon

osnuwwoz /ˈʌsnʊw̰ʌz/ a. wicked, cruel

ot /ʌt/ v-do. (negative) create, make, form

otiak /ˈʌtjɐk/ v-do. crash into

otot /ˈʌtʌt/ n. (negative) creator, maker [red. ot]

otsok /ˈʌtsʌk/ n. jaw

otstog /ˈʌtstʌg/ n. thing

ovoskas /ˈʌvʌskɐs/ n. falsehood, lie [ovot + -skAs]

ovot /ˈʌvʌt/ n. falsity, falseness (general concept)

ovotops /ˈʌvʌtʌps/ a. false [ovot + -Ops]

ovotur /ˈʌvʌtʊɾ/ v-io. deny, negate [ovot + -Ur]

ovvui /ˈʌvːʊ͡ɪ/ n. evil [og + -vui]

owaga /ˈʌwɐgɐ/ v-do.: safuvunt ~ slur (speech)

owwaz /ˈʌw̰ɐz/ n. 1. epitome, paragon, prototype; 2. prime, prototypical

ozag /ˈʌzɐg/ 1. v-0. become distracted, lose focus; 2. v-io. lose, misplace (physical object); 3. v-cv. wonder, marvel, be astonished; 4. v-sv. fail to think of (idea for plan of action)

ozaguif /ˈʌzɐgʊ͡ɪf/ v-do. distract, blind [ozag + -uif]

ozash /ˈʌzɐʃ/ n. boom

ozgog /ˈʌzgʌg/ n. cold

ozgops /ˈʌzgʌps/ a. cold [ozgog + -Ops]

ozgur /ˈʌzgʊɾ/ v-io. cool [ozgog + -Ur]


pa1 /pɐ/ i. (formal) how?

pa2 /pɐ/ post. by (indicates amount or amount of time something is done)

pagmush /ˈpɐgmʊʃ/ v-0. clot

pahha /ˈpɐxɐ/ n. silver

pahhluj /ˈpɐxlʊʒ/ n. shelf

palashat /ˈpɐlɐʃɐt/ v-0. lodge, stay, reside (temporarily) [palat + -shA-]

palashatunt /ˈpɐlɐʃɐtʊnt/ n. 1. guest room; 2. guest house, inn [palashat + -Unt]

palat1 /ˈpɐlɐt/ n. cheek

palat2 /ˈpɐlɐt/ v-0. live, dwell (permanently)

palatunt /ˈpɐlɐtʊnt/ n. abode, dwelling [palat + -Unt]

pall /pɐɬ/ post. of (amount, group)

pamhhasna /ˈpɐmxɐsnɐ/ a. wide-eyed

pamon /ˈpɐmʌn/ n. yogurt

panan /ˈpɐnɐn/ (na. pazan) 1. n.: ~ kla to where?: sazum pazan klahh? ‘where are you going?’; 2. v-0. (formal) go where?: pazanum jelsisenv? ‘where is he running to?’

panut /ˈpɐnʊt/ v-do. kill

panvap /ˈpɐnvɐp/ n. harmony (music)

parahh /ˈpɐɾɐx/ v-do. graze on

pargag /ˈpɐɾgɐg/ n. concern, worry

pargagops /ˈpɐɾgɐgʌps/ a. concerned, worried; v-io. be concerned, be worried, worry about [pargag + -Ops]

pargagur /ˈpɐɾgɐgʊɾ/ v-io,po. (lly) concern, cause to worry about [pargag + -Ur]

parhham /ˈpɐɾxɐm/ n. thunder

paruõm /ˈpɐɾʊ.ʌ̰m/ n. rose

pash /pɐʃ/ n. mangosteen [P. pash]

pashop /ˈpɐʃʌp/ n. storm

pashov /ˈpɐʃʌv/ n. cow

paswur /ˈpɐswʊɾ/ a. cute

paũt /ˈpɐ.ʊ̰t/ n. rhythm

paw /pɐw/ 1. n. method, way; 2. n. structure, ordering (of text, oration, argument); 3. n. formula, recipe, plan, design

pazamp /ˈpɐzɐmp/ n. cut stone for building

paziur /ˈpɐzjʊɾ/ n. mayor

pe /pɛ/ part. indicates proper nouns

pefiz /ˈpɛfɪz/ n. speck, bit

pehhil /ˈpɛxɪl/ n. terror, panic, alarm, dread

pehhiz /ˈpɛxɪz/ n. amethyst

pemier /ˈpɛmjɛɾ/ 1. a. flat, level, smooth; 2. a. balanced, steady; 3. n. layer, level, course (e.g of stones)

pemieruif /ˈpɛmjɛɾʊ͡ɪf/ 1. v-do. smooth out, flatten; 2. v-do. balance, steady [pemier + -uif]

pemsew /ˈpɛmsɛw/ a., n. nine

pemy /ˈpɛmɪ/ 1. a., n. (archaic) ten; 2. a., n. (archaic) tenth

pentissem /ˈpɛntɪʂɛm/ a. spindly, long and winding

penzy /ˈpɛnzɪ/ a. cream, ointment (medicinal, cosmetic)

pesehh /ˈpɛsɛx/ n. kindness, consideration, friendliness

pesehheps /ˈpɛsɛxɛps/ a. kind, considerate, nice, friendly [pesehh + -Ops]

peseĩll /ˈpɛsɛ.ɪ̰ɬ/ n. target

pesir /ˈpɛsɪɾ/ v-do. recover from, recuperate from [pes + -Ur]

pesleiyv /ˈpɛslɛjɪv/ n. strap (on clothing)

pessit /ˈpɛʂɪt/ n. palm (of hand)

pesy /ˈpɛsɪ/ v-do. overcome, survive

petilepy lepy /ˈpɛtɪlɛpɪ ˈlɛpɪ/ v-eo. drag something out by going back and forth between alternatives, dilly-dally

pew /pɛw/ n. person

pewilt /ˈpɛwɪlt/ n. butter

pewneleps /ˈpɛwnɛlɛps/ v-cv. carefully, cautiously [pewnelez + -Ops]

pewnelez /ˈpɛwnɛlɛz/ n. care, caution

pewwez /ˈpɛw̰ɛz/ n. chisel

pezwezy /ˈpɛzwɛzɪ/ n. scissors, shears

phher /pxɛɾ/ 1. v-do. waste; 2. v-do. misuse, misdirect, misappropriate; pushtuk ~ speak in vain, waste words; 3. v-cv. do constantly, incessantly

phhery /ˈpxɛɾɪ/ a. crippled, lame

phhush /pxʊʃ/ n. iris (part of eye)

phhuvun /ˈpxʊvʊn/ n. alliance

phhuvunpou /ˈpxʊvʊnpoː/ n. ally [phhuvun + -pou]

piosus /ˈpjʌsʊs/ 1. a. sturdy, stable, solid, well-built; 2. a. consistent, reliable

plehher /ˈplɛxɛɾ/ n. happiness, gladness, contentedness

plehhereps /ˈplɛxɛɾɛps/ a. happy, glad, content, pleased [plehher + -Ops]

plehherir /ˈplɛxɛɾɪɾ/ v-io. cheer up, please, gladden [plehher + -Ur]

plemnips /ˈplɛmnɪps/ a. full, plump, ripe

plemnirs /ˈplɛmnɪɾs/ v-0. fill out, ripen, well up (tears) [plemny + -rs]

plewir /ˈplɛwɪɾ/ n. spouse

plir /plɪɾ/ a. excellent

plot /plʌt/ v-do. shut, close (eyes, mouth)

plum /plʊm/ n. tree (smaller)

plumunt /ˈplʊmʊnt/ n. grove [plum + -Unt]

pluntruz /ˈplʊntɾʊz/ n. orchard [plum + -trUz]

plusha /ˈplʊʃɐ/ v-do. wipe, wipe off, pick (nose), clean out

ply ply /ˈplɪ plɪ/ v-eo. chortle

pohol /ˈpʌhʌl/ n. list

poiaz /ˈpʌjɐz/ v-0. come (S: animal; usually used as a command)

pollug /ˈpʌɬʊg/ n. tree stump

pomarnat /ˈpʌmɐɾnɐt/ v-do. dismiss, fire, expel

pomior /ˈpʌmjʌɾ/ 1. a. uneven, unlevel, bumpy; 2. a. unbalanced, unsteady [inv. pemier]

ponanssa /ˈpʌnɐnʂɐ/ n. dried meat, jerky

ponart /ˈpʌnɐɾt/ n. bed

ponashart /ˈpʌnɐʃɐɾt/ n. cradle [ponash + -shA-]

ponavav /ˈpʌnɐvɐv/ v-do. murder

ponhhur /ˈpʌnxʊɾ/ n. task, errand, chore

ponnaz penniz /ˈpʌn̰ɐz ˈpɛn̰ɪz/ v-eo. tumble

ponoh penih /ˈpʌnʌh ˈpɛnɪh/ v-eo. be nervous

ponsa /ˈpʌnsɐ/ n. authority, official

pontav /ˈpʌntɐv/ n. long-term illness, disease, condition

pontavav /ˈpʌntɐvɐv/ a. ill, sick long-term [red. pontav

pontavurg /ˈpʌntɐvʊɾg/ v-io. sicken, make ill [pontav + -rg]

ponugat /ˈpʌnʊgɐt/ 1. a. unkempt, disheveled, rumpled, toussled, messed up; 2. v-0. beat, throb, pulsate

ponugatuif /ˈpʌnʊgɐtʊ͡ɪf/ 1. v-do. dishevel, rumple, toussle, mess up; 2. v-do. make one’s heart beat quickly; 3. v-do. massage, caress [ponugat + -uif]

porgaov /ˈpʌɾgɒːv/ n. ocean, sea [porm + -gaov]

porm /pʌɾm/ n. water, body of water

pormunt /ˈpʌɾmʊnt/ n. lake [porm + -Unt]

pormuvunt /ˈpʌɾmʊvʊnt/ n. pond [porm + -UvUnt]

poruz /ˈpʌɾʊz/ n. stretch, expanse, sweep, vast area, (of land); a. vast, wide, expansive

posaw /ˈpʌsɐw/ n. whey

posfa /ˈpʌsfɐ/ post. like (in value, worth, composition)

