Josh Regev

Florence to Venice, February 21-22, 2008

More tunnels

Sports car. It was so fast you could hardly see it.

The Tuscan countryside

In or around Modena

Traffic circle. Are we in wine country yet?

Maranello, home of the Ferrari

By the Ferrari factory

Display in the window of a Ferrari giftshop

Inside the Ferrari museum: "To crash in event of fire"

Not a Ferrari. (This is for you, Dad)

They wouldn't let us onto this racetrack.

If a car flies off the track, it'll hit these.

Homes in Maranello

The industrial north

We passed through Bologna. It's a colorful city of yellow, red, and orange. Unfortunately my camera's battery ran out after this one shot.

We stayed overnight in Padua, and I had the battery recharged just in time to get a few bad shots as we sped away in the morning.

The sun through a lot of fog. I thought it was the moon at first.

And the closer we got to Venice, the foggier it became.