Melfem-English Dictionary

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This is a dictionary of Melfem, a constructed language. Words are listed in English alphabetical order, with the addition of - (representing the sound /ə̥/ or /ə/ in diphthongs), coming at the end of the alphabet after y.

A number of idiomatic phrases and collocations are listed. For consistency, combinations of verb and nouns are always listed with the verb; those of several nouns are listed with the first word in the phrase. In these entries, a tilde (~) stands for the head word.

Grammatical specifications

Parts of speech are indicated in italics for each Melfem entry. The following abbreviations are used:

a adjective
adv adverb
c conjunction
d determiner
i interjection
n noun
num number
pre prepositional
pro pronoun
v verb

Verbs are further specified for what complement(s) they take (if any). The abbreviations listed below are used to indicate complement type (or lack thereof), and are placed in each verbal entry following the part of speech marker (v-). When a verb takes multiple complements simultaneously, they are separated by a comma. Several conjunctions must be followed by a clause with a subjunctive verb; these are marked as well, in the same way.

ab ablative
al allative
i intransitive
loc locative
p perlative
s sentential
t transitive

When a word has certain irregular forms, they are noted:

def definite
pl plural

Etymologies for some words are given in square brackets. If a source word is given with no language specified, it is from an older form of Melfem.


abia n. frog

adh n. neck

abwȇch v. start (DO: fire)

acegc d. (pl. tagcegc) each (of)

afnot d. (pl. tafnot) most

agc’fodh a. golden, gold

aibes n. food

airescoech v-t. 1. stir, mix; 2. make a mess of

allit n. ball

apȏȃt c.

ar c. and

as v. go

atiw̑ n. oak tree


basinin n. tax, tribute, fine

besoentan v-ab. geld, castrate

bȏash a. stupid, dumb


c’fodh n. gold

calechan v-t. cook

calno a. black

canian v-ab. obey

capefen v. fail

catedh n. emptiness

catet a. empty

cegcwyȇch v. insult

cemaint num. 256

cen pro. he

cescuan v. toil

cfa-nwn a. holy, sacred

cfon n. (pl. acaint) rock, stone

ch pro. you (sg.)

chalchi n. chief, warlord

challen v. steal

cheban v. fall

chemuȏch v. drink (alcohol)

chesan v. stand

choa n. (def. cheloal) place, area, space, spot

choef num. zero

choel-sh a. old

cint-at v. be gentle

cithw n. hand

coember n. egg

conoc n. year

cuoap n. candle

cwuamp n-pl. shoe

cwlinsh a. sour

c-lac n. pond

c-t’afash a., adv. on the skin


dhascan v. forget, miss, overlook, neglect (to do something)

dhoacwȇch n. shoot up, grow up quickly (esp. plants)

dhoacwl n. tower

dhegc n. radish

dher v. thresh

dhesh n. house

dhesht-r v. think, ponder; n. thought, pondering

dhesht-r’ioan n. dream [dhesht-r ‘thought’ + ioan ‘sleep’]

dhoab’afash a., adv. lofty, high up

dhoabab n. cloud

dhoan v. put

dhonȏaman v. be hungry

dhwmintian v. sacrifice


ebas n. friend

ebeien v. 1. protect; 2. guard, watch

efan v. arrest, detain

egc num. one

egcȏan v. react, respond

elisti n. witch (pl. llelisti)

ellit n. chain

emigcan v. 1. be rough, uneven; 2. be hoarse, raspy 3. be poorly done

etfian v. throw, hurl

euoab n. arm

epȏȃnen v-i. be short (height); 2. slouch; 2. be young

epyscan v-t. torment, hound, harrass, oppress

esh’calech n. good impression

eshigcw̑ n. war

es-ch n. (pl. nosc-ch) wolf


fadha a. silver

felfȏan v. live (in a place)

feloa n. (pl. llefeloa) mouse

fen n. bed

ferȇn v. sing

foȃ n. wind

fȏȃn n. (pl. yfȏȃnt) boy

foaran v. know

foch n. happening, occurance, time, instance

focuan v. give

fom v. how?