poshha /ˈpʌʃhɐ/ n. generation

poshok /ˈpʌʃʌk/ n. bear

posnagant /ˈpʌsnɐgɐnt/ n. termite

posohh /ˈpʌsʌx/ v-do. (negative) feel, experience, have (physical or mental quality), know, speak (a language)

possat /ˈpʌʂɐt/ n. back of hand [inv. pessit]

poũm /ˈpʌ.ʊ̰m/ n. life

pownolups /ˈpʌwnʌlʊps/ a. rash, careless [pownoluz + -Ops]

pownoluz /ˈpʌwnʌlʊz/ n. rashness, carelessness [inv. pewnelez]

powwal /ˈpʌw̰ɐl/ v-0. wander, amble, roam, clamber

powwaluiz /ˈpʌw̰ɐlʊ͡ɪz/ 1. v-do. overthrow; 2. v-do. overcome (illness, situation) [powwal + -uiz]

pruhawat /ˈpɾʊhɐwɐt/ v-do. spread, smear

psana /ˈpsɐnɐ/ n. seaweed species

psatog /ˈpsɐtʌg/ n. adventure

psel /psɛl/ 1. v-cv. look at, watch (person, performance); n. spectator, onlooker; 2. a. the rest of, the remainder of, all the other

psemmilet /ˈpsɛm̰ɪlɛt/ v-io. best, outdo, defeat, win against

psenty /ˈpsɛntɪ/ n. nook, niche

psery /ˈpsɛɾɪ/ n. thought, notion, idea

pshohhup /ˈpʃʌxʊp/ n. crowd

pulahha /ˈpʊlɐxɐ/ n. mucus, snot

pulhhatruz /ˈpʊlxɐtɾʊz/ v-0. have one's nose run

pumom /ˈpʊmʌm/ n. oval

punsuv /ˈpʊnsʊv/ v-do. succumb to (disease)

punsuvurs /ˈpʊnsʊvʊɾs/ v-do. be in process of succumbing to (disease) [punsuv + -rs]

punull /ˈpʊnʊɬ/ v-do. meet (not first time)

punwa /ˈpʊnwɐ/ v-io. quarry, mine

punwara /ˈpʊnwɐɾɐ/ n. quarry [punwara + -rA]

punzas /ˈpʊnzɐs/ n. nose

purajar /ˈpʊɾɐʒɐɾ/ n. section, area, part

purwos /ˈpʊɾwʌs/ n. empty space, room

pusht /pʊʃt/ 1. n. line (of speech or writing); 2. n., a. this, that, it (refers to previously expressed thought)

puslul /ˈpʊslʊl/ n. anger, temper

puslups /ˈpʊslʊps/ 1. a. angry; 2. a. fierce, harsh, serious [puslul + -Ops]

puslurg /ˈpʊslʊɾg/ v-io. anger [puslul + -rg]

putrou /ˈpʊtɾoː/ 1. a. possible; n. possibility, chance; v-0. be possible; 2. v-sv. pres., pst. be able to, can; 3. v-sv. fut. might, may, will possibly

putrouflu /ˈpʊtɾoːflʊ/ v-io,sv. invite, bid, allow, offer (to have someone do something) [putrou + -flu]

puwwas /ˈpʊw̰ɐs/ v-do. (positive) feel, experience, have (physical or mental quality), know, speak (a language)

puwwat /ˈpʊw̰ɐt/ n. bowl, plate, cup, pot, pan, any concave dish or vessel

puz /pʊz/ v-do,io. reward, pay

puzgav /ˈpʊzgɐv/ v-0. take shelter, take refuge

puzvan /ˈpʊzvɐn/ n. reward, pay, salary [puz + -vAn]


ramlom /ˈɾɐmlʌm/ 1. a., n. three; 2. a., n. third

ramuv1 /ˈɾɐmʊv/ n. coin

ramuv2 /ˈɾɐmʊv/ n. storm

rang /ɾɐng/ n. (pl. rannug) child, kid (expresses age, not relationship)

ranpor /ˈɾɐnpʌɾ/ 1. v-do. wave; 2. v-do. shake out, wring out

ranv /ɾɐnv/ n. tail

rappok /ˈɾɐpːʌk/ n. typhoon, hurricane

rar /ɾɐɾ/ v-do,io. (negative) take, seize from

rariummu /ˈɾɐɾjʊm̰ʊ/ n. crane

ravlur /ˈɾɐvlʊɾ/ n. (formal) reach, grasp

ravlushhor /ˈɾɐvlʊʃhʌɾ/ v-0. be overtaken, be caught cleverly or against the odds [ravlur + -shhO-]

rawom /ˈɾɐwʌm/ 1. n. hill; 2. n. forehead, brow; 3. n. (flowery) wave

raza /ˈɾɐzɐ/ 1. a., n. four; 2. a., n. fourth

rejjy /ˈɾɛʐɪ/ 1. a., n. ten; 2. musical mode, key, scale; 3. handbreadth [earl. ‘hand’]

relezv /ˈɾɛlɛzv/ n. north

rem /ɾɛm/ v-do,io. (positive) give, bring, furnish, equip

remmet /ˈɾɛm̰ɛt/ 1. v-do. lift, pick up, raise; 2. v-do. express (emotion); 3. v-do. arbitrate between; 4. v-0. (euphemistic) vomit, throw up

remuig /ˈɾɛmʊ͡ɪg/ n. vegetable

remuigig /ˈɾɛmʊ͡ɪgɪg/ n. cooked vegetable [remuig + -Ug]

rengish /ˈɾɛngɪʃ/ n. breeze

renpez /ˈɾɛnpɛz/ n. sail

repwew /ˈɾɛpwɛw/ n. chicken

resheĩhep /ˈɾɛʃɛ.ɪ̰hɛp/ a. jagged [resheĩp + -OhO-]

resheĩp /ˈɾɛʃɛ.ɪ̰p/ n. quartz

reshhy /ˈɾɛʃhɪ/ 1. v-do. observe; 2. v-do. ponder, deliberate, think over

reshkilet /ˈɾɛʃkɪlɛt/ a., n. tenth [rejjy kalot]

rewwiz /ˈɾɛw̰ɪz/ 1. v-do. split, cleave; 2. v-do. refute; 3. v-do. win (argument)

rezgy /ˈɾɛzgɪ/ n. bundle, package

rezilh /ˈɾɛzɪɮ/ a. yellow

riggep /ˈɾɪgːɛp/ 1. v-do. gather (small things); 2. v-0. nitpick; 3. a. petty; 4. v-io. put appropriate things onto, set up, set (table), dress, clothe; 5. v-io. conjugate, decline

rigy /ˈɾɪgɪ/ n. leek

rihhpesh /ˈɾɪxpɛʃ/ v-do. be named, be called (S: people)

rimmeglev /ˈɾɪm̰ɛglɛv/ n. gale, blast [rimmev + -glO-]

rimmev /ˈɾɪm̰ɛv/ n. wind

rimmevit /ˈɾɪm̰ɛvɪt/ v-io. fan [rimmev + -Ut]

rinwer /ˈɾɪnwɛɾ/ n. notch, slit

rir /ɾɪɾ/ v-do,io. (positive) take, accept, receive from

rishir /ˈɾɪʃɪɾ/ v-do,io. borrow from [rir + -shA-]

rohuttoz /ˈɾʌhʊtːʌz/ v-0. engage in self destructive behavior, shoot onself in the foot, hurt oneself

rohwa /ˈɾʌhwɐ/ v-do.: porm ~ drown, sink; nonga ~ be futile, pointless, fruitless, in vain

rojammov /ˈɾʌʒɐm̰ʌv/ v-do. make a cacophony, clamor, commotion, tumult [rojav + -mmO-]

rojav /ˈɾʌʒɐv/ v-do. mash, pound, crush

rojavlieg /ˈɾʌʒɐvljɛg/ n. pestle [rojav + -lieg]

rojja rejjy /ˈɾʌʐɐ ˈɾɛʐɪ/ v-eo. hold hands [arch. rejjy]

rom1 /ɾʌm/ n. walnut

rom2 /ɾʌm/ v-do,io. (negative) give, bring, furnish, equip

rommon /ˈɾʌm̰ʌn/ v-do. surrender to, concede to

rommot /ˈɾʌm̰ʌt/ 1. v-do. put down (physically); 2. v-do. lay out; 3. v-do. land, go ashore (DO: boat) [inv. remmet]

romorut /ˈɾʌmʌɾʊt/ v-do. crush to extract oil [rel. rom]

roppun /ˈɾʌpːʊn/ n. shrimp

rovona /ˈɾʌvʌnɐ/ n. thin blanket

rovonomma /ˈɾʌvʌnʌm̰ɐ/ n. thick blanket [rovona + -mmO-]

rug /ɾʊg/ n. bridge

ruggop /ˈɾʊgːʌp/ v-do,io. give out, apportion, measure out [inv. riggep]

ruj /ɾʊʒ/ n. turn, stage, step (in a sequence)

rumior rimier /ˈɾʊmjʌɾ ˈɾɪmjɛɾ/ v-eo. be mucillaginous

rumnow /ˈɾʊmnʌw/ n. paint

rumnowlieg /ˈɾʊmnʌwljɛg/ n. painting [rumnow + -lieg]

rumnowur /ˈɾʊmnʌwʊɾ/ v-io. paint [rumnow + -Ur]

rumug /ˈɾʊmʊg/ n. key (for lock)

runag /ˈɾʊnɐg/ n. loop, buttonhole, eye (of needle)

rush /ɾʊʃ/ c. near when, near where

ruzam /ˈɾʊzɐm/ n. tangerine

ruzvaz /ˈɾʊzvɐz/ v-0. preen oneself, beautify oneself

ryiem /ˈɾɪjɛm/ n. wine


saf /sɐf/ n. language

safkush /ˈsɐfkʊʃ/ n. translation [saf + -kUsh]

safkushut /ˈsɐfkʊʃʊt/ v-do. translate, interpret [safkush + -Ut]

safoks /ˈsɐfʌks/ n. grammar [saf + -Oks]

safops /ˈsɐfʌps/ v-0. be able to speak [saf + -Ops]

safuif /ˈsɐfʊ͡ɪf/ v-do. speak eloquently, orate, perorate [saf + -uif]

