February 25-26, 2008

Walking through the Parco Traiano, adjacent to the Colosseum
After a while, ruined red walls start to look as natural as grass and trees.
Approaching the Colosseum
Looking out of the Colosseum
The Arch of Constantine
The Arch of Titus
Arch of Titus interior, showing Jews paraded through Rome with objects from the Temple, following their unsuccessful revolt
Looking good
Somewhat intact
What was that?
The Forum
Kosher restaurant and Judaica shop in the former Jewish ghetto
Rome's Great Synagogue, the Tempio Maggiore
On a church facing the ghetto, an inscription from Isaiah rebuking the Jews
Looking south on the Tiber River. In the center is the small Tiber Island; the large domed building on the left is the synagogue; on the right the Ponte Cestio leads to the Trastevere ('across Tiber') neighborhood.
Empty bottles and soccerballs trapped by the currents against a small waterfall
Ruins right in the middle of the city, surrounded by modern buildings
Propaganda Street.
Near the Piazza di Spagna
The Spanish Stairs
Rome's Aurelian Wall, completed in 275 CE
A park
A variety of bicycles for rent there
A view over the city
A lavatorial test of intuition and character. How do you turn the $@%! water on? Oh, there's a pedal at the bottom.