Josh Regev

Venice, February 22-23, 2008

A small kosher market/bakery in the former ghetto. Venice's ghetto was Europe's first, and the source of the word itself.

Rabbi's office

Lubavitch yeshiva

Along one of the main shopping drags

Everyone here is a tourist.

A glassworks shop

Carnival masks inside a display case...

and outside.


Very bad shot of the Rialto bridge

On the Rialto

View of the Grand Canal, from the Rialto




A street sign, or more accurately, a bridge sign

Aside from a few public parks, most of Venice's greenery is confined to private gardens.

Vaporetto (waterbus) station. But we walked.

What's a Chinese lantern doing in Venice? Advertising a Chinese restaurant, of course.

Living steps

View out to sea, from along the northern edge of the city: on the left is the causeway that links Venice to the mainland.

This is not a tomb; it's the top of a gate.

Friendly faces

A small part of a large piazza

Venetian fare: sweets, sandwiches, and pasta

Pasta comes in many varieties here: beetroot, cuttlefish...

and smoked salmon are just a few.

Canal-side dining

Ferro at the head of a gondola. The six teeth represent the six divisions of the city.


Clock on a tower

Dilapidated beauty ... or beautiful dilapidation?
A recurring question for the visitor.

Bridges make the whole city accessible by foot. It adds up to a lot of steps though.

Produce stands

A canal in the midst of repairs