safuvunt /ˈsɐfʊvʊnt/ n. mouth [saf + -UvUnt]

sagior /ˈsɐgjʌɾ/ 1. v-0. stay, persevere, remain, withstand; 2. v-sv. 1. continue, keep (continuously; not repeating); 2. v-sv. drag out

sagioruiz /ˈsɐgjʌɾʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. maintain, preserve [sagior + -uiz]

saha /ˈsɐhɐ/ n. gas, vapor, steam

sahha sehhy /ˈsɐxɐ ˈsɛxɪ/ 1. v-eo. feel relieved; 2. v-eo. die down; 3. v-eo. back down, grant amnesty, let someone off, let something go

saj /sɐʒ/ n. texture

sajaf /ˈsɐʒɐf/ v-do. feel, touch (physically, passively) [sajaf + -Vf]

sajaglof /ˈsɐʒɐglʌf/ 1. v-do. feel (physically, actively), touch (actively); 2. v-do. feel [sajaf + -glO-]

samma /ˈsɐm̰ɐ/ n. year

sammor /ˈsɐm̰ʌɾ/ n. scandal

samofa /ˈsɐmʌfɐ/ v-do. jump down into

sann /ˈsɐn̰/ n. brick

saoglov /ˈsɒːglʌv/ n. phrase, sentence [saov + -glO-]

saov /sɒːv/ n. word

sappa /ˈsɐpːɐ/ n. sandstone

sarg /sɐɾg/ n. indifference

sargops /ˈsɐɾgʌps/ a. indifferent [sarg + -Ops]

sarv /sɐɾv/ n. plum

sata /ˈsɐtɐ/ 1. a., n. six; 2. a., n. sixth

saz /sɐz/ v-0. go

segehy /ˈsɛgɛhɪ/ 1. n. white of eye; 2. n. eyeball; 3. n. (formal) cloud

segev /ˈsɛgɛv/ n. health

segevev /ˈsɛgɛvɛv/ a. healthy [red. segev]

segevir /ˈsɛgɛvɪɾ/ n. doctor, healer; v-io. heal [segev + -Ur]

segeviz /ˈsɛgɛvɪz/ v-0. heal, become healthier [segev + -z]

sehh /sɛx/ a., n. that (points out item at a distance from speaker, addressee, or other referent)

selehhin /ˈsɛlɛxɪn/ n. people, nation, ethnic group

selehhshy /ˈsɛlɛxʃɪ/ n. society, community [selehhshy + -shA]

seliyt /ˈsɛljɪt/ n. law

senij /ˈsɛnɪʒ/ a. spectacular, astonishing, incredible, breathtaking, amazing

seren /ˈsɛɾɛn/ v-io. exit (from)

serint /ˈsɛɾɪnt/ n. entrance, exit [ser + -Unt]

serzez /ˈsɛɾzɛz/ v-do,io. say tentatively

shaãm /ˈʃɐ.ɐ̰m/ n. vampire

shahhpa /ˈʃɐxpɐ/ v-do. master (a skill, subject)

shal /ʃɐl/ a. rough, coarse, gritty

shapanv /ˈʃɐpɐnv/ n. afternoon

shapuãts /ˈʃɐpʊ.ɐ̰ts/ n. energy, ability, wherewithal (to do something at a particular time)

sharat /ˈʃɐɾɐt/ 1. v-do. (negative) get, receive (passively); 2. v-do. catch, get (disease) [inv. shirit]

sharg /ʃɐɾg/ n. cane, staff, walking stick

sharguga /ˈʃɐɾgʊgɐ/ n. scepter

shaz /ʃɐz/ 1. post. by means of, with, through: komoshon iy klas tshitymme shall ‘He’s going to walk there with a cane’; 2. post. by, for (indicates demoted subject): kamoshohosht posho shas ‘She was eaten by a bear’, vinne pitresh rava shash ‘It’s impossible for an elephant to jump’

shazaf /ˈʃɐzɐf/ v-0. blow (S: objects, not wind): hhity shazasht shelte klas ‘the leaf blew away’

shazafuif /ˈʃɐzɐfʊ͡ɪf/ v-do. blow (S: wind, not people): rive hhity shazafuifup ‘the wind blew the leaf around’ [shazaf + -uif]

shegeĩtriz /ˈʃɛgɛ.ɪ̰tɾɪz/ n. alphabet [shegeỹ + -trUz]

shegeỹ /ˈʃɛgɛ.ɪ̰/ n. letter (of alphabet)

shehhin /ˈʃɛxɪn/ post. from (place, time, person), of, by (creator, author)

shehhiv /ˈʃɛxɪv/ n. 1. sky; 2. weather

shehhnint /ˈʃɛxnɪnt/ 1. n. place that is away; 2. n. origin [shehhin + -Unt]

shehhpev /ˈʃɛxpɛv/ n. freedom

sheĩj /ˈʃɛ.ɪ̰ʒ/ n. affection, liking

sheĩjeps /ˈʃɛ.ɪ̰ʒɛps/ v-do. like, have affection for [sheĩj + -Ops]

sheklem /ˈʃɛklɛm/ a. unsatisfactory, not up to par [P. sheklam ‘be bad’]

shell /ʃɛɬ/ a. pretty, attractive, beautiful

shenmit /ˈʃɛnmɪt/ 1. a. surprising, quite a; 2. v-sv. propose, offer, suggest (idea); 3. v-sv. intend, mean (to do something)

shenzy /ˈʃɛnzɪ/ n. mountain

sheppit /ˈʃɛpːɪt/ 1. v-do. (positive) get, obtain, acquire, win, attain, achieve (actively); 2. v-do. catch, grab, take, snatch (object); 3. v-do. focus on, pay attention to (state); 4. v-sv. succeed in, manage to

shetly /ˈʃɛtlɪ/ 1. v-sv. try, attempt; 2. v-cv. deal with, address: gezig shetlineshen wamnak? ‘who will deal with the intruders?’

shewihh /ˈʃɛwɪx/ a. soft (smooth or fine to the touch)

shewwes /ˈʃɛw̰ɛs/ n. light

shewweslieg /ˈʃɛw̰ɛsljɛg/ n. lantern [shewwes + -lieg]

shewwispish /ˈʃɛw̰ɪspɪʃ/ n. day, daytime (when there’s light) [shewwes + -ApAsh]

shfurog /ˈʃfʊɾʌg/ v-do. sweep

shfuroglieg /ˈʃfʊɾʌgljɛg/ n. broom [shfurog + -lieg]

shif /ʃɪf/ n. money, funds, wealth

shifef /ˈʃɪfɛf/ 1. a. rich, wealthy ; 2. a. expensive, costly; 3. v-do. spend extravagantly on, lavish, pamper, shower [shif + -Vf]

shihiet /ˈʃɪhjɛt/ n. appreciation, thanks, graditude

shihietet /ˈʃɪhjɛtɛt/ v-do. show gratitude, thank [red. shihiet]

shilit /ˈʃɪlɪt/ v-0. blossom

shillew /ˈʃɪɬɛw/ n. wing

shivev /ˈʃɪvɛv/ v-do. whip

shivvig /ˈʃɪvːɪg/ n. whip [shivev + -Ug]

shkerips /ˈʃkɛɾɪps/ a. insignificant, unimportant; v-0. not matter [shkery + -Ops]

shkery /ˈʃkɛɾɪ/ n. insignificance, unimportance

shkets /ʃkɛts/ 1. v-0. move; 2. v-0. react

shketses /ˈʃkɛtsɛs/ 1. v-0. shake, totter, wobble; a. wobbly; 2. a. limber, nimble, agile, flexible [red. shketses]

shketsuiz /ˈʃkɛtsʊ͡ɪz/ 1. v-do. move; 2. v-sv. force, drive [shkets + -uiz]

shkezvui /ˈʃkɛzvʊ͡ɪ/ 1. n. movement; 2. n. reaction [shkets + -vui]

shlowor shlewer /ˈʃlʌwʌɾ ˈʃlɛwɛɾ/ v-eo. be blurry

shneg /ʃnɛg/ n. bucket

shnir /ʃnɪɾ/ v-0. run out (of supply)

shogag /ˈʃʌgɐg/ n. small cart

shohharg /ˈʃʌxɐɾg/ 1. n. vassal; 2. n. tribute

shoõl /ˈʃʌ.ʌ̰l/ (na. showwol) 1. n. time; 2. n. when?

shoũn /ˈʃʌ.ʊ̰n/ c. because; post. because of

showwaspash /ˈʃʌw̰ɐspɐʃ/ n. night [showwos + -ApAsh]

showwos /ˈʃʌw̰ʌs/ n. darkness

showwosuvunguz /ˈʃʌw̰ʌsʊvʊngʊz/ v-0. 1. be in the shade, take shelter [showwosuvunt + -gUz]

showwosuvunt /ˈʃʌw̰ʌsʊvʊnt/ n. shadow, shade [showwos + -UvUnt]

shuãl /ˈʃʊ.ɐ̰l/ n. down (feathers)

shugoz /ˈʃʊgʌz/ n. quiver

shuhiot /ˈʃʊhjʌt/ n. the opposite of thankfulness, "thanks a lot" (said sarcastically), resentment, begrudgement [inv. shihiet]

shuls /ʃʊls/ n. hut

shunamhh /ˈʃʊnɐmx/ v-0. glide, soar, float (in air)

shunv /ʃʊnv/ 1. v-do. pour; 2. v-do. swarm with, be teeming with, be riddled with; 3. v-do. (colloquial) get rid of, dispose of; 4. v-do. (colloquial) demolish

shuõt /ˈʃʊ.ʌ̰t/ n. hatred (general concept)

shuõtops /ˈʃʊ.ʌ̰tʌps/ v-io. hate [shuõt + -Ops]

shuõzvuiv /ˈʃʊ.ʌ̰zvʊ͡ɪv/ n. hatred (specific), object of hatred [shuõt + -vuiv]

shweĩl /ˈʃwɛ.ɪ̰l/ n. majority, most

sieglej /ˈsjɛglɛʒ/ n. plateau [siej + -glO-]

