February 24, 2008

We took an overnight train from Venice to Naples' Central Station. This is not me.
We took another train to the Heruclaneum station, and then a van to Mt. Vesuvius. These shots were taken from the van as we drove.
View of Naples
We were driven most of the way up the volcano, and hiked the rest. This is a view into the pit.
Steam escaping!
Atop the volcano, a sign educating visitors on "the long life of garbage," and urging them not to litter
Snow-capped mountains in the distance
You can just make out the outline of the Bay of Naples here.
The Circumvesuviana train line goes around the Vesuvius area. From the Herculaneum station it was a short ride to Pompeii.
First view of Pompeii
Columns everywhere, but nothing to support
They're heavier than they look, eh?
Closeup of a capital
That's Vesuvius in the background.
Closeup on stone- and brickwork
An ancient mural. But most of the art and artifacts from the city are now in the Naples National Archaeological Museum, where we went later (no pics though).
A 2000-year-old café, stunningly well-preserved
After this my battery ran out.