I'm a full stack developer experienced in JavaScript and React. I live in Haifa, Israel. I like a good challenge, and enjoy applying logic to tackle complex problems and write efficient code. On the front end, I incorporate usability principles and strive to provide a clear, aesthetic, and intuitive interface for users.

I also have a background in linguistics, with a BA in the field and a particular interest in syntax and historical linguistics. I've studied many languages over the years, from Spanish, French, and Italian to Hebrew, Chinese, Breton, and Persian.

Prior to my entrance into coding, I completed a course in Permaculture and worked for several years in organic farming.

Other interests? I enjoy researching genealogy, inventing languages, making liqueurs, and playing piano/guitar/ukulele.

You can view my CV in an online pretty version or as a one-page PDF.


Finish It!

Original webapp that is a combined task manager and social network, designed to help motivate users to accomplish tasks.

After registration and login, user can add, edit, and share tasks. Optionally, penalties can be set up through IFTTT.com, which are then scheduled with cron and triggered at the due date/time if the task is still uncompleted.

Main screen shows general newsfeed and user's tasks. Clicking on any user's name/avatar brings up their profile and a feed of only their shared tasks.

Shared tasks can be liked/unliked and commented on.

Uses Node.js, MongoDB, React, Redux. Files on Github.

Language Dragon

Original webapp for language study, using Yandex Translation API. User enters words/phrases in any of 94 languages, and translations are fetched, displayed, and stored on the server.

The Quiz section presents flashcards for study. Right and wrong answers are tracked, and vocabulary the user is having trouble with is presented more frequently.

The My Vocab section lets users view or delete vocabulary they've already added.

Features registration and login with JWTs.

Uses JavaScript and Node.js, server storage and local storage. Files on Github.

Monster Matchup

Matching game with sliding character parts from different categories, in five rounds.

Written with JavaScript, using setInterval for animation.

Originally created for a hackathon.



Fully functional JavaScript calculator.

Mad Libs

The user inputs keywords, and after clicking the Generate button, the page displays a random story using those words.

If the user clicks again, another random selection is made, but the same one won't be shown twice in a row.

Also checks whether input words begin in a vowel, so appropriate indefinite article will be displayed (a/an).

Written with JavaScript.

Current projects


Feel free to send a message and I'll reply as soon as I can.