siehhty /ˈsjɛxtɪ/ n. image, picture

siej /sjɛʒ/ n. stair, step, stool, platform

siejigiz /ˈsjɛʒɪgɪz/ v-0. step (up or down) [siej + -gUz]

siejiglez /ˈsjɛʒɪglɛz/ 1. v-0. zigzag, meander; 2. a. convoluted, twisted, confused [siejiz + -glO-]

siejint /ˈsjɛʒɪnt/ n. staircase [siej + -Unt]

sihhty /ˈsɪxtɪ/ v-0. wash oneself

simnep /ˈsɪmnɛp/ n. rat

sinet /ˈsɪnɛt/ v-cv. accidentally, by chance

sinket /ˈsɪnkɛt/ n. tiger

sinty /ˈsɪntɪ/ n. toe

sior /sjʌɾ/ n. base, basis, foundation; a. basic, fundamental

siorug /ˈsjʌɾʊg/ n. mortar (used with pestle) [sior + -Ug]

siorunt /ˈsjʌɾʊnt/ n. foundation (of building, road) [sior + -Unt]

siv /sɪv/ n. mouse

skata /ˈskɐtɐ/ n. door

skefy /ˈskɛfɪ/ n. crystal

skeh /skɛh/ a. this, that (points out something near speaker, audience, or other referent)

skeĩhhpou /ˈskɛ.ɪ̰xpoː/ n. storyteller [skeĩk + -pou]

skeĩk /ˈskɛ.ɪ̰k/ n. story

skeĩkeps /ˈskɛ.ɪ̰kɛps/ a. interesting; v-io. be interesting due to, have something interesting: nesh-lask skeĩkepsh ‘She has interesting ideas’ [skeĩk + -Ops]

skelieg /ˈskɛljɛg/ n. handle

skeniev /ˈskɛnjɛv/ n. book

skenievint /ˈskɛnjɛvɪnt/ n. library [skeniev + -Unt]

skeshihesh /ˈskɛʃɪhɛʃ/ a. inside-out out [red. skeshy]

skeshy /ˈskɛʃɪ/ v-do. turn inside-out out

skollav /ˈskʌɬɐv/ v-0. have a sore throat

skosha /ˈskʌʃɐ/ 1. n. hand; 2. n. aim; 3. v-do. slap, hit; 4. v-do. knock on; 5. v-do. annoy, bother

skoshaguz /ˈskʌʃɐgʊz/ 1. v-io. point at, aim at; 2. v-io. scold, reprimand [skosha + -gUz]

skoshaks /ˈskʌʃɐks/ n. sign language [skosha + -Oks]

skoshavuiv /ˈskʌʃɐvʊ͡ɪv/ 1. n. gesture; 2. n. sign (sign language) [skosha + -vuiv]

skoshavunt /ˈskʌʃɐvʊnt/ n. glove [skosha + -UvUnt]

skulv /skʊlv/ v-0. curdle

sla sly /ˈslɐ slɪ/ v-eo. pierce (physically)

smara /ˈsmɐɾɐ/ n. flaw, fault, defect, problem

smawa /ˈsmɐwɐ/ v-0. have a cold

smillig /ˈsmɪɬɪg/ n. pillow

smona /ˈsmʌnɐ/ a. forgetful

snakanga /ˈsnɐkɐngɐ/ v-sv. still, further, anymore: snaiakangash uputonosh llow silih ‘he doesn’t dance on tables anymore’

sneky /ˈsnɛkɪ/ 1. v-do. admire; 2. v-do. approve of, endorse, appreciate; 3. v-io. thank

snewew /ˈsnɛwɛw/ a. attractive, enticing

snewir /ˈsnɛwɪɾ/ v-io. attract, entice [snewew + -Ur]

snoliul /ˈsnʌljʊl/ n. kidney

snoõn sneẽn /ˈsnʌ.ʌ̰n ˈsnɛ.ɛ̰n/ 1. v-eo. linger, take one’s time; 2. v-eo. be running late (S: person)

snora /ˈsnʌɾɐ/ n. clan

snorga /ˈsnʌɾgɐ/ 1. n. column, pillar; 2. a. erect, standing straight, standing tall

snoruk /ˈsnʌɾʊk/ 1. v-do. resent, bear a grudge; 2. v-sv. act grouchy

snowow /ˈsnʌwʌw/ v-do. disgust, repulse; a. disgusting, repulsive, gross, off-putting [inv. snewew]

snuõr /ˈsnʊ.ʌ̰ɾ/ n. oil

snuõrops /ˈsnʊ.ʌ̰ɾʌps/ a. oily, greasy [snuõr + -Ops]

snuraz /ˈsnʊɾɐz/ 1. n. lust; 2. n. devotion, fervor, devoutness

sny /snɪ/ n. eyebrow

sofnash /ˈsʌfnɐʃ/ v-po. (hoiu) know (person)

sog /sʌg/ n. cause; v-sv. cause

soga /ˈsʌgɐ/ n. mound

sogmat /ˈsʌgmɐt/ v-0. take responsibility, act responsibly

sogmazvuiv /ˈsʌgmɐzvʊ͡ɪv/ n. responsibility, charge, burden [sogmat + -vuiv]

sogug /ˈsʌgʊg/ 1. a. wavy, wrinkly; 2. a. shifty, dodgy, untrustworthy

sogump /ˈsʌgʊmp/ n. ape

somm /ˈsʌm̰/ n. anchor

somonga /ˈsʌmʌngɐ/ v-do. fit (size, shape), fill, take up all of

sonv senv /ˈsʌnv sɛnv/ v-eo. be understanding, be empathetic

soraots /ˈsʌɾɒːts/ n. mushroom

soron seren /ˈsʌɾʌn ˈsɛɾɛn/ 1. v-eo. chase: vashoftush soro sereftef ‘I came chasing after him’; 2. v-eo,io. follow from (logically), be implied by; 3. v-eo. be rampant: ofan sorno serenisht mirishtef ‘disease spread rampantly’; 4. v-eo. bolt, dash out [rel. seren ‘exit’]

sorpaz /ˈsʌɾpɐz/ n. tent

sorvav /ˈsʌɾvɐv/ 1. v-do. choke on; 2. v-sv. overdo, do too much

souv /soːv/ n. perfection

souvur /ˈsoːvʊɾ/ v-io. perfect [souvur + -Ur]

souvuv /ˈsoːvʊv/ a. perfect [red. souv]

sowwup /ˈsʌw̰ʊp/ n. pole

spehy /ˈspɛhɪ/ n. land, property

srer /sɾɛɾ/ n. fin

stehh /stɛx/ n. witch

stsel /stsɛl/ 1. v-do,po. 1. put, place (something that fits closely into a space, or tightly onto an object); 2. v-do. put in proper place, put away; 2. v-do. report, recount

stsofnaf /ˈstsʌfnɐf/ 1. v-0. wilt, spoil, go bad (S: plants, food); 2. v-0. faint, fall (esp. from internal cause); 3. v-0. fail, lose; 4. v-0. be incomprehensible (S: speech); 5. v-0. die off, become extinct; 6. v-io.: gell-la ~ be thirsty

stsofnafuish /ˈstsʌfnɐfʊ͡ɪʃ/ 1. v-0. stop short (of completing something), break off; 2. a. unclear (S: speech, ideas) 3. a. uneasy, unsettled; 4. a. unstable, unsure, precarious, weak [stsofnaf + -uish]

sugiun /ˈsʊgjʊn/ n. rule, policy

suhhos /ˈsʊxʌs/ n. chest, torso

suhlor /ˈsʊhlʌɾ/ n. fidelity, faithfulness

suhloror /ˈsʊhlʌɾʌɾ/ a. faithful [red. suhlor]

sulgas /ˈsʊlgɐs/ v-0. roar

sumhhui /ˈsʊmxʊ͡ɪ/ n. mint

sumlops /ˈsʊmlʌps/ v-cv. consider (something to be...), opine, believe [sumlul + -Ops]

sumlul /ˈsʊmlʊl/ n. opinion, belief

sunontalh /ˈsʊnʌntɐɮ/ 1. v-cv. complain about, whine over; 2. v-cv. boast of, brag about; 3. v-sv. complain, protest in the hope that

suruf serif /ˈsʊɾʊf ˈsɛɾɪf/ v-eo. make sound of being wiped up (esp. in one wipe)

swefluif /ˈswɛflʊ͡ɪf/ v-sv. enable, allow, facilitate [swew + -fluif]

swew /swɛw/ 1. n. ability; ~ lems as much as one can, to the best of one’s ability; 2. v-io. be short of, lacking

sweweps /ˈswɛwɛps/ a. able; v-sv. be able [swew + -Ops]

swow /swʌw/ 1. a. crude, unfinished, unrefined, coarse [inv. swew]; 2. a. poor, meager, shabby, pathetic

swowur /ˈswʌwʊɾ/ v-0. go to pieces, deteriorate, fall apart, crumble, regress [swow + -Ur]


tafa tify /ˈtɐfɐ ˈtɪfɪ/ 1. v-eo. clap softly, flap around; 2. v-eo. stammer

taffosh /ˈtɐfːʌʃ/ 1. v-do. cut; 2. v-do. cut down, chop down (tree); 3. v-do. alter, adjust; 4. v-do. distinguish between, separate; 5. v-do. determine, figure out, tell

tafman /ˈtɐfmɐn/ n. finger

tahhna /ˈtɐxnɐ/ a. boring, dull

talav /ˈtɐlɐv/ 1. v-do. mix, stir; 2. v-0. daydream

tanf /tɐnf/ 1. v-do. drop; 2. v-do,io. toss, throw (something soft, a short distance); 3. v-do. knead

tanga /ˈtɐngɐ/ 1. v-io. impress; 2. v-io. make proud

tannot /ˈtɐn̰ʌt/ v-do. understand, comprehend

tannotuiz /ˈtɐn̰ʌtʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. explain, clarify to someone (DO) [tannot + -uiz]

tano teny /ˈtɐnʌ ˈtɛnɪ/ v-eo. thud

tantru /ˈtɐntɾʊ/ 1. v-do. have, own, possess; 2. v-do. keep, hold on to; 3. v-io. value (something that one has)