fomuedh n. way [fom ‘how’]

font n. (def. fiena, pl. llefent, def. pl. llefiena) spear

foth n. (def. fȏach) work, labor, toil

fwt n. trellis


iachel n. (def. iachwl) land

iafie n. treasure

iapte n. mountain

iceshan v. suffer

iceshmy n. indeigestion

icȏall n. chicken

idhe n. king

ielesai a. impossible, implausible

ierachan v-i. mash, blend

ieswcht a. wonderful, marvelous

ieth num. three

ifalan v. use up, finish, exhaust

ifniesh n. question

illo n. onion

impaltan v-i. crawl [paltan ‘walk’]

indhwf v-i. flood [thwf ‘rain’]

inoscan v-t. smear, spread [oscan ‘spread, disperse’]

intethȗon v-i. run

iny n. strength, force, power

irierachan v. blend

ioan n. sleep

isnoch n. guest

itŏan v. betray


laleb v. live

lalpoa n. life

lef pro. she

leiem n. crop

lesai a. possible, plausible

let num. half

let’cemaint num. 128

letich n. middle; pre. between

limesan v-s. manage to, bring oneself to, set someone to

llaisan v. cough

llan-sh n. flock, herd

llefoȇr n. damage (to object)

llif d. (pl. t-llif) all

llin a. good

lloash n. love

lloashan v. love

lloashe c. (pl. talloashe) but, however, though

llosa a. white

lloscan v. roll

llunasi n. sea

llwrnen v. 1. put down; 2. give up, renounce; v-all. spare, leave be

llwsman v. suggest, recommend

llwsmoth n. suggestion, recommendation

llyb n. (pl. iaslyb) weed

lȏȃc n. tree

loal n. guard

lochua a. red

loent a. next

lwlnw̑ v. weave

lwnwr n. snake

lwra pre. for

lwran v. want

lwt num. seven


machfwn n. prophet

machw n. wake, trail; pre. behind

maran v. say

marbielithen v. chatter

maremw n. 1. waiting, lasting, livging; 2. time; ~ iny courage, determination

maremwch n. era, age

marmai a. green

marmwadh v. wait, last, live out

meieren v. caress

mel n. person

melfem n. Melfem

memetan v. have

mera-p num. sixteen

merȏan v. tell

metoȇr n. power, authority, mastery

mire n. amount

mȏant n. grandmother

moashȏan v. choke

moelydh n. mankind

mulur n. chair, seat

mwllan v-t. let soak, let sit

mwsc n. finger

mydhw̑ n. family

myriun v. tempt

mysti n. cook, chef


nelfie n. grandfather

nena n. head; pre. on

nentwchan v. move (body)

nipes pro. it

nȏall n. straw, thatch

noapan v. cry

noaran v. stay, remain

noatian v. sprout

noeltan v. find

nom a. yellow/light green

nomw̑ n. mother

nonwll n. gate; ~ llunasi bay

nupur n. (pl. sampur) woman

nwm n. dress, gown

nyac-t n. skin

nycascan v. promise, pledge, commit

nycw̑ v. sound

nysc num. six


oabesh n. sleeve

oaroȇr n-pl. thorn

oc d. this, that

oel d. certain, particular, specific

ofalan v. climb

ogc n-pl. sheep

olȏȃt adv. during the day

omwgcan v-loc. scratch

onal n. poem

onoan v-t. demonstrate, explain, show

onȏan n. (pl. ynȏant) bone

opasiet v-i. 1. keep on going, go on, continue; 2. be long-winded

opiab v-i. whine

oraian v-i. be tall

oscan v-t. spread, disperse, disseminate, sow

oscelŏan v-t. disappoint, let down

osepel n. hammer

otwsagcan v-t. translate, interpret


padhian v-t. separate

pair n. water

pair’afash a., adv. underwater

palt n. step, pace, stride; pre. near

paltan v-i. step

paluan v-t. see

panap v. can, be able to

pel-ansh n-pl. tooth

petw n. morning

pianan v-i. mature

pletuȃsh n. (pl. noapletuȃsh) store, reserve, cache

pletwch v. store

pluȃ n. day

poam part. that, who, which

pochoech adv. nowadays

poemp n. mask

pohonsyw a, adv.. distant, far

posw n. face; pre. in front of, before

puȃsyb n. fruit tree

puȏch a. big, large, great

pw d. (pl. noapw̑) some (of)

