Josh Regev

Full Stack Developer

Technical Projects

Live site
Finish It! — accountability social network
  • Created original webapp that lets users add and edit tasks they want to accomplish, share with other users, view newsfeeds and profiles, and optionally set up penalties for tasks not completed on time.
  • Back end uses Node.js and MongoDB, and JWTs for login.
  • Built front end with React, Redux, and date-fns library.
  • Utilized cron and cron-manager to schedule penalties on
Live site
Language Dragon — language study webapp
  • Built an original app that fetches translations from Yandex Translate API, based on words/phrases entered by the user for selected language.
  • Quizzes are provided, and an algorithm determines the frequency to present each word based on past performance.
  • Designed registration & login system using JWTs.
  • Utilized Node.js to create a server to handle GET and POST requests from the front end. Data is stored on server and in local storage.


Javascript Full stack Bootcamp

Developers Institute

Tel Aviv

Completed intensive Javascript course, covering React, Redux, Node.js, and PostgreSQL
Green Apprenticeship Course
Kibbutz Lotan
Received Permaculture Design Certificate
Bachelor’s degree in linguistics

Stony Brook University

New York

Graduate summa cum laude

Work Experience

Aug 2021–present
PHP Developer (internship)
DaZo Networks
  • Front and back end development of WordPress/WooCommerce-based website, featuring user submissions and multiple vendors
Organic Agriculturist

Har Prahim

Moshav Ofer

  • Planted and harvested vegetable crops, set up and maintained drip irrigation systems, prepared planting beds and hothouses, prepared customer orders
Organic agriculture projects
Various farms
Worked in diverse agricultural projects through Israel, including orchards, vegetable farms, and hydroponic greens operations
Production Assistant

Blue Generation

New York City

  • Created sales projections and handled purchasing for B2B apparel company
  • Managed international shipments from manufacturers, including import paperwork
  • Resolved invoicing discrepancies and quality issues
  • Performed extensive testing for customized MP2 software updates
  • Handled customer returns and crediting
Marketing Writer/Editor/SEO

Roca Labs

Tel Aviv

  • Adapted Israeli product website for American market
  • Researched, wrote, edited, optimized, and translated articles (Hebrew to English)
  • Formulated and arranged customer support material based on customer and staff feedback
Linguistic Consultant
Command Speech
  • Advised speech recognition startup
  • Provided phonetic transcriptions and analysis of speech data
  • Devised rule framework to account for English pronunciation variants