tanup tenip /ˈtɐnʊp ˈtɛnɪp/ v-eo. go bang

targa /ˈtɐɾgɐ/ 1. n. soldier; 2. n. army

tav /tɐv/ 1. v-do. get, receive (passively) (generally positive); 2. v-do. receive unexpected visit from

tavla /ˈtɐvlɐ/ n. upper arm

tazug /ˈtɐzʊg/ n. rowboat, canoe, small boat

teget /ˈtɛgɛt/ v-io. take advice from, heed, listen to

teggiz /ˈtɛgːɪz/ n. train (of dress)

tegy /ˈtɛgɪ/ v-0. fly (S: insects)

teh /tɛh/ post. indicates possession

tehhit /ˈtɛxɪt/ n. handful

tehllety /ˈtɛɬlɛtɪ/ v-sv. often, frequently

tehniny /ˈtɛhnɪnɪ/ a. united, unified, together, joint [red. tehny]

tehnirg /ˈtɛhnɪɾg/ 1. v-do. unify, unite, bring together, conflate, join [tehny + -rg]

tehnirs /ˈtɛhnɪɾs/ v-io. join, unite with (long-term or permanently) [tehny + -rs]

tehny /ˈtɛhnɪ/ n. unity, togetherness

tehy /ˈtɛhɪ/ n. coast, beach

tejy /ˈtɛʒɪ/ n. love (romantic)

telefy /ˈtɛlɛfɪ/ v-0. drop anchor [earl. tele + -fU]

telehier /ˈtɛlɛhjɛɾ/ n. shoe [earl. tele + -hiOr]

telt /tɛlt/ 1. a. whole, entire; 2. a. all, each, every (in plural)

telteks /ˈtɛltɛks/ n. natural order, nature [telt + -Oks]

tely /ˈtɛlɪ/ (pl. telek) 1. n. foot; ~ shaz seriously, solemnly; 2. n. (archaic) anchor; 3. n. negative consequence, tradeoff (esp. unexpected); 4. n. peninsula [earl. tele]

temy /ˈtɛmɪ/ v-0. cry

tenkemin /ˈtɛnkɛmɪn/ n. pole for picking fruit [tenky + -emin]

tenky /ˈtɛnkɪ/ 1. v-do. pick, collect, gather (fruit; off of plant); 2. v-do. pick through, sift through, go through; 3. v-do. paddle, row (DO: water)

tenteĩn /ˈtɛntɛ.ɪ̰n/ n. sharp jabbing pains, pangs

tenteĩneps /ˈtɛntɛ.ɪ̰nɛps/ v-0. suffer sharp jabbing pains, pangs [tenteĩn + -Ops]

teny /ˈtɛnɪ/ 1. v-do,io. say, tell, state, relay, relate (DO: type of information told, or direct quote): shehhiv tenijemif ‘tell me the weather’; 2. v-do. produce, lead to, attract: skek nezgilhh izek tenishken ‘these fruits are going to attract flies’

teshhejirs /ˈtɛʃhɛʒɪɾs/ v-io. fall in love with [teshhejy + -rs]

teshhejy /ˈtɛʃhɛʒɪ/ v-io. be in love with, be enamored of [tejy + -shhO-]

teshhevy /ˈtɛʃhɛvɪ/ a. overgrown, wild, out of hand [tevy + -shhO-]

teshlehh /ˈtɛʃlɛx/ n. tense (grammar)

tevesy /ˈtɛvɛsɪ/ v-do,io. discuss (with)

tevy /ˈtɛvɪ/ v-do. leave to grow or progress unchecked (plants, hair, problems)

tezier /ˈtɛzjɛɾ/ 1. a. dead; 2. a. bad, rotten, spoiled (food)

tezir /ˈtɛzɪɾ/ n. death (concept, state)

tezirs /ˈtɛzɪɾs/ v-0. die [tezir + -rs]

tezry /ˈtɛzɾɪ/ a. astringent

tezwet /ˈtɛzwɛt/ v-io. kill

tezy /ˈtɛzɪ/ n. navel, belly button

tfanun /ˈtfɐnʊn/ v-0. be untrustworthy

tfatoshhoz /ˈtfɐtʌʃhʌz/ 1. v-io. struggle with, try to deal with; 2. v-0. be neglected [tfatoz + -shhO-]

tfatoz /ˈtfɐtʌz/ 1. n. difficulty, inconvenience; 2. n. stubbornness; 3. n. discomfort [inv. tfitez]

tfatozoz /ˈtfɐtʌzʌz/ 1. a. difficult, hard, inconvenient; 2. a. stubborn; 3. a. uncomfortable, inhospitable [red. tfatoz]

tfaũt tfeĩt /ˈtfɐ.ʊ̰t ˈtfɛ.ɪ̰t/ v-eo,cv. stubbornly, persistently

tfeh /tfɛh/ n. line, row

tfes /tfɛs/ n. horn

tfeziz /ˈtfɛzɪz/ n. trill (musical)

tfihel /ˈtfɪhɛl/ v-0. wither

tfinin /ˈtfɪnɪn/ v-0. be trustworthy

tfir /tfɪɾ/ 1. v-io. have ambition for; 2. v-io. lust after; 3. v-io. pull on, tug on

tfitez /ˈtfɪtɛz/ 1. n. ease, easiness, convenience; 2. n. acquiescence, compliance; 3. n. comfort

tfitezez /ˈtfɪtɛzɛz/ 1. a. easy, convenient; 2. a. acquiescent, compliant, yielding; 3. a. comfortable [red. tfitez]

tfum /tfʊm/ 1. n. surrounding ring, petals, frill, crown; 2. n. reverberation, repercussions, effects

tfumlieg /ˈtfʊmljɛg/ 1. n. petal; 2. n. effect, repercussion [tfum + -lieg]

tfumvuiv /ˈtfʊmvʊ͡ɪv/ n. secondary quality or meaning, connotation [tfum + -vuiv]

thhezvy /ˈtxɛzvɪ/ n. fool, wretch, poor thing

thhis /txɪs/ v-do. realize (suddenly)

thhisit /ˈtxɪsɪt/ n. fur

thhoshova /ˈtxʌʃʌvɐ/ a. blood red, maroon

thhovuõn /ˈtxʌvʊ.ʌ̰n/ a. rude, offensive, obscene, vulgar

thhovuõnpou /ˈtxʌvʊ.ʌ̰npoː/ a. habitually rude, offensive [thhovuõn + -pou]

tiẽns /ˈtɪ.ɛ̰ns/ a., n. one (humans)

tihhny /ˈtɪxnɪ/ a. exciting

tilgeg /ˈtɪlgɛg/ 1. n. dew; 2. n. puddle

tlam /tlɐm/ n. smoke

tlamman /ˈtlɐm̰ɐn/ n. chimney [tlam + -aman]

tlenier /ˈtlɛnjɛɾ/ n. skin [? tlenly + -hiOr]

tlenlifluif /ˈtlɛnlɪflʊ͡ɪf/ 1. v-do. take advantage of, exploit (person); 2. v-do. overcome, overwhelm, get to: tlenlifluishehep hhushap ‘He was overcome by exhaustion’ [tlenly + -fluif]

tlenly /ˈtlɛnlɪ/ 1. n. body, corpse; 2. n. pushover

tler /tlɛɾ/ n. shirt

tlova /ˈtlʌvɐ/ n. frustration

tlovaps /ˈtlʌvɐps/ a. frustrated [tlova + -Ops]

tlusa /ˈtlʊsɐ/ n. rodent

toãnt /ˈtʌ.ɐ̰nt/ n. cost, expense, price

toãsh1 /ˈtʌ.ɐ̰ʃ/ v-cv. think so, agree, acknowledge

toãsh2 /ˈtʌ.ɐ̰ʃ/ v-do. tear, rip

toãshnur /ˈtʌ.ɐ̰ʃnʊɾ/ v-0. change one’s mind [toãsh + -nUr]

toãshuvunt /ˈtʌ.ɐ̰ʃʊvʊnt/ n. tear, rip [toãsh + -UvUnt]

tofru /ˈtʌfɾʊ/ 1. v-do. betray, commit treason against; a. traitorous, treacherous; 2. a. ironic, perverse; 3. v-io. abandon, desert, leave (IO: dependent people)

tofulh /ˈtʌfʊɮ/ n. mess

toho tehy /ˈtʌhʌ ˈtɛhɪ/ v-eo. make bumping sound

tohwa /ˈtʌhwɐ/ n. chain (object)

tola /ˈtʌlɐ/ n. unexpected positive consequence [inv. tely]

toll /tʌɬ/ 1. n. grain (in wood); 2. n. trail (of cloud)

tolot telet /ˈtʌlʌt ˈtɛlɛt/ v-eo. pad (manner of walking) [rel. tely]

tonanga /ˈtʌnɐngɐ/ v-do. poison

tonsok /ˈtʌnsʌk/ n. danger, vulnerability, insecurity

torfa /ˈtʌɾfɐ/ n. crab

torga /ˈtʌɾgɐ/ 1. v-do. pinch; 2. v-do. kill (insect)

torgag /ˈtʌɾgɐg/ n. tongs

torjow /ˈtʌɾʒʌw/ n. arch

torva /ˈtʌɾvɐ/ v-do. play (musical instrument)

toũfra /ˈtʌ.ʊ̰fɾɐ/ n. palm tree (general term)

tov /tʌv/ n. snow

tova1 /ˈtʌvɐ/ n. starfish

tova2 /ˈtʌvɐ/ v-do. prune, trim (plant, nails)

tovovat /ˈtʌvʌvɐt/ n. snowdrift

tovushfan /ˈtʌvʊʃfɐn/ n. winter [tov + -shfAn]

tozman /ˈtʌzmɐn/ v-cv. seem, give the impression that

tra /tɾɐ/ a. red

trajut /ˈtɾɐʒʊt/ n. (formal) top, apex, summit, crown, crest (esp. of buildings, mountains)

tranap /ˈtɾɐnɐp/ n. booger

traũn /ˈtɾɐ.ʊ̰n/ n. blood

traũnun /ˈtɾɐ.ʊ̰nʊn/ v-0. bleed [red. traũnun]

treg /tɾɛg/ v-do. roast

trizej /ˈtɾɪzɛʒ/ 1. a. quaint, rustic, unimposing; 2. v-io. scam, dupe, swindle, con, trick

tror /tɾʌɾ/ n. hook

troũj treĩj /ˈtɾʌ.ʊ̰ʒ ˈtɾɛ.ɪ̰ʒ/ v-eo. have had it up to here

tsalai /ˈtsɐlɐɪ/ n. sap

tsar /tsɐɾ/ v-io. act together with

tsaz /tsɐz/ 1. n. wheel; 2. n. cycle

tseffif /ˈtsɛfːɪf/ a. revealed [red. tseffy]

tseffy /ˈtsɛfːɪ/ n. state of being revealed, out in the open

tsefluif /ˈtsɛflʊ͡ɪf/ 1. v-io. reveal, uncover; 2. v-io. divulge, betray (someone’s identity), inform on, give away, tell on [tseff + -fluif]

tseĩts /ˈtsɛ.ɪ̰ts/ i. so?, so what?