pwnief n. ceiling

pwsh num. two

pwsmwsh a. far, distant

pwsuan v. hide

p-an a. cold

p-llac n. radish

p-sych n. number


ragc num. nine

raith num. eleven

ranysc num. fourteen

raplwt num. fifteen

rapwsh num. ten

rasry num. thirteen

ratwman num. twelve

ra-p num. eight

remwsc v. sting

rem-sh n. quarrel, squabble, fight

reoa n. braid

rifw n. force, coercion

rir n. bag, sack

risar n. mistake, error

risaran v. make a mistake, error

ro pro. one, someone

romuan v. call

roshȏȃp n. thumb

rȏan adv. at night

romȏaran v-t. 1. leave behind, abandon; 2. forget

rwmoniat v-i. jump, leap; v-loc.jump, leap (across)

rylȏas n. hut, shack

ryp n-pl. star


sachpe n. (pl. noasachpe) cliff

samel n. roof

san n. (pl. rwmar) enemy

sapta v. smash

sarmedhian v. demand

sasob v. wisdom

scalch n-pl. brush, scrub (plants)

scant n. expert

sciwt d. same, own

scuian v-ab. lack, be without

sec-ri num. five

senelp n. Sngõlpowhetet

senoap n. toe

seseshet v. spit

setoetuan v. become ready, get ready, prepare

shapat n. (pl. noashapwt) animal

shebesh v. sow

shel n. dog

shepal n. girl

sheshan v. do, perform, carry out

shim n. side; pre. next to

shirȇc n. insect

shȏȃt n. (pl. sashȏȃt) law, rule

shocȃsh n. grain

shoshtan v. be soft

shwnopan v. return

shwtan v. catch, trap

sieno n. father

sifchan v. happen, occur

silnw n. heart; pre. in

siot v-i. collapse, faint

soembe n. beak

somfen adv. soon, quickly

somperchan v. admit

sonel n. deer

sonȇs n. (def. soniȇch) wood

suifoan v. push

suir n. hair

syb n-pl. fruit

synan v. remove, take out, extract

s-at adv. never


tanch pro. you (pl.)

tanialan pre. around, surrounding

tansan pre. far from

tansh pre. above, over

tany pro. we

taralan n. Thralanian

tarw pro. indefinite plural (ones, people)

tefolȏan v. instruct, tell

telimet v. breathe

ten pro. they (m.)

teny n. road

thac n. step, stair

thia n. bottom; a. low; pre. under

thwf v-i. rain

thyt n-pl. fish

th-alan v. drink

tochim n. (pl. noatachwm) seed

toet n. stem, stalk

tw n. here

twf’twmant n. cellar

twlwȇch v-t. cling to, stick to, grip (esp. plant) [twlwl]

twlwl n. something clingy, sticky, gripping (esp. part of plant)

twman num. four

twnaran v. kill, slay

twnarant n. killing

twp n. room (in building)

twpws v. forget (information)

twran n. layabout

t-llef pro. they (f.)

t-ni pro. they (n.)


uampan v. finish, conclude

uain n-pl. grass

uan v. go (S: animal)

ueniec n. beer

uogcmy n. plate, dish

uolop n. castle


w n. there

wdh c. when

wmaset v. be terrified

wnan v. die

wnant n. death

wshȏashan v-s. ask

wthuan v. why?

wthuedh n. reason, cause [wthuan ‘why’]


y pro. I

yf n. gift, present

yn n. (pl. ayn) hawk

ysc n. (pl. aysc) ship

ysha-t a. quiet