tsemmeg /ˈtsɛm̰ɛg/ n. camel

tsent /tsɛnt/ n. food

tsentef /ˈtsɛntɛf/ v-do. eat (S: animal) [tsent + -Vf]

tsentir /ˈtsɛntɪɾ/ v-io,do. feed [tsent + -Ur]

tsentriz /ˈtsɛntɾɪz/ n. cuisine [tsent + -trUz]

tseny /ˈtsɛnɪ/ 1. c. similar to how, somewhat like how (weaker than melre); 2. post. similar to, somewhat like; 3. c. and in the end; 4. c. for example, for

tsesinshy /ˈtsɛsɪnʃɪ/ n. ladder [P. tésinsh]

tsetty /ˈtsɛtːɪ/ n. stick

tsezy /ˈtsɛzɪ/ n. bark (tree)

tsiẽrt /ˈtsɪ.ɛ̰ɾt/ a. random, anonymous, stray

tsiẽrtet /ˈtsɪ.ɛ̰ɾtɛt/ a. messy, in disarray [red. tsiẽrtet]

tsimaoz /ˈtsɪmɒːz/ post. above, over

tsint /tsɪnt/ n. top [tsy + -Unt]

tstakkat /ˈtstɐkːɐt/ n. crack

tstaoh /tstɒːh/ n. road

tstav /tstɐv/ n. hiddenness

tstavav /ˈtstɐvɐv/ a. hidden [red. tstav]

tstavuiz /ˈtstɐvʊ͡ɪz/ v-do. hide [tstav + -uiz]

tstengy /ˈtstɛngɪ/ a., n. zero

tstohal /ˈtstʌhɐl/ v-do. deceive, fool, trick, beguile

tstoiazoz /ˈtstʌjɐzʌz/ v-0. smirk

tstunga /ˈtstʊngɐ/ n. loneliness

tstungaps /ˈtstʊngɐps/ a. lonely [tstunga + -Ops]

tsunt /tsʊnt/ n. bone

tsuntuvunt /ˈtsʊntʊvʊnt/ n. socket [tsunt + -UvUnt]

tsussuv /ˈtsʊʂʊv/ a. dumb

tsy /tsɪ/ post. at the top of, on top of, just above

tufruãs /ˈtʊfɾʊ.ɐ̰s/ n. filth

tufruãsas /ˈtʊfɾʊ.ɐ̰sɐs/ a. filthy [red. tufruãs]

tumna /ˈtʊmnɐ/ 1. c. and ... even, moreover, and what’s more, so much that: wasta-lesh ilhysht tumna uvast hrelesh ‘it was a terrible meal; he even threw up afterwards’; 2. c. but (in cases of major contrast); 3. c. but ... too much (usually used with meflit (v.)): kervit hhunaog vesijent tumna meflint vesintef ‘I wanted you to add salt but you added too much’

tungu /ˈtʊngʊ/ n. metal

tunvav /ˈtʊnvɐv/ v-do. stomp on

tur /tʊɾ/ n. tooth (esp. of person)

turug /ˈtʊɾʊg/ v-io. bite [tur + -Ug]

turvuh /ˈtʊɾvʊh/ n. plaque

turvunt /ˈtʊɾvʊnt/ n. gums [tur + -UvUnt]

tuwwaow /ˈtʊw̰ɒːw/ n. beak


ufawllat /ˈʊfɐwɬɐt/ v-io. defy, resist

ufu /ˈʊfʊ/ n. ant

ug /ʊg/ v-do. need

ugan /ˈʊgɐn/ n. tonsil

ugat /ˈʊgɐt/ n. hem

uglup /ˈʊglʊp/ n. tomb

uhhmarun /ˈʊxmɐɾʊn/ 1. v-do,io. go on a tirade, rant, rail against (DO: topic; IO: addressee); 2. v-io. throw into disarray, confound, turn upside down, scramble: mulgoz targal-lash kohhnahhut uhhmaruksout ‘we surprised the opposing army and threw them into disarray’

uhna /ˈʊhnɐ/ a. different; 2. a. foreign; n. foreigner

uhnavuiv /ˈʊhnɐvʊ͡ɪv/ n. difference [uhna + -vuiv]

uhum /ˈʊhʊm/ a. empty

uivav /ˈʊ͡ɪvɐv/ v-do. vomit, throw up

uivavug /ˈʊ͡ɪvɐvʊg/ n. vomit [uivav + -Ug]

ukkash /ˈʊkːɐʃ/ n. volcano

ukuta /ˈʊkʊtɐ/ v. grieve, mourn

ula /ˈʊlɐ/ n. group

ulhlup /ˈʊlɬʊp/ n. bow (knot)

ulhura /ˈʊɮʊɾɐ/ v-do. smoke

ulkut /ˈʊlkʊt/ n. armor

ullul /ˈʊɬʊl/ n. disaster

ulom /ˈʊlʌm/ v-do. wash, clean (DO: object, not person)

uluposh /ˈʊlʊpʌʃ/ v-0. bail on, abandon someone [inv. ilipesh (sense 2)]

umnal /ˈʊmnɐl/ n. bell; v-0. ring

umor /ˈʊmʌɾ/ n. quality (how good or bad)

umoww /ˈʊmʌw̰/ v-do. haunt

umowwunt /ˈʊmʌw̰ʊnt/ n. haunted place [umoww + -Unt]

umshaj /ˈʊmʃɐʒ/ n. hat

umshug /ˈʊmʃʊg/ n. bowl [umush + -Ug]

umunt /ˈʊmʊnt/ n. bottom, underside [umuz + -Unt]

umush /ˈʊmʊʃ/ n. soup

umuz /ˈʊmʊz/ post. at the bottom of, on the bottom of, just below

unahhpou /ˈʊnɐxpoː/ 1. a. dangerous (S: person); 2. a. armed [unak + -pou]

unak /ˈʊnɐk/ v-do. injure, wound, hurt, harm

unav /ˈʊnɐv/ n. nose

unha /ˈʊnhɐ/ n. muscle, flesh

unhham /ˈʊnxɐm/ 1. n. rash; 2. brown, rotting area on food; 3. n. troublemaker, mischief-maker, rascal, imp; 4. n. black sheep

unnur /ˈʊn̰ʊɾ/ n. bandit

unnush /ˈʊn̰ʊʃ/ n. beauty

unnushops /ˈʊn̰ʊʃʌps/ a. beautiful, fine [unnush + -Ops]

unpalup /ˈʊnpɐlʊp/ 1. v-0. arrive early, be early; 2. v-io. intercept, waylay

unpu /ˈʊnpʊ/ v-0. 1. blink; 2. flicker, twinkle, glimmer

unpupou /ˈʊnpʊpoː/ a. habitually tired, fatigued [unpu + -pou]

unsawwag /ˈʊnsɐw̰ɐg/ a. funny, humorous

upassap /ˈʊpɐʂɐp/ n. xylophone

upu1 /ˈʊpʊ/ n. dance

upu2 /ˈʊpʊ/ n. echo

upup /ˈʊpʊp/ n. ridge, rim

uput /ˈʊpʊt/ v-0. dance [upu ‘dance’ + -Ut]

urahh /ˈʊɾɐx/ v-do. shoot, launch, throw

urahhmahh /ˈʊɾɐxmɐx/ n. projectile, ammunition, arrow [urahh + -hhma-]

urashhohh /ˈʊɾɐʃhʌx/ n. target, person or thing shot at, target [urahh + -shhO-]

urgaov /ˈʊɾgɒːv/ n. desert [ur + -gaov]

urur /ˈʊɾʊɾ/ n. sand

usaglamhh /ˈʊsɐglɐmx/ n. 1. variety; 2. array, display [usamhh + -glA-]

usamhh /ˈʊsɐmx/ n. form, version, type, kind

usamhhoks /ˈʊsɐmxʌks/ n. specifications, characteristics, details [usamhh + -Oks]

usfos /ˈʊsfʌs/ a. varying, variable, inconstant, temporaryv-0. vary

ushlul /ˈʊʃlʊl/ n. scene, view, setup, tableau

uskas /ˈʊskɐs/ n. attribute, property [uzuz + -skAs]

uskok /ˈʊskʌk/ 1. a. taut, tense, strung tight; 2. v-io,vs. depend on, rely on; 3. v-do,vc. assume, presume

usmut /ˈʊsmʊt/ a. frail

ussugan /ˈʊʂʊgɐn/ a. lazy

ustsup /ˈʊstsʊp/ n. piece of jewelry

uta /ˈʊtɐ/ n. 1. tool; 2. method

utsun /ˈʊtsʊn/ v-do. sell

uvrur /ˈʊvɾʊɾ/ v-do. separate: irget hhiẽj-vy zozahhaiushov uvrurt ‘I separated the man and woman who were fighting’

uvuv /ˈʊvʊv/ n. bark (sound)

uvuvut /ˈʊvʊvʊt/ v-0. bark [uvuv + -Ut]

uworuhh /ˈʊwʌɾʊx/ a. blind (esp. due to old age)

uzuz /ˈʊzʊz/ n. essence, inner nature, point (of a statement)


vahhmu /ˈvɐxmʊ/ n. glory

vahhmur /ˈvɐxmʊɾ/ v-io. glorify, extol, praise, rhapsodize on [vahhmu + -Ur]

vahhmuũm /ˈvɐxmʊ.ʊ̰m/ a. glorious (person) [red. vahhmunops]

vajjant /ˈvɐʐɐnt/ n. village, town [vato + -jja-]

valal /ˈvɐlɐl/ n. sloped or pointed roof

valalh /ˈvɐlɐɮ/ v-0. dance

valiu /ˈvɐljʊ/ n. wood

valiuguz /ˈvɐljʊgʊz/ 1. v-0. make something out of wood; 2. v-po. (ho) carve on [valiu + -gUz]

valluz /ˈvɐɬʊz/ n. mortar (building material)

valuffan /ˈvɐlʊfːɐn/ n. doll

vam /vɐm/ n. city

vammont /ˈvɐm̰ʌnt/ n. mansion, palace [vant + -mmO-]

vanan /ˈvɐnɐn/ 1. n. lip; 2. n. doorpost; 3. cuff, collar

vanpou /ˈvɐnpoː/ n. sailor

vant /vɐnt/ 1. n. house; 2. n. country

vanufaz /ˈvɐnʊfɐz/ a. clean

vanufuiz /ˈvɐnʊfʊ͡ɪz/ v-io. clean [vanufaz + -uiz]

vanut /ˈvɐnʊt/ n. curse (evil spell)

vanuzut /ˈvɐnʊzʊt/ v-io. curse [vanuz + -Ut]

vanv /vɐnv/ n. wolf

vanz /vɐnz/ 1. n. elbow; 2. n. corner, bend; 3. n. object with a bend in it

vaommot /ˈvɒːm̰ʌt/ n. forest [rel. vav]

vaõsh /ˈvɐ.ʌ̰ʃ/ n. end, conlusion, finish; ~ gly at last, eventually, finally

vappuiz /ˈvɐpːʊ͡ɪz/ v-io. dirty, sully [vappuz + -uiz]

vappuz /ˈvɐpːʊz/ a. dirty

vash1 /vɐʃ/ n. vulture

vash2 /vɐʃ/ 1. v-0. come; ~ geliv kla gather together, gather round, assemble, commune; 2. v-do. follow (something moving); 2. v-sv. think it probable, likely that

vav /vɐv/ 1. n. (formal) tree; 2. n. large tree

vavior /ˈvɐvjʌɾ/ n. bark (tree) [vav + -hiOr]

vehiv /ˈvɛhɪv/ n. close proximity

veĩkez /ˈvɛ.ɪ̰kɛz/ v-0. frown

veliy /ˈvɛljɪ/ n. seaweed

velluispou /ˈvɛl̰ʊ͡ɪspoː/ a. eternal, immortal [velluit + -pou]

velluit /ˈvɛl̰ʊ͡ɪt/ 1. n. always, forever; 2. n. system, arrangement, explanation, how something works

vengint /ˈvɛngɪnt/ n. front, front face [vengy + -Unt]

vengy /ˈvɛngɪ/ post. in front of

venik /ˈvɛnɪk/ a. obvious, clear

veniwwes /ˈvɛnɪw̰ɛs/ n. surface

venmiz /ˈvɛnmɪz/ n. butterfly

ver /vɛɾ/ n. wool

vern /vɛɾn/ n. dirt

very /ˈvɛɾɪ/ a. clear, transparent

vesigleg /ˈvɛsɪglɛg/ n. replacement; v-do. replace (be a replacement for) [vesy + -glOg]

vesigleguif /ˈvɛsɪglɛgʊ͡ɪf/ v-io,po. (ho) replace with (IO: original; PO: replacement) [vesigleg + -uif]

vesy /ˈvɛsɪ/ 1. v-do. move (something other than one’s own body); 2. v-do. get out of the way; 3. v-do. scatter, disperse, strew, sprinkle (objects); 4. v-do. add, put in (to food)

vev /vɛv/ post. close to, near

veziz /ˈvɛzɪz/ n. snout

vihhy /ˈvɪxɪ/ n. corner

vin /vɪn/ 1. v-0. jump; 2. v-0. (colloquial) boil

vinent /ˈvɪnɛnt/ n. inside, interior [rel. vy ‘in’]

vinew /ˈvɪnɛw/ n. uniqueness

vinnew /ˈvɪn̰ɛw/ n. feeling, instinct, conviction [vinent + -w]

vinewew /ˈvɪnɛwɛw/ a. unique [red. vinew]

vinfej /ˈvɪnfɛʒ/ n. sometimes

vinneg /ˈvɪn̰ɛg/ v-0. hug, embrace: ehllik vevinneg ‘the siblings embraced’

vinnek /ˈvɪn̰ɛk/ n. kitchen

vinuin /ˈvɪnʊ͡ɪn/ 1. v-0. hop; 2. v-0. tingle; 3. v-0. take it easy, proceed slowly [vin + -uin]

vinv /vɪnv/ n. glass (material)

vinwips /ˈvɪnwɪps/ a. calm [vinwy + -Ops]

vinwir /ˈvɪnwɪɾ/ v-io. calm [vinwy + -Ur]

vinwy /ˈvɪnwɪ/ n. calmness

viỹ /ˈvɪ.ɪ̰/ n. (no pl.) gems, jewels

viziez /ˈvɪzjɛz/ a. red

voãf /ˈvʌ.ɐ̰f/ n. occasion, time

voãm /ˈvʌ.ɐ̰m/ post. far from

voãmhhaov /ˈvʌ.ɐ̰mxɒːv/ n. refuge [voãm + -gaov]

voja /ˈvʌʒɐ/ to the other side of, across, through; 2. post. throughout, over

vona /ˈvʌnɐ/ a. long (time)

vonaks /ˈvʌnɐks/ n. length of time [vona + -Oks]

vonga /ˈvʌngɐ/ post. right behind, on the back of

vongant /ˈvʌngɐnt/ n. back side [vonga + -Unt]

vongaov /ˈvʌngɒːv/ n. harbor, port

vonnao /ˈvʌn̰ɒː/ a. open

vonnaolull /ˈvʌn̰ɒːlʊɬ/ v-do. open [vonnao + -lUll]

vontoz /ˈvʌntʌz/ v-0. 1. float; 2. travel by water

vosa /ˈvʌsɐ/ v-do. give trouble, create problems for, give a hard time (S: people): unnuruk ehilik vovasa ‘bandits made trouble for travelers’

vovuz veviz /ˈvʌvʊz ˈvɛvɪz/ v-eo. buzz

vozonaz /ˈvʌzʌnɐz/ n. caterpillar

vulhh /vʊlx/ n. crumb

vun /vʊn/ n. family

vunhhu /ˈvʊnxʊ/ v-do. destroy

vunhhuglam /ˈvʊnxʊglɐm/ v-do. annihilate, raze [vunhhu + -glAm]

vunhhushhou /ˈvʊnxʊʃhoː/ n. wreckage, destruction, ruins, remains, remnants [vunhhu + -shhou]

vunnan /ˈvʊn̰ɐn/ v-do. spit, spit out

vuns /vʊns/ n. agitation

vunsops /ˈvʊnsʌps/ a. agitated [vuns + -Ops]

vunsur /ˈvʊnsʊɾ/ v-io. agitate, bother [vuns + -Ur]

vuv /vʊv/ n. bug

vuwwu /ˈvʊw̰ʊ/ n. scab

vuzahan /ˈvʊzɐhɐn/ n. chaos, pandemonium

vuzahanan /ˈvʊzɐhɐnɐn/ a. chaotic [red. vuzahan]

vy fllarat /ˈvɪ ˈfɬɐɾɐt/ c. but, though, while (indicates minor contrast; both parts occur at the same time, whether they are ongoing or instantive)

vy hhow /ˈvɪ xʌw/ c. but, though, while (indicates minor contrast; the second part happened while the first was going on, or at a different time)

vy1 /vɪ/ 1. c. and, but (where there is no contrast or minor contrast, though not where there is a contradiction, be it real or perceived): liryf vy gele-lash stsofnaf ‘I am hungry and thirsty’, kantsouv emnif vy jomopsosush ‘I like mangoes but she hates them’; 2. c. or (both clauses offered as options): kerem kamonom vy hhommanom? ‘do you want to eat or drink?’

vy2 /vɪ/ 1. post. in, inside, within; 2. post. among, of, out of (a group); 3. post. in the middle part of, excluding edges, or beginning and endpoint: nofto vish ‘in the middle of the night, during the night (not towards beginning or end)’


wa tumna /wɐ ˈtʊmnɐ/ c-sv. or else, lest (second clause must be in subjunctive): ife murazaft wa tumna lele ishynes vato klall ‘I closed the window lest rain fall into the house’

wa1 /wɐ/ c. or (exclusive)

wa2 /wɐ/ v-do. avoid (person, object) [inv. wy2]

wahh /wɐx/ n. shin

waiuwwur /ˈwɐjʊw̰ʊɾ/ n. adder

waj /wɐʒ/ v-do. suck on

wamna /ˈwɐmnɐ/ 1. n. stranger; 2. n. intruder, trespasser, interloper

warga /ˈwɐɾgɐ/ n. sandbar

warohoz /ˈwɐɾʌhʌz/ n. chewed food [warz + -OhO-]

warz /wɐɾz/ v-do. chew

warzaman /ˈwɐɾzɐmɐn/ n. tooth (esp. of animal) [warz + -aman]

was1 /wɐs/ n. room (in a building)

was2 /wɐs/ v-do. use, employ

wash /wɐʃ/ n. god

watrul /ˈwɐtɾʊl/ n. keyhole

waũj /ˈwɐ.ʊ̰ʒ/ n. bamboo

wavra /ˈwɐvɾɐ/ n. peach

we1 /wɛ/ c-sv. in order (to, that...); post. for (the purpose of...)

we2 /wɛ/ 1. a., n. this, that (used to show contrast); 2. a., n. this!, that! (used to single something out as very significant; usually negative)

wehit /ˈwɛhɪt/ v-sv. do correctly, do the right thing [wehy + -Ut]

wehivuiv /ˈwɛhɪvʊ͡ɪv/ a. something done correctly [wehy + -vuiv]

wehy /ˈwɛhɪ/ a. correct, right

weiyhh /ˈwɛjɪx/ a. tasty, delicious

weĩz /ˈwɛ.ɪ̰z/ n. blotch

wekitet /ˈwɛkɪtɛt/ v-0. snap (fingers); v-do flick

wel /wɛl/ n. soul, spirit

wemhhish /ˈwɛmxɪʃ/ v-do,io. throw [wemy ‘hold’ + -kUsh]

wemy /ˈwɛmɪ/ 1. v-do. hold, carry; 2. v-do. raise (DO: child); 3. v-do. keep in check, control; 4. v-io. lean on, rest on, lean against

wentry1 /ˈwɛntɾɪ/ v-cv. do right, get right (an activity) [inv. wontru]

wentry2 /ˈwɛntɾɪ/ v-do. catch (something thrown), take (something handed to one)

wenui /ˈwɛnʊ͡ɪ/ v-do. stop up, plug, seal

werv /wɛɾv/ n. ocean

wetriz /ˈwɛtɾɪz/ n. constellation [earl we ‘star’ + -trUz]

wew /wɛw/ n. sheath, knife case [inv. wow ‘sword’]

winf /wɪnf/ n. voice

winiffy /ˈwɪnɪfːɪ/ 1. v-0. cough; 2. v-0. clear throat [rel. winf ‘voice’]

winjej /ˈwɪnʒɛʒ/ a. upside-down, turned over

winjejuif /ˈwɪnʒɛʒʊ͡ɪf/ v-do. flip upside-down, turn over [winjej + -uif]

winnerir /ˈwɪn̰ɛɾɪɾ/ a. ugly, unsightly, unattractive [red. winnery]

winnery /ˈwɪn̰ɛɾɪ/ n. unattractiveness, unsightliness, ugliness

wiper /ˈwɪpɛɾ/ v-0. have bad eyesight

wirez /ˈwɪɾɛz/ n. time (of day)

wirshy /ˈwɪɾʃɪ/ a. deaf

wissy /ˈwɪʂɪ/ v-sv. emphasize, highlight, draw attention to

woãl /ˈwʌ.ɐ̰l/ n. spoon

woha /ˈwʌhɐ/ a. incorrect, wrong (S: things) [inv. wehy]

wohat /ˈwʌhɐt/ v-sv. make a mistake, make an error, err (in, with regard to) [woha + -Ut]

wohavuiv /ˈwʌhɐvʊ͡ɪv/ n. mistake, accident, error; a. mistaken, in error, wrong [woha + -vuiv]

wollpaz /ˈwʌɬpɐz/ n. smooth animal hide, leather

woma /ˈwʌmɐ/ v-do. let go of [inv. wemy]

wontru /ˈwʌntɾʊ/ 1. v-sv. mess up, screw up; 2. v-do,io.: ravlur ~ (formal) attack, make battle, fall upon

woppulh /ˈwʌpːʊɮ/ n. coil, spiral

woshhow /ˈwʌʃhʌw/ n. shield [wow + -shhO-]

wosut /ˈwʌsʊt/ n. spear

wotas /ˈwʌtɐs/ a. terrible, horrible, awful

wow /wʌw/ n. sword

wowwul /ˈwʌw̰ʊl/ n. 1. wave; 2. dune;

wowwulops /ˈwʌw̰ʊlʌps/ a. undulating, rolling [wowul + -Ops]

wufut /ˈwʊfʊt/ n. mask

wull /wʊɬ/ v-0. hover

wunjoj /ˈwʊnʒʌʒ/ a. right-side up [inv. winjej ‘upside down’]

wunjojuif /ˈwʊnʒʌʒʊ͡ɪf/ v-do. turn right-side up [wunjoj + -uif]

wunra /ˈwʊnɾɐ/ v-do. include, contain

wuppu /ˈwʊpːʊ/ n. shadow

wurwor /ˈwʊɾwʌɾ/ n. mold, fungus

wutrarg /ˈwʊtɾɐɾg/ n. door

wuttulow /ˈwʊtːʊlʌw/ n. swamp, marsh

wy1 /wɪ/ n. star (pl. wek)

wy2 /wɪ/ v-do. look for, search for, seek

wyiez /ˈwɪjɛz/ n. myth


y /ɪ/ cl. indicates subject of a verb

yiets /ˈɪjɛts/ v-0. 1. (negative) make an appearance, show up; 2. (negative) happen, occur


zaffan /ˈzɐfːɐn/ a. playful, frisky, mirthful

zaha /ˈzɐhɐ/ n. field, plain

zahh /zɐx/ n. loudness

zahhahh /ˈzɐxɐx/ a. loud [red. zahh]

zahhai /ˈzɐxɐj/ v-0. fight

zahhashai /ˈzɐxɐʃɐj/ v-cv. argue over, dispute (whether) [zahhai + -shA-]

zahor /ˈzɐhʌɾ/ n. lion

zaloãj /ˈzɐlʌ.ɐ̰ʒ/ v-do. hypnotize, spellbind

zaõl /ˈzɐ.ʌ̰l/ n. confusion

zaoll /zɒːɬ/ n. village

zaõllull /ˈzɐ.ʌ̰l̰ʊɬ/ v-io. confuse; mafamna-lak ~ cross eyes [zaõl + -lUll]

zaõlops /ˈzɐ.ʌ̰lʌps/ 1. a. confused; 2. v-sv. be at a loss, be unsure, not know (how to proceed) [zaõl + -Ops]

zaor /zɒːɾ/ a. old

zaoruz /ˈzɒːɾʊz/ v-0. age, grow older [zaor + -z]

zarm /zɐɾm/ n. carrot

zav /zɐv/ 1. v-do. scratch (an itch); 2. v-do. tickle

zavvunt /ˈzɐvːʊnt/ n. itch, scratch [zav + -UvUnt]

zeglirv /ˈzɛglɪɾv/ 1. v-0. swagger, sway; 2. v-po. (directional post.) jump back and forth (between locations)

zehej /ˈzɛhɛʒ/ v-io,cv. compliment on

zehmew /ˈzɛhmɛw/ 1. n. amount of weight, heaviness; 2. n. alcohol content

zeĩls /ˈzɛ.ɪ̰ls/ n. part of speech (grammar)

zeĩrn /ˈzɛ.ɪ̰ɾn/ a. manipulable, gullible, wishy-washy, fickle, inconstant [inv. zoũrn]

zeĩz /ˈzɛ.ɪ̰z/ n. 1. gate; 2. beginning

zejiz /ˈzɛʒɪz/ a. numb

zejizirg /ˈzɛʒɪzɪɾg/ v-do. numb [zejiz + -rg]

zejjy /ˈzɛʐɪ/ n. sour orange

zenet /ˈzɛnɛt/ n. sweat

zenetet /ˈzɛnɛtɛt/ v-0. sweat [red. zenet]

zeng /zɛng/ 1. n. ground, earth, land; 2. n. background, backdrop, setting (physical)

zengeny /ˈzɛngɛnɪ/ a. drunk, inebriated, intoxicated

zenniv /ˈzɛn̰ɪv/ v-do. dig

zenniw /ˈzɛn̰ɪw/ 1. n. pocket, pouch; 2. n. small cave

zonzu zenzy /ˈzʌnzʊ ˈzɛnzɪ/ v-eo. buzz

zepiyw /ˈzɛpjɪw/ n. fib, white lie

zepiyz /ˈzɛpjɪz/ 1. a. thin (consistency, density), weak (intensity); 2. a. concise, to the point

zerkirs /ˈzɛɾkɪɾs/ v-do. befriend [zerky + -rs]

zerky /ˈzɛɾkɪ/ 1. v-do. be friends with; 2. v-sv. for a long time; 3. v-sv. conscientiously, seriously, earnestly

zesh /zɛʃ/ v-0. overflow, spill, flood

zesheĩn /ˈzɛʃɛ.ɪ̰n/ n. folklore [rel. zeshk ‘story’]

zeshirg /ˈzɛʃɪɾg/ v-do. cause to overflow, spill [zesh + -rg]

zeshk /zɛʃk/ n. story

zeshkir /ˈzɛʃkɪɾ/ v-0. tell a story [zeshk + -Ur]

zez1 /zɛz/ n. value, worth

zez2 /zɛz/ 1. a. fast, quick; 2. io,sv. one after another, in a row; 3. v-sv. hasten, hurry, quickly

zezirg /ˈzɛzɪɾg/ 1. v-do. startle; 2. v-do. gobble up, wolf down; 3. v-sv. suddenly [zez + -rg]

ziẽw /ˈzɪ.ɛ̰w/ n. (positive) relation, relationship, bond, connection, association

zihh /zɪx/ n. quietness [inv. zahh]

zihhihh /ˈzɪxɪx/ a. quiet [red. zihhihh

zim /zɪm/ post. far below, far beneath

zohmuõt /ˈzʌhmʊ.ʌ̰t/ n. rectangle

zohoj /ˈzʌhʌʒ/ v-io,cv. criticize for, complain about [inv. zehej]

zommat /ˈzʌm̰ɐt/ n. toenail

zopiaz /ˈzʌpjɐz/ 1. a. thick (consistency, density); 2. a. intense, vehement, strong, bold

zosh1 /zʌʃ/ n. ember

zosh2 /zʌʃ/ v-0. remain within one’s limits (S: people, animals, objects)

zosh3 /zʌʃ/ v-do. ruin [inv. zesh]

zoshuif /ˈzʌʃʊ͡ɪf/ v-do. confine, fence off [zosh + -uif]

zoũrn /ˈzʌ.ʊ̰ɾn/ 1. a. mighty, powerful, great; 2. a. fixed, close-minded, stubborn

zowhhush /ˈzʌwxʊʃ/ a. very frustrated due to waiting

zoz /zʌz/ n. hips, waist

zufoz /ˈzʊfʌz/ a. slow

zunnu /ˈzʊn̰ʊ/ 1. v-0. snore; 2. v-sv. be engrossed in

zuõw /ˈzʊ.ʌ̰w/ n. (negative) relation, relationship, bond, connection, association [inv. ziẽw]

zupshaz /ˈzʊpʃɐz/ v-0. hold still, remain in place, be steadfast

zushfar /ˈzʊʃfɐɾ/ n. bolt, bar (to lock door)

zuũz /ˈzʊ.ʊ̰z/ n. candle

zuũsfu /ˈzʊ.ʊ̰sfʊ/ v-po. (ho) light [zuũz + -